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Still here.

Posted 15 January 2002, 8.45 pm by Alexander

Recently, I've noticed something that I thought would never happen has started itself in motion.

The net is losing it's novelty.

Sure I spend most of my freetime connected, but more frequently than ever interaction with other online people leaves me depressed, frustrated, or angry. I find myself going around in ever decreasing circles, with as the center. I just get the feeling I've seen everything. I worked for a death site for 3 months, one day I viewed roughly 1500 images of dead people. That was boring. I just know there's more out there. The internet is immense, why do I only have 20 sites on my favourites list?

I feel like I've grown up in a small secluded village, and I've grown up. I want to leave and see what exists past my garden gate.

P.S. If you want to write for this site, mail me. I'm looking for front page writers, and writers for new sections reviewing movies, music and books. I'll explain more to those who express an interest.

on 15 January 2002, 8.46 pm
why isnt my site on there

on 15 January 2002, 8.48 pm

on 15 January 2002, 8.53 pm
":: Friends of AKpCEP"

on 15 January 2002, 8.55 pm
It would be there but for the fact the only time you post anything here is to diss me. It means exactly that. People I'm friends with.

I'll make your name in the credits box link to

on 15 January 2002, 8.59 pm
dont flatter yourself alex hahaha... why would I come here only for you when I could be doing 4625725724624246 other things.

you're feeling the way you do about the internet because you're spending way to fucking much time on it. you need to get out more or something...

on 15 January 2002, 9.01 pm
oh and I dont need your stupid link, i was merely trying to piss you off... i'll settle for annoyed.

on 15 January 2002, 9.04 pm
Ah ok.


on 15 January 2002, 9.51 pm
Instead of doing reviews to books and the like, how about you set up a section to do reviews of other sites, and why they all suck (ESPECIALLY that mindcube hole... heh heh).

Just a thought. I'll review mine... I've been meaning to shit on that place for a while, now.

on 15 January 2002, 10.04 pm
Small, secluded villages aren't so bad. I grew up in a small, secluded village; in fact, I still live there, secluded and small.

The Net is a fine informational tool, but that's about it. Forums are a more pristine, distilled form of information exchange than actual conversations in a pub, distinctive, useful and entertaining. I've seen a great many things on the Net, but it never tires me. Not even the flame wars.

on 15 January 2002, 10.04 pm
ha ha... word.

on 15 January 2002, 10.45 pm
Aye, one of my current top5 ambitions right now is to retire in a small, secluded village.

on 15 January 2002, 11.08 pm
Ever since BaggyDog was talking about a friend of his, i've wanted to be the kind of person who 'lives further up in the mountain'. Ideally not anywhere near here either... I'm not sure if the pennines qualify as anything more than just hills, but they're too damn cold anyway.

on 15 January 2002, 11.30 pm
Oh, and btw:

I would very much like to write for the site.

on 16 January 2002, 7.38 pm
Er.. Speaking of links, if that's just to your buddies why is my site on there? You're always telling me how I hate you or whatever... Have I just figured out why we're rock bottom of your list? ;o)

I agree with you about this jaded feeling though. I hardly ever bother with "hanging out" on the net anymore, I just do my work and read a few sites. I think that's why I turned down broadband when it was offered. It's still handy though when I'm on a mission to learn everything I can about something obscure, which is most days.

on 16 January 2002, 7.59 pm
Well just cos you don't like me, or do or whatever, doesn't mean I don't like you. Who really cares. You're only bottom for aesthetic reasons mind you ... ;-)

True, tho. The net is a useful research tool.

on 16 January 2002, 8.26 pm
Hollow - you could live further up Scafell Pike. It's not quite as Romantic as Tuscany, but it does have boulders.

on 17 January 2002, 7.21 pm
A-ha! I only just noticed it was in descending str_len() order. Spot the dumb guy...

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