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In a Sense, Lost.

Posted 5 January 2002, 9.40 am by The_Roach

I've always been somewhat fascinated by children. Especially very young ones, tiny and disporportionate little people. Pyschologists say that children aren't really small people, and I'm inclined to agree. There's something about them that isn't right, and until recently I never could figure out what that was.

I was on a bus once, heading from one job to another. The route that I followed every day passed by a local high school, and students were just ending their day at the same time the bus would pass, so there were frequently many teenagers along for the ride. On the day I remember most out of all of those travels, a young woman, probably about sixteen years of age, climbed on board. From the minute I first heard her voice, I could taste nothing but bile. Venemous words flowed forth from her like a mighty river, never exhausting the supply at the source. She made death threats against her instructors, complained about her friends and used every malediction I had ever heard (and taught me a few that I hadn't).

Two stops later, a young mother stepped inside the bus and made her way to the seat directly in front of this repugnant teen, her infant son cradled in her arms. It was as if a switch had been flicked within the girl who was nothing but hatred mere moments before. Now, she was the picture of sweetness, the sinister edge in her voice melted away leaving behind only kindness and virtue. This left me wondering what it is about a young child that could change people like that.

An old friend later told me that it was probably the innocence of the child that invokes such a radical shift in someone's behavior, as though we miss our own and would not wish to spoil it for another. Then, at what age is it alright? What makes it reasonable to ever take something like that away? Do we all really have to learn how the world works sometime? Is it possible for someone to go through life never losing that ability to honestly question the world around them with fresh eyes? Could that person survive?

Could they change the way the world works?

on 5 January 2002, 9.02 pm
Dude, I will say this again:

It is better to love life more than the meaning of it, simply because it is things as fundamental as life which we don't need to understand ...

on 5 January 2002, 10.20 pm
I agree. I miss my ability to see the world with innocence. I have never witnessed such a radical shift in someone in real life. It must have been amazing.

on 6 January 2002, 5.27 pm
perhaps the reason she lost her malignance was a strange desire not to spoil the life of the young'n. Perhaps, somehow, she feels a yearning for her lost innocence.

can"t remember!
on 7 January 2002, 7.47 pm
perhaps it had nothing to do with the child at all; could be a chemical reaction in her brain relieved the pressure that was causing her to be such a bitch

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