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Too Much Freakin Time on my Hands

Posted 5 April 2002, 5.53 am by Berly

How much of a freak are you? I didn't take the test, because I'm fairly certain that my rating would shame both myself and anyone else who takes the test. Actually, it's entirely too damn long for my patience. If you have a lot of time on your hands, go take the 500 Question Freak Test .

Are you feeling all together ookie and don't need no stinkin' test to tell you what your freak factor is? Then maybe you will like Horrorfind .
"Horrorfind.com the directory and search engine dedicated to Horror, Halloween and Spooky subjects."

Sheesh, I hope there are no naked pictures of Mr./Dr. Spooky in there.

The Roach
on 5 April 2002, 6.43 am
This is a totally innacurate test.

I only ranked 14.4% freak.

on 5 April 2002, 9.56 am

I think anyone who gets a high score on that test is deluding themselves; most of the activities are too obscure.

on 5 April 2002, 3.41 pm
19.6% freak corrupt

on 6 April 2002, 10.21 am
Anyone who made it to the bottom after reading the first 100 or so must be some kind of freak. I only got through 200 and qualified as 98.5% freak with 6.5% freak corrupt.

The Roach
on 6 April 2002, 6.23 pm
Actually, that means that you're only 6.5% freak.

on 4 August 2004, 6.18 am

on 4 August 2004, 6.20 am

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