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Posted 9 January 2002, 2.52 am by Villager

We are born. We grow up amid a stream of information, education; learning. Like little sponges we soak up the environment around us - both natural and that which the state inflicts upon us - and we grow, physically and intellectually. Our intelligence is accelerated, our minds stimulated and we become adults.

New thoughts replace old ones, new ideas, concepts, principles and beliefs creep into our lives and what we define as our personality is constantly in flux. Who we are one year is often unrecognisable a year later, often physically as well as mentally. Our struggles in life leave many scars, physical and emotional, scars which do not always heal all the way over.

Passage of life and of time. We grow, we develop, we evolve as people. Does anything remain of the infants who looked up at their parents and smiled in wide-eyed wonder, so many years ago? Or do our respective environments constantly shape and reshape us, so that who we were 1, 5, 10 or 50 years ago becomes nothing more than memory and old photographs?

on 10 January 2002, 2.49 am
It isn't possible to see the infant in the eyes of the adult, there isn't enough information and there are an infinate number of unknown variables at work in shaping us. Nothing can be seen.

on 10 January 2002, 4.47 pm
While I agree with you Vill, I think your message feels a bit hopeless. (I apologize if I misread the tone.) I think we do indeed leave childhood behind, but for something better. It is up to each person to remember the good and the bad things about each stage of our lives. Hopefully, we incorporate the good in our new self, and learn from the bad? I do believe then that childlike wonderment can be seen in certain people. It just takes a bit of time to uncover it.

on 10 January 2002, 10.21 pm
It was primarily to describe the way that who we are at any one time becomes lost in who we become; be it good or bad.

on 12 January 2002, 6.40 pm
I don't think it gets lost, I think life is like a collage that grows as we get older. All the influences, good and bad, go together to make up who we are when we die.

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