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IQ Test!

Posted 4 July 2002, 10.59 pm by Alexander

As submitted by Janetdoggy, no not a test to see if you have an IQ (although that might be a good place to start). Take the test, answer all the questions and post your (honest!) results. Were you pleasantly surprised or disappointed by your score? What weight to you give to such Q & A style tests of intelligence?

Take the test

on 5 July 2002, 6.13 am
it said mine was 155.
which it says is genius level.
which i don't agree with.
i don't think all these tests that appear online are true measures of one's intelligence.
just fun.

The Roach
on 5 July 2002, 8.22 am
I agree with grapey. I've never been a fan of the IQ test, simply because it doesn't take common sense or experience into account.

I scored a 158.

on 5 July 2002, 9.06 am
Haha, it said I was "Highly gifted and appearing to be a Genius to most others." Not as smart as grapey or The Roach... although, it did have some sort of warning about people with learning disabilities taking it 'cause their results would be lower than their actual IQ. Of course, I think it's all bullshit anyway. I'm pretty sure I have the same IQ as a toaster.

on 5 July 2002, 9.07 am
I think I'm gunna go make some toast and jam now...

on 5 July 2002, 1.14 pm
I rolled in with a 135. I was surprised because I got a 120 about a year and a half ago while heavily sedated on non prescription drugs. I guess there is something to be said for quitting drugs.

on 5 July 2002, 1.40 pm
I got a 143 which is good considering my head is throbing

on 5 July 2002, 4.12 pm
For some reason, they want me to pay for the motherfucker. Maybe I scored so low that they think they can shaft me by making me foot the bill?

on 5 July 2002, 4.22 pm
Ah. I'm a fuckwit. The computer even said so. 131...

on 5 July 2002, 7.42 pm

: )

on 6 July 2002, 2.36 pm
145... I remember taking a professional test about 10 years ago and scoring over 160... maybe my friends are right, I am getting dumber..


on 6 July 2002, 4.13 pm

Had to guess the american money thing, and my circles hexigens and general geometry is crap, but average for the sheds score is what i expected and got....

on 7 July 2002, 3.58 am
i got 148, i got 174 a few years ago, so all i have to say is DRUGS ARE BAD.

on 7 July 2002, 8.50 pm
oh. This isn't like golf then? Low scores are bad?

on 7 July 2002, 11.34 pm
150 However I dont think these tests are any more accurate than the " What flavor of ice cream are you?" tests. ;)

on 8 July 2002, 7.26 am
mmmm, toast

on 8 July 2002, 8.07 am

on 8 July 2002, 5.51 pm
i smell bullshit.

on 9 July 2002, 1.10 am
did i leave my bull to wander out in your yard again??
terribly sorry bout that.
won't happen again.


on 19 July 2002, 12.53 am
I got distracted by the pictures of female celebrities on the index page and felt too overwhelmed by taedium vitae to take the test itself.

This is in many ways a fairer depiction of my own plight than any result I might have obtained from the test itself.

on 24 July 2002, 7.18 am
Online IQ tests are bullshit.

The Roach
on 30 July 2002, 2.52 am
This thing is broken...I clocked in at 192.

on 30 April 2004, 11.14 pm
Online iq tests are probably more accurate than conventional iq tests that don't correlate with anything in the real world. Power tests that high iq societies use correlate higher with job performance, problem solving ability, creativity, intellectual interests. In my opinion there much better indicators of individual intelligence

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