This review of AKp appeared in a local free magazine." />
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AKp live

Posted 1 March 2002, 11.12 pm by Alexander

This review of AKp appeared in a local free magazine.

Throughout history, certain individuals have carved their name forever as a result of their terrible mix of egotism and insecurity. From Napoleon to Hitler to Jim Davison, unspeakable crimes against humanity have been committed thanks to this particular type of psyche. A more common result nowadays is the compulsion to pick up a guitar and eviscerate your insecurities in front of a bunch of strangers who you hope will, for some unknown reason, care. So over the years we've been treated to Lennon, Morrissey, Brian Molko and now, it seems, Alexander King.

Ripping your shirt off half way through a gig while telling the crowd how nobody fancies you is, then, potentially the stuff of greatness. Pretending to be Jarvis Cocker in a prog-rock band, though, probably isn't. King's between song monologues lack the Pulp frontman's deadpan wit and generally only serve to get King some attention - which is a bit unfair on drummer Dan and bassist Gem (another ego alert: King's surname is important enough to get into the band's name; the other two's aren't even important enough to get on the band's website) who provide a tight framework for the singer/guitarist to do his Cocker/Neil Hannon impression over.

Music-wise 'Entrails' encapsulates the Alexander King Project; King flutters and flounces with a soaring falsetto like Brett Anderson with a guitar, Dan and Gem keep it square at the back, there's some occasional delay on the vocals to give an impression of grandeur and - bizarrely - a Gary Moore style guitar solo to finish things off. Such mid-song changes are one of AKP's more impressive features; yes, it smacks of prog-rock but also Smashing Pumpkins at their best, and while King likes to keep things loose and baggy Gem and Dan are savvy enough to pull off the changes smartly.

While seemingly lacking in a raison d'etre apart from publicising Alexander King, the Project have a lot of good ideas that a week of practise wouldn't harm and I suspect would sound better recorded in a decent studio than knocked out live to a handful of skate kids on a Saturday night.

on 2 March 2002, 3.41 pm
Thank God you are recording in Yorks biggest and most professional studios, otherwise nobody would like you ever.


on 2 March 2002, 10.12 pm
Alex? Ego? Wtf?

I wish I were important enough to get a review. Maybe I'll write on the FP about how nobody cares about me.

Ha ha ha.

on 3 March 2002, 10.04 am
WOOO Soloage. Rock on Alex. Having your name in the band is no more egotistical than Bon Jovi.

Haha I compared you to bon jovi.

on 3 March 2002, 12.11 pm
Alex is "loose and baggy"? Gem and Dan Drums "keep it square at the back"? It sounds like a combination of the Arsenal Back Four and Bez from The Happy Mondays!

Rock journalists are bastards, but - weary hack cynicism aside - this is by no means an entirely negative review. And, given that it emanates from an entirely negative source - a weary rock journalist - I'd count that as something of a triumph.

on 3 March 2002, 3.56 pm
Hey Alex....did this scathingly rude and heartless review ignite a fit of anger that resulted in your most recent front-pager on DotCULT?
Next time you see the slimy cunt that wrote that article, you should go up to him, stroke his shoulder and yell "Awww, how sweet!! A hypocrite!!" I had a similar experience with my fledgling band and some local wanna-be gonzo rock journalist. Needless to say, after we read the article, the bastard walked around sporting black eyes and a broken nose, courtesy of our group.

on 3 March 2002, 4.32 pm
I couldn't possibly comment, Jake. And the review was anonymous, so no acts of physical violence will be feasible.

on 3 March 2002, 5.19 pm
well any publisity is good publisity even when spelt wrong!!!

on 3 March 2002, 5.49 pm
I'm amazed that a free paper can actually *afford* a rock journalist: most of them can't even afford decent news coverage, let alone a review section.

on 3 March 2002, 6.57 pm
Shoot. When a reviewer hates a band, I generally love them. Besides, we always have the opinion of MadGirl54, right? I mean, she couldn't have been in any way swayed by Alexander's bare chest or anything, right? And Dan and Gem are fine with it, obviously. DDp would look like the "Dunkin Donuts" project and Gp would look like "General Practicioner". While I'm sure Alex likes to play doctor, I doubt that is the kind of thing the whole band wants to project.

on 3 March 2002, 7.29 pm
AK gives it a nice machine gun feel. Now all I hope for is machine gun style riffing

on 3 March 2002, 7.32 pm
Alex: I don't think you should worry too much about the opinions of an anonymous critic, as published in a free newspaper. If they don't even have the guts to publish their name and credentials, then why bother even reading their opinion?

(Music critics can be such wankers)

on 3 March 2002, 9.49 pm
MadGirl 54 is far too OLD to have a reliable opinion, Berly, as has been made eminently clear in the past. She's essentially a deluded old cockney washer-woman who dances like your granny. I personally LOVE my granny, but her considered opinion on contemporary prog-rock bands is not something I would place great faith in.

on 3 March 2002, 10.41 pm
Dude, that sounds like the unknown rock critic is a bit jealous to me. How bad could it have been. He admitted that he stayed for at least half of the show. I would never stick around for a show I thought was bad. I walked out on Metallica in 95'!

I'm telling you Alexander, you need to sell T-shirts, especially if you plan on ripping one off half way through the show. Nothing too fancy, just a black shirt with bold white graphics. A few shirts could go a long way for promotion plus a few bucks for beer.

on 8 March 2002, 2.20 pm
I've not seen you play live for a while, but I have watched vidoes of two of your shows. Sure there's plenty of pointless venom and generalisation in a review that barely touches upon your music, but you shouldn't dismiss the comments entirely.
For example, the falsetto vocals you incorporate into much of your set aren't nearly as effective as when you use a more powerful voice. I know the falsetto thing's an effect, but the current glut of indie bands have done it to death (Muse, Coldplay, Radiohead and so on), and you don't do that voice especially just sounds a bit whiny.
Like I said, i've only heard your recent stuff on video, but that's the impression I got.

on 9 March 2002, 4.36 pm
The reviewer didn't criticise my falsetto. You did.

You can't please all the people all the time. That's the way I sing, and I've never claimed to be a good singer, or guitarist or anything really. All I can do is my best.

on 11 March 2002, 1.57 pm
heh. I mistook "flounces and flutters" as criticism. my bad :P
regardless, you still rock, falsetto or not.

on 11 March 2002, 4.14 pm
yeah. WE ROCK aqnd i don't really give a fuck about the review. Except the bit where it says me and Gem are savvy!

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