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Maybe tomorrow

Posted 10 February 2002, 10.31 am by Andy


Oh, the pain: the pounding.

I know that it will never end, yet, still, I cannot find a door to open.
There is no door.
It cannot be opened.
But God knows, if I keep it closed, I'm going to die!

I just wish it would stop pounding!

I stand: pounding.
I sit: pounding.
I stand: pounding.
I collapse: pounding.
I wait, and I stand: pounding.

I walk: so much pounding, with every step pounding.
But I'm walking towards a cure.
I have to be.

I pass some friends.
Some snicker and pat my back (oh! You assholes, the pounding!)
Others' eyes shout empathy.
Still others fake sympathy, but I know they lie; they've never felt such pounding! No living creature has!

The pounding!

My head is hung over the ledge again: that beautiful white ledge.
I peer into its bowels: that beautiful white.
I think of so many stories of near-death experiences: that beautiful white light at the end of the tunnel. Oh! How true!
That beautiful white!


I see through the white to the ripples. So many ripples, splashing in the water.
Falling from my face.
The ripples are my tears.
Rolling down my cheek.
Splashing in the water.


I can't remember a time when it's been this bad.
I can't even remember last night.
Surely I will die. Nothing can live through this pounding.

Fractions of events begin coming together: too many bottles, too little thinking.
Too much drinking.
Too little thinking.

Between the ripples I see the watery mirror.
A gash in my forehead.
On top of the pounding.
Fuck you, gash.
Fuck you.

But where did you come from?
Why can't I remember?
Why all of this fucking pounding?

My head is hung over the ledge, that beautiful white ledge.
But still the relief doesn't come.
I fear it never will.

I stand and collapse. Pounding!
Still pounding!

Maybe next time. Maybe next time.
Maybe tomorrow.
Tomorrow the pounding will be gone.
Maybe tomorrow.

I reach for a bottle.
I forget the pounding.

on 10 February 2002, 5.09 pm
sounds like every hangover ive ever had....

on 10 February 2002, 8.12 pm
Leave it to my Andy to make a hangover into art. Wow. Great job Andy.

"...too many bottles, too little thinking. "

on 11 February 2002, 6.59 am
I recommend you switch to Vodka. Don't bother with OJ. Why screw up perfectly good OJ by pouring liquor on it. True hardcore drunks prefer straight Vodka for two reasons,low cost,minimal hangover! If you do take my advice and go on the "sauce", remember to eat at least 2 pieces of bread per day! This is important because eventually, the "sauce" will eat a hole in your stomach.

The Roach
on 11 February 2002, 7.16 pm
janetdoggy knows her stuff. Although, I will put vodka in Orange Juice occasionally. It's the only way I like that citrus crap.

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Props to Green Mamba for bringing the weirdness


80s candy bars were pretty good

only because i traded it for a candy bar in the 80's.

lol we all know you don't have a soul ghoti

my soul for some carbs...

But of course!


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