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Justifiable Homocide

Posted 10 February 2002, 8.58 am by The_Roach

While cruising around tonight, I found this. If my roomate did that, he'd be dead in an instant.

On a side note, check out this amusing tidbit as well. Irony is a beautiful thing, no?

on 10 February 2002, 10.31 pm
The palm was too young to die! Oh well, at least they had yummy pizza as a consolation.

As for webpig, what a dumbass! I find it hard to believe that a "valuable" employee could be shitcanned solely on the basis of an anonymous e-mail. I'm sure their was more to that story! Didn't anyone consider the root of the problem? I'm referring to the naked 12 year old with a camera and a webpage? How about the scum providing her with webspace and bandwidth? I guess it's kinda like prostitution. Who is most guilty, the hooker, the john, or the pimp?

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They were done for an exhibition a couple of years ago . They asked for something to so with the summer. They are mixed media and oil paint on metal advertising boards - for ice cream.

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Props to Green Mamba for bringing the weirdness


80s candy bars were pretty good

only because i traded it for a candy bar in the 80's.

lol we all know you don't have a soul ghoti

my soul for some carbs...

But of course!


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