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Yeah, But I Didn't Mean To

Posted 5 October 2002, 11.12 pm by Berly

Intent. It is the one thing that can be known only by the individual it resides in.

So how do YOU know what someone's intent is? Can it be proven? Beyond a doubt? How do you know they have not mislead you about their intentions? It could be as infinite as a reflection in two mirrors opposite each other, or it could be as simple as someone telling the truth.

Built of a blend of such things as thought, rationale, and emotion - it becomes something even more abstract and futile to clarify.

One is permitted all kinds of latitude when it comes to undesirable thoughts and emotions. Not so with perceived nefarious intentions. Even flawed rationale is not nearly as damning as flawed intentions.

I find it amusing that such an impossible thing to know is used to appraise people. The legal system will even grant you a lesser punishment if you can prove that you didn't mean to do it.

It effects each and every one of us, regardless of our age, race, location, etc....[insert symbol for infinity].... Even the non-human are susceptible. Discussions surrounding the intent of deities as well as devils are as passionate as any others.

This hopelessly sought truth is more powerful than a first impression.

on 5 October 2002, 11.35 pm
having a mens rea problem?

on 5 October 2002, 11.46 pm
Great article, but it's possibly the most abstract thing Berly's ever submitted - are we quite sure this isn't Villager in female paralegal camouflage?

on 6 October 2002, 2.30 am
Both of you make me laugh. *sigh* Yeah, this is one that I have had on my computer for a while. It's been showing up in my conscious now and again, and I just wanted it out and finished.

As for Vill being in here /me points at noggin
....well? He's welcome anytime.

on 6 October 2002, 6.14 am
you may enjoy reading the sequels to Ender's Game, by Orson Scott Card. Si-Fi, but good. A little slow, but well thought out. Maybe it's more important that a person would want another to understand thier intent in the first place. But I'm perfect, so it wouldn't matter in my case...say hello to brian for me.

on 4 August 2004, 7.19 am

on 4 August 2004, 7.21 am

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Props to Green Mamba for bringing the weirdness


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