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Posted 21 April 2002, 4.59 pm by Villager

Not knowing whence nor where is duty,
I gaze into those lifeless eyes
Where was once was beauty,
Health and those assuring lies.

Words well rehearsed flow forth,
Dodging fact and all things true
I excuse my sins as but earthly,
And thus I lie to you.

Love in shape was never sure,
But now my affair
Permits love no more,
Impulse, hath left but despair.

_ _ _

I have never understood the mental anguish people experience over their cheating on their partners. If you are committed to someone, the desire to sleep with someone else shouldn't even be a factor. If it is, then you should be seriously addressing the problems within the relationship. That a breach of trust, love and emotional commitment can be forgiven is beyond me. That society no longer finds it morally reprehensible for someone to cheat on a partner is beyond me. Hypocrisy; hollow personalities bemoan their actions. Does it not occur that wrong might catch up with you, if not physically then within your own mental framework, however misorganised and fragile that may be? I have no sympathy for those who see no wrong in pursuing their immediate desires at the expense of those who trust them closest. It saddens me that we have so little respect for each other, even at such a fundamental level.

Perhaps one day I too shall be thrust into such a place that I feel the desire to make with another, while committed. But I would like to think that it wouldn't be too much to ask to be honest, with yourself, and with your partner, about how you feel. If not, then who's cheating who?

on 21 April 2002, 6.31 pm
Nice article, Vill!

Well cheating is a mortal sin! It is some of the most evil and fucked up thing you can ever do to another person.
Hmm I cant express myself in this matter because I feel so strongly about it!


on 21 April 2002, 7.54 pm
Ah. I have been cheated on. I have not yet ever cheated on a relationship.

I know married couples who have fallen into the cheating trap. I know committed live-together realationships that have, also.

While I believe it is something that is not healthy or "right", I CAN understand how people end up in these situations.

It is sickening and painful to watch from the sidelines. I can't imagine being involved.

Good piece Vill.

on 21 April 2002, 8.36 pm
A nice young man sent me an instant message last night announcing my girlfriend was cheating on me with him. It was a pretty funny exchange - I saved it on the ol' hard drive. Normally, I'd be crushed, but I'd been looking for a reason to break up with this girl for a while, so this was a novel thing to have happen.

on 21 April 2002, 9.45 pm
Hmm thats a good way to give it all a rest, James...

Erhm I have also been cheated on, sorry for the guy I never get mad, I only take revenge! Poor kid can not have sex in a loooong time! Oh well could just have dumped my ass before...
I have never cheated and I hope that I never sink that low!

on 21 April 2002, 11.07 pm
True it is pretty low, but is it still low if you're being treated badly by your current squeeze, taken for granted or whatever? There's the classic Dawson's Crack plot of the shoulder to cry on turning into something more...

Is cheating wrong in every case?

on 22 April 2002, 6.27 am
Not if (s)he is REALLY hot.

on 22 April 2002, 7.29 am
Vill. Nice article, any special reason to write it? I hope not anyway.

Well I am with Sickan on this one, especially as she already turned me down for some bloody cat!

on 22 April 2002, 8.21 pm
No Gladiator, this is a poem I wrote for the hell of it, and see how well I could make one rhyme, it in no way reflects anything I;ve done.

on 23 April 2002, 5.35 pm
Nice post villager, i once remember u saying u only posted a good article every so often but i'm definatley impressed with all the recent ones, keep it up, ;-)

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