Anton today in the akpcep IRC chan about music or somesuch and he asserted his mates uncle was a better guitarist than me. I said "Most likely". This got me thinking - unless I was Hendrix, or Stevie Ray Vaughan, or whoever the best guitarist ever is/was, there will always be a better guitarist. " />
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Why you're not as cool as you think you are

Posted 12 January 2002, 2.38 pm by Alexander

I was discussing with my good iFriend Anton today in the akpcep IRC chan about music or somesuch and he asserted his mates uncle was a better guitarist than me. I said "Most likely". This got me thinking - unless I was Hendrix, or Stevie Ray Vaughan, or whoever the best guitarist ever is/was, there will always be a better guitarist.

This applies to everything. Think you're good at hacking linux boxes? There's a guy called Keith in Melbourne Australia who fucking 0wns j00. Too bad. Think you're a great dancer? This girl called Mary in New York just won her 10th dance award. Makes you look like an epileptic rhino. Shit eh?

We should always strive to be the best we can, but accept our limitations. Sometimes good enough is good enough.

on 12 January 2002, 3.17 pm
Very true. I am not an artist. I have the artistic abilty of a blnd quadriplegic monkey with no brain. It would make little sense for me to strive to be the best artist in the world. I accept I cannot draw and I am content. If I never allowed myself to accept that I would never be content or happy which is not something I want to put myself through. I have enough things to stop me from being content as it is.

on 12 January 2002, 4.15 pm
I disagree: no-one can fail interviews quite as well as me. I'm a pastmaster at the art. In fact, I'm the best there's ever been.

on 12 January 2002, 6.16 pm
I think this is what stops me doing anything at all. I am a perfectionist and if I can't do something perfectly I just won't bother trying. I've quit most lessons I've started because after a couple months or years I come to a plateau. My mother has tried to tell me that lots of people aren't naturally perfect at everything and maybe if I continued to work at something really hard I would become one of those brilliant people I always wish I was. The problem is, that would involve hard work and I might fail. Most things come naturally and are easy for me in the beginning stages, so having to work for something seems ridiculous. Failure would go against everything my perfectionist nature stands for. It's a horrible rut I've gotten myself into and the reason why I am not good at anything.

on 12 January 2002, 6.26 pm
Don't get me wrong - the people who are better at a certain activity are better because they simply worked at it harder and longer. Sure natural ability comes into it, but if you were born with a talent for the piano, but never bothered playing one, you would be useless.

on 12 January 2002, 7.00 pm
We should also look to those who are better for guidance. We should strive to overcome them. They are not in existence to make us pity ourselves, but rather, for us to have reason to move, to better ourselves. What better reason to do anything than to SQUASH THE COMPETITION? Ahem. Sorry. Seriously though, competition, if it is friendly, betters even those who are really great.

on 12 January 2002, 7.12 pm
Actually, I'd go one step further than Shaggy - competition is ameliorative even if it's acrimonious. I only received a First because I hated everyone else on the course, rightly or wrongly - the motivation simply wouldn't have existed if I hadn't felt insulted by them the first year. the point is that you have to distinguish between "negative" revenge - where you "squash the competition" and drag them down - and "positive" revenge, where you concentrate on thwarting them through your own hard work. By out-performing them.

It's an excellent motivator.

on 12 January 2002, 7.35 pm
By "Squash the competition," my meaning was not actually literal. I actually am an advocate of postive reinforcement through revenge. It is widely accepted that anything that moves people into action is a good, and revenge moves people into action. However, I did not mean that a person should attain greatness by taking the greatness of another person DOWN. If that were the case, then one could attain almost immortal greatness merely by killing off all the competition. I mean, like Amaurote said, to overcome them through hard work.

on 12 January 2002, 8.11 pm
Yeah, I totally agree. When Churchill was a Liberal, he contrasted Liberalism with Socialism by saying that

"Socialism pushes the middle class down. We pull the working class up."

He was talking crap, of course, but his argument holds good for the revenge debate.

on 14 January 2002, 4.01 pm
Example in point of Xanders post: Just when I thought I was the most insensitive fuck on earth, I meet The Roach. He makes me look like Mother Fucking...ah....motha....Teresa.

on 14 January 2002, 6.07 pm
Mother Theresa = genocidal Albanian fanatic who deliberately starved patients of potentially life-saving medical treatment ;)

on 15 January 2002, 2.29 am
And I am deeply proud of it, Spooky. Deeply proud. Someday, if you work at it hard enough, you may be able to surpass even me in terms of coldness and insesitivity. Maybe.

on 15 January 2002, 2.30 am

I can't believe I just corrected a spelling error on the comments page. I am a truly sick individual.

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