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Plan it Earth

Posted 22 April 2002, 8.05 pm by Villager

Look at your immediate surroundings. Perhaps you are in your bedroom, office, or study. You are sitting there in your chair staring at your computer, one of the more modern of amenities we are fortunate enough to have. The chair may have come from China, or somewhere like that. The computer would almost certainly have come from somewhere like the US or Britain. The materials involved in constructing these two things would have come from field more diverse and further apart still. Just for a chair, and just for a personal computer. Just two things in what is usually hundreds of amenities that we all take for granted and which every corner of the globe contributes to.

Expand this to the greater world. The materials and expertise required to build a skyscraper, or a car, or a nuclear rocket. The fact that such advanced creations are mass-produced on a wide world scale quickly and cheaply (okay a nuke may be a little more expensive) is testament to the economy and resources of this world. Sometimes it amazes me that we've not run out of space or materials yet.

The same thing goes for psychological advancements. Religious theory, the analysis and understand of the human being, together with excellent standards of fiction and development, offer something for everyone to specialise their efforts in. We may not be able to eclipse our predecessors on an emotional scale, but we always hope to amalgamate our own skills with knowledge and understanding to create something entirely unique and valuable.

This, as I'm sure you're aware, is the result of civilisation. Especially in the past few hundred years, the imaginations and endeavours of each country and culture have come together to give us what we have now. Great minds, Great collective endeavours, the fruits of the efforts of which we find ourselves at the pinnacle. We don't have to hunt for our food; we don't even have to go out to buy it. Hell, we don't even have to cook it anymore, thanks to the microwave. Transport has never been so fast and cheap. The list goes on, and I'll not bore you with an anthology of modern conveniences.

Trying to comprehend the history from which the state of affairs comes is a huge task. Where does everything come from? Who thought of it? How much more can the earth sustain? What's the next step in that technology? We are removed from each of our ancestors in such a way that it is fascinating and awe inspiring to place yourself as a link between the current level of life and what the future could hold, and it is one's ability to contribute to their chosen field in furthering knowledge and skill that is one of the greatest satisfactions in life.

on 22 April 2002, 9.12 pm
We have gotten better at living but, is life actually better? Stress, Drug Addiction, War, Pollution.. Is it worth it?

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