We go through our days, numb to "what is really important". But, if we ALWAYS concentrated on "what is really important", would it really be so? Without the numb, without the forced pain, I doubt it would be nearly as sweet. " />
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Flogging a Dead Horse

Posted 6 July 2002, 5.36 pm by Berly

It struck me the other day, as I was doing my daily grind at the office. The 8 to 5. My email sprang up, interoffice communication. Was it about a big project? Was it about profits? No, for the last month or so, the most prominent news in our firm has been the birth of babies.

It seems we've had somewhat of a baby boom. There are 14 people in my office of 40, pregnant. If we include the males in the office - who are expecting via their significant others, that number jumps to 22.

It occurred to me, that this is the result of 9/11. For one day at least, getting to the office wasn't nearly as important as being close to people we take for granted. For days after that, the importance of those we love was pushed to the front of our consciousness. For a while, people reconnected - apparently - and got pregnant.

And then I wondered. Is it events like 9/11 that make life worth living? Hold on for a second, don't take that the wrong way. I'm not saying terrorism is great. I'm not saying a baby boom makes me feel all "Hooray!".

We go through our days, numb to "what is really important". But, if we ALWAYS concentrated on "what is really important", would it really be so? Without the numb, without the forced pain, I doubt it would be nearly as sweet.

on 6 July 2002, 10.12 pm
Terrorism is a proven aphrodisiac.

on 7 July 2002, 1.22 pm
I am patiently awaiting the day I get e-mail from berly announcing the birth of her own rug rat.

on 7 July 2002, 1.30 pm
Are you starting to get broody, berly?

on 7 July 2002, 7.31 pm
Er, Janetdoggy? Um. Yeah. Not likely. But thanks for the thought? =) How bout I email you and let you know that a stray kitten found me yesterday and like a TARD, I took it in. I am officially a cat lady *shudder*. Is that close enough?

tonychef? Was it broody? I meant it in more of a "gee, things are kindof sucky, and we are mindless boobs sometimes (including myself), but even so, things in life bring us back to the good stuff. And the good stuff isn't really as good, unless you miss it in the first place.

ugh. I've never been good at getting what's in my head out on the screen.

No, I'm not pouting about life, if that's what you mean? I also thought it was super interesting that everyone ended up pregnant. It is one of those things that may be painfully obvious to the rest of the world, but 9 months later, I go "oh!" I do that ALL the time. *sigh* Maybe I should stick with the flooze shtick. ;)

on 7 July 2002, 9.20 pm
Berly dear or should I say poor 'cat lady' berly, You know that children bring happiness and heartache. Cats however only bring catshit stink. Please, for the sake of all the grinders that take a personal interest in your well being, ditch the cat and find a man... any man. I think that Roach would be an ideal partner to share your life with. You two are peas in a pod. You could work and help Roach until he found a position suitable for his skills. He could fix your computer and and provide the DNA to help you propegate the humOn race. Plus, You are so sexy that a younger man would fulfill your needs as you advance in years. I beg you berly, don't sell yourself short and become a 'cat lady' for life.

The Roach
on 8 July 2002, 3.15 am
Ummm... Do I get a say in any of this JD?

on 8 July 2002, 3.51 am

on 8 July 2002, 5.48 am
I thought it was a nice piece / interesting observation

on 8 July 2002, 5.50 am
Grr HTML my "sheepishly" was gobbled up by the triangle brackets

on 8 July 2002, 5.57 am

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