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Contempt Breeds Familiarity?

Posted 18 November 2002, 7.06 pm by noctornus

I've been sitting in class all day, and I was suddenly hit by an epiphany! I think that it's the sort of realization that everybody has, at some point, often without even knowing that they've realized it. It is taken more as common knowledge, or fact, than as a revelation. It's based on the concept that Familiarity Breeds Contempt.

What is the one thing that everybody, at some time realizes? That they hate their life/job/home/whatever. After a period of time, no matter how much we love something, or love doing something (or somebody for that matter) we begin looking past the fun, the joy, and the enjoyment we get from that activity, and we begin to search out all that is unjust, out of place, or just plain wrong about our surroundings. As much as I was overjoyed to start school again this year, to turn a fresh page in my book of life, I now view it with complete and total contempt. My last two jobs, as much as I loved them when I began, I hated after a few months, and by the end of my shift, you couldn't have kept me there for any reason.

Without a doubt, it is the staleness that comes over our lives when we do not have the opportunity, or desire to try new things, which breeds so much unhappyness. There is not a single member of the akpcep community, who can honestly say that they are happy with everything about themselves, and their surroundings. To do so, is to dilute yourself. There is always something that we despise, and it's usually something that we've been surrounded by for a long time. Almost everybody loves a new school when they start, or enjoy a new job, because it is something fresh, something new, and even though a million other people may be doing the exact same thing as you are, what you are doing is Unique.

I've spent more than enough time in my life, staring at a clock, watching the seconds tick by, hoping that, if I stare a little harder, that second hand will move faster, if even just a tiny bit. I've waited to leave work, school, an appointment of some kind, something. I'm positive that we all have. Really, I'm getting tired of it, tired of watching the clock, trying and hoping that an unpleasant situation will end sooner. I've spent so much time in that place in life, that I've come to despise it. So as a solution, I've resigned myself to stop watching the clock, to stop hoping that an unpleasant situation will end sooner, rather than later. I'm going to start living my life, for what it is, a collection of moments, some pleasant, some not. Wallowing in the moments that bring me pain, or complete and utter boredom are getting my nowhere fast, except possibly into a mental institution.

So I call upon you all, to stop hoping that bad things end sooner, and to stop wallowing in our contempt of your lives, and to breathe a sigh of relief, and say 'Fuck It! I'll be out of this place soon enough, and it's not worth my effort to worry about how much I hate it.' Sometimes it's not possible to escape these situations, no matter how much we may want to, we just have to make the best of them.


on 20 November 2002, 7.24 am
wow! that so much reminds me of something my doctor said to me the other week.
it was about a different subject, but the theme of it is the same.
it hit me differently as well. i didn't connect what he said with what you've written.
anyways, thanks.
nicely written.

and good luck on not wishing your moments away.

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