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juSt thE fuTurE noThinG moRe

Posted 26 June 2002, 4.29 am by Sickan

So now that my terrifying exams are over and I got a vacation ahead of me I sit down and think; What to do, oh what to do?

See, its not a normal summer this one, this time I don’t know what I will be doing the next 6 months, before I join the army. Some of you might think that it is nothing to worry about, and stuff like its only half a year.

But the scary thing for me is that I have never imagined that I would not know what to do for six months in my entire life, never! I mean, it has always been as obvious as breathing that I would go back to school after my almost 2 months summer rest.
But not this time! Not even under the exams I let it come to me that I had no idea, actually it was not until I rode my bike home this early morning to get something done for akpcep, that I got to think about it – I cant really say that I am worried about my whole future, because then I would be lying, but I will admit that I am a bit, if not worrid then nervous.
At first I wanted to be a chef, yes me, the one who forget to eat and when I remember to put the water over for my beloved pastas I never consider to do much more than prepare them, never anything fancy like sauce or something, heh nope. Well when I moved from home that idea vanished quickly!

Then I was certain that following my mothers footstep as a teacher would be heaven for me, but after teaching in forth grade a whole week I kinda just forgot all about that. Actually all I could focus on was the smelly, nose picking kids with their lunchboxes filled with egg and tuna! Nope teacher and Sickan, no fucking way. I would probably have put a new edge to the whole high school-shooting-thing…

Theeen I got the idea that I wanted to study ancient Egyptian history at the university, which I still want to and I want it really bad. But of course not, they closed down that faculty two years ago… thank you everyone, now I will just rot in hell!!! ARRGH!!

Erhm… so after the defeat I decided that getting off the school bench for some time would probably be a good idea, so I volunteered for the Danish army and got a letter where to go and who to go to on this and this date. I clapped my little hands and waited. And I discovered that this famous date was in the middle of my exams, I looked again and it was just one day before one of the exams, so I figured that I might be able to beat the clock and get both things done.
But after further consideration I had to look at the facts and call the army and cancel! I got a new date – in the middle of august, which means I can first get into the army in 2003. Yay I’m feeling lucky!! Grrr!

But that wont keep my down, nope now I’m getting ready to walk somewhat 265 km. the next 2 weeks to get my mind off things and just relax – damn I’m looking forward to that… so one little baby step at the time…
Come what may ;)

on 26 June 2002, 12.45 pm
A nice piece Sickan. Just take some time to relax and possible travel before going into the Danish army. I suspect your time in the army will be pretty tough (no dial up to AKpCEP) therefore prior to joining up, may be your last time for a couple of years to truly enjoy your freedom.

Enjoy the summer, enjoy the sun, enjoy your books and music. And get some cheap flights in Europe, I suspect loads of people would be able put you up, in practically any city you cared to go.

Anyway, keep us informed. The stories and the details.

on 26 June 2002, 3.45 pm
Good luck Sikan. Man, I remember wondering what the hell I wanted to do. It's so nice when you finally find it. I hope you find it.

on 27 June 2002, 3.40 pm
All the best, Sickan, and good luck with the imminent invasion of Stockholm.

on 27 June 2002, 4.23 pm
Thanx Am, can't you send me the papers on that assassination you wanted done...
Time is money!


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