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Is there a skill to being alone?

Posted 8 January 2003, 4.45 pm by ls42hq

This is a piece i wrote for Antons site a while back when i was about to break up with my girlfriend. Looking back i dont know if i feel as strongly about the subject, i seemed to have fitted back into the single life without much hardship, to read these words now i wonder if thats a good or a bad thing.....
Tonychef, 8/1/03

Is there a skill to being Alone?

You go through life as an individual, every day choosing the path or activity that you wish to follow, beholdent to no one. Then one day you notice that the world is made up of pairs- two eyes to see, two arms to hold, two lips to kiss- the missing part suddenly becomes obvious. If your lucky the reason you notice this fact is because you've just found the person to fill the hole in your life, the one, the only one that could be that missing part for you. Now If you're really in the zone, that person will feel the same need and nature being the hard bitch that she is will soon see you together and happy.

You go Through life as a couple, every day taking the path or activity that you can tred together, always considering the other in the choices that are made. Life revolves in its spiraling way, twisting and combining till the individuals are no more and only the pair remains, so relient on each other that life without the other seems suddenly unthinkable.

Unthinkable eh?
Go on think about it....

To become single again, to rip the other out of your life, because after what they did friends is just not an option, to be the individual again. You cant see these friends anymore, they're not your friends, they're our friends. That holiday you've been soo looking forward to, the bars you use to go to, the resturants where the table for the two of you is always ready; its all property of the couple, to be abbandoned or split.

And now your on your own again, another of those that make there own choices and take ther own path in life. Always forfilling your own needs, looking after number one...But they're always there, the ghost of the couple, just in the back of the mind, showing you the paths you could have taken, the places you could be.

The happiness you once knew.

on 10 January 2003, 2.52 pm
Great piece, Tonychef. I can really relate to this. The ironic thing is that it is harder for me to give up being single. Relationships are hard work and once you've been single for a while it is easier to be alone than it is to compromise and adjust to another persons' lifestyle.

on 10 January 2003, 3.36 pm
Don't know about great Diva, sounds kinda melodramatic months after writing but thanks anyhow.
I seem to be quite opposite in the fact that i tend to really throw myself into relasionships, finding compromise and adjusting for somone quite easy. Deing alone alot tends to make me very self destructive...

on 11 January 2003, 8.44 pm
I think that honesty is hard to come by these days. You really seemed to convey the struggle that happens after the end of a relationship. There's nothing wrong with a passionate thought.

I have a friend who is in love with being in love. The person they are with at the time is secondary to the emotion. I look at relationships this way: People sharing their lives together. But ultimately it's my life and I should be happy with it first. I use my single time to better myself.

on 12 January 2003, 11.06 am
In love with being in love?!
Wow thats sounds complicated. I really like the chase, the flirting and the wondering if your getting through to the other person, it quite a buzz. I used to think i used my free time better but not to sure now, seems like ive lost sight of my life-goals, i'm going to spend this year getting back on track.

on 12 January 2003, 7.44 pm
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on 13 January 2003, 3.42 pm
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Hows that? tc....

on 13 January 2003, 8.55 pm
If i ever seen you in the pub tony you can have a pint.

on 4 August 2004, 7.19 am

on 4 August 2004, 7.21 am

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