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Thinking, yet again...

Posted 12 September 2002, 2.34 am by Jake

Considering the fact that teachers are more concerned with conveying the “how”s of history as opposed to the “why”s, I sat in AP U.S. History class today, and I began to think. Before you all gasp in horror at the prospect of me thinking, let me just say that it’s usually a welcome diversion from the lack of tasks at hand.

The thoughts that began rushing through my mind like so much traffic on a highway…well, they began to bother me. Now, usually people aren’t too easily mollified by simply daydreaming, but I was genuinely worried. By now, you’re either ignoring this piece or passionately screaming “WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING OF?!?!?” at your computer screen. Well, that’s a good question.

I was thinking of the future. Not the future of the world, mind you, but my own future. I began thinking of what I had to offer to the world. That was a simple answer. “All that’s humanly possible.” I began to wonder about the opportunities that I would be privy to in the future. Another easy one. “Opportunity is everywhere.”

Not to concern myself with the lives and actions of those around me, I began to think harder.

The future of mankind? A dodgy question with even less reliable answers, at best. Considering that our collective fate (as a country) relies on the decisions of our leaders. Whether sensible or the most ignorant shit ever conceived(usually the latter), we still have to deal with the consequences, as will our future generations, as will our future future generations. Taking into account the various offending acts performed by our country against others, the carelessly violent behavior with which many treat each other, along with the recent outpourings of many anti-Western ideologies, all seem to have sealed our fate as a culture. Moving on.

I began to think of the future of the world as a whole. I began to think about pollution. The tons of gunk shit out daily from our factories, the various chemicals spewed from factory smokestacks that cloud our air, the amount of forests being looted for oh-so-precious lumber, the failing standars of once-clear water, landfills worth of waste being shuffled to various sites of the world. Another lost cause. All of the radical environmentalists we once praised have become jaded sign-holders fighting an increasing uphill battle against multi-national corporations, as well as the power of the almighty dollar. Yet again, my mind wandered.

I began to think about the exponentially increasing acts of violence between humans.

I began to think about the amount of time and the various family relationships wasted due to hours in front of the idiot box, the opiate of the masses, good ol’ television.

I began to think about the terrible living standards of those in politically and economically-stunted countries.

I began to think ab….oh, fuck it.

Why think? It’s all been done before, anyways.

Maybe it’s time for something new,

Yeah, that’s it, something new.


tyler durden
on 13 September 2002, 3.37 am

on 13 September 2002, 11.27 pm
You're a horrible, horrible cunt and I hope you die. :D

Just don't sic "Project Mayhem" on me.

on 14 September 2002, 8.29 pm
I think you should feel priveleged that you have the capacity to not only use your brain in a deep fashion, but have the intelligence to realise you're doing so.


on 15 September 2002, 12.54 pm

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