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Smile, Damn It

Posted 4 December 2002, 11.50 pm by Diva

I woke up, got ready for work, and looked at myself in the mirror. I'm not living. Life is a peculiar thing. You only really feel it when you are in some emotional frenzy. Love, hate, remorse, pain. That's when you know you are alive. I have a pulse, but there's something missing. Rather, I am conditioned to feel a loss. Society has pushed this idea in our heads that we can only be happy for a reason. I used to walk down the street and smile at everyone. Sometimes I'd get a smile back. More times than not I'd get a leery glance. Instead of just being someone enjoying the day, they'd rather think of me as a potential psycho-killer.

Me. "Hi!"
Friend: "Hi. How are you?"
Me. "Great!"
Friend: "Wow. Why are you so happy?"
Me: "Why? I just am."
Friend: "But why? What are you happy about?"
Me: "I just am. Do I need a reason?"
Friend. "Well... Yes. Something must be making you happy. What is it?"
Me: "Nothing. I'm just happy."
Friend: "I can't believe you're not going to tell me."

Why does there have to be a reason to be happy. I should be able to laugh, cry, and yell without a reason. I refuse to react according to society's guidelines anymore. I'm going to walk down the street, smile at everyone and let them deal with their foolish insecurities. The next time you get a call from me, be prepared to talk to a happy person... Or make bail.

on 6 December 2002, 3.51 am
I think I'm the same, except I'm often irratible for no real reason. but eh.

Anyway, yes. You need a reason to be happy. Or dilusions.

Just like I need spell check. (Code it into the site, Alex :D )

on 6 December 2002, 7.49 am
Go to school! It'll be quicker.

Anyway, I agree with Diva's basic premise that we don't need a reason to have an emotion. IMO, happiness is too precious a thing to be questioned at every turn - if she's happy good on her, especially if she can make others happy at the same time.

on 11 December 2002, 2.20 am
If you don't have to have a reason to be happy, why do so many people insist that you must have a reason not to be? Why shouldn't I be happy? Well, why should I? It goes both ways and I've noticed that the majority of the human population seems to have a double standard in this area.

on 21 December 2002, 10.34 pm
why the hell does Diva keep using akpcep as a recycle bin for her front page? Cant she write something original?

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