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Self Righteous Mother Fucker

Posted 8 September 2002, 3.50 am by Villager

Are we really any better? I don't necessarily mean the populace of a country, but rather the controlling minority - Government, Press, Big Business. People, after all, and your fellow countrymen and women. Years ago it would have taken the form of Cold War, the moral struggle against EVIL Communism and their EVIL plans for world domination and the destruction of everything we hold dear. Things have moved on a little since then, but I've lost count of the number I've been reading British newspapers or extracts from significant American observings and heard Communism referred to as EVIL. Is it? How can a system of government based on equality be evil? It may not work, but if it's perverted by evil men that's poor grounds for hating the system. It may just be poor journalism, but it's destructively so. But we don't worry about that, do we? Nothing has changed in the Bush Wars. EVIL Al-Queda, EVIL Ousama bin Laden, EVIL Saddam Hussein. I do not necessarily contest the truth behind that issue given the track record of these men, but the ignorant label in substitute of intelligent information serves to ingratiate citizens with relatively unfounded hate and prejudice of something they know nothing of save what they are told to believe.

In Israel, Iraq, pre-Bush Afghanistan, it will have been the same. If you can't explain your reasons for wanting war and hatred of others - or still less you don't have any to explain - call them EVIL, 'cos everyone understand EVIL and how GOOD - a role obviously played by us - must triumph over this EVIL, through whatever means necessary. The repetition of the term 'weapons of mass destruction' by various statesmen strikes a worrying chord with me. One gets the impression we are supposed to grasp ahold of that term and give our support to defeat this EVIL. Many do. Of course, once claimed, the moral high ground is a very useful weapon itself.

Is Saddam doing anything different from GWB right now? Showing the right cheek and courting allies across the globe? Using emotive language, invoking patriotism and hatred of those pigeonholed EVIL people we MUST defeat? Loyal Iraqis are likely in a very very similar frame of mind and thought right now as Loyal Bush supporters. Both men have immediate access to weapons capable of killing millions. Note recent revelations that uncle George's lawyers are telling him doesn't need further Congressional approval to wage war on Iraq. An unfairly elected man has the power of God, the lives of thousands and thousands in his sweaty hands. These are the characteristics of a dictator, not a democrat acting through his country. Is war the way to resolve these conflicts? Is the sacrifice of hundreds of thousands of innocent, Patriotic lives worth the testosterone fuelled duel between a handful of men? Are we really so basic as to be unable to find another way? Oh no, I forgot, millions of ordinary people don't matter, do they?

As long as GOOD (us, of course) defeat EVIL (them, of course), everything's fucking peachy.

on 8 September 2002, 7.12 am
Thats the same thought thats been going through my head for a couple days. You just summed it up quite nicely. Now everythings [b]fucking peachy[/b]. Word.

on 8 September 2002, 9.32 am
It seems to me that this is a more European view of recent events than an American view. The American view is one which we are often criticized for - and rightly so.

Global politics isn't something that can be simplified into good or evil. . . .

on 8 September 2002, 5.33 pm
First off, Vill, great post.

My take: it's a war between half-wits, and I'm afraid we'll all be cannon fodder before it's too late.

Bush doesn't have enough sense to know when to stop. Even after not gaining support from other countries on the issue, he remained stalwart and finally swayed Tony Blair into agreeing with, I have no clue. Possibly oral sex, but I digress.

You've got two completely different people with completely different worldviews clashing, and they use the archaic concept of good versus evil to outline their differences even less effectively. I worry about the well-being of our countries as much as everyone else, especially when considering the fact that, maybe, if our leaders are quick enough to use the words "weapons of mass destruction", will they be as cocksure to use the weapons themselves? Maybe, maybe not.

I'm off to stock up on water, foodstuffs and maybe even pick up a Geiger counter while I'm out.

on 9 September 2002, 5.41 pm
Great Post Villager.

The US warhawk attitude is the same one they're had all along. The United States really thrives on feeling good. They need something EVIL to counterballance their 'GOOD.' They need to defeat EVIL in order to define themselves. That was the reason they gave money and weapons to the Muhajadeen in Afghanistan when Russia was invading. It was so that they could be 'GOOD' and help to defeat EVIL.

If that energy devoted to defeating EVIL could be used to help fight poverty and hunger, making them the EVIL which the US insists on fighting, the world would be a much better place. Instead, they insist on making war in the name of 'THE GREATER GOOD', and ensuring that there is a 'FREE' world "FOR THE CHIILDREN"

It sickens me to a certain extent, it really does, unfortunately it's not going to change any time soon.


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