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The Sound of Freedom

Posted 13 February 2002, 7.54 am by The_Roach

The following is a reader submission from janetdoggy. Enjoy.

The front page of the newspaper revealed the heartbreaking details. Although worthy of a headline story, It was not news to me. I was expecting the worst because I heard the helicopter.

For years, I regarded the noise from aircraft as the sound of freedom. Living a few blocks from Nellis Air Force Base in Las Vegas, My windows rattled constantly. Even Sunday provided no relief from the sensory assault of cutting edge weapons booming across the desert.

Three years ago, I made the right decision. I Moved my family away from the noise and confusion of an overcrowded nightmare.

Adjusting to a small town lifestyle is easy. I like knowing my neighbors. The police are no longer an enemy to be feared. I discuss my childrens progress in school with their teachers at the grocery store. Strangers wave and say "hello".

The helicopter is the only noise I'm likely to hear at night. It lands at the only hospital in a sixty mile radius. For many, it is the first and last time they will ever fly. The helicopter never brings good news.

on 14 February 2002, 2.23 am
I would hardly describe the sound of the US Air Force as that of "freedom." I would ascribe an association with "the death of third-world civilians," or, at the very least, "modern imperialism."

on 14 February 2002, 3.29 am
Sorry, the sound of freedom was kind of a play on words. It used to drive us nuts! Broken windows from sonic booms were not uncommon. Electronic warfare planes would raise and lower electric garage doors. My satellite dish woulg go fuzzy depending on what was flying that day.Nothing like a wing of search and rescue helicopters flying overhead at three in the morning!

on 4 August 2004, 7.18 am

on 4 August 2004, 7.20 am

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