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hidden memories

Posted 28 February 2003, 3.39 am by Villager

He sat, shivering on the bathroom floor, crumpled up against the wall. He winced at the pain, and forced himself to lift his shirt up to see if he was bleeding. There was no blood. The only proof of the blows lay in the dark colouration that covered his bones, the bones that were now too scared to move. He closed his eyes once more, trying to block out the light. He thought for a second of try to get to his bed, the place where warmth and darkness were guaranteed. But that would mean standing up and walking, and there wasn't enough life left in his young body to attempt that.

He tried to censor his own thoughts, to run away from thinking. He didn't want to think or to remember. He ached to fall asleep and remember nothing when he woke up. But unlike usual, the pain didn't let him forget. Sharp pangs of feeling interrupted the darkness created by tightly clenching his eyelids. Tears fled down his cheeks, dripping onto his hand. He was old enough to know that crying brought no comfort, but he was incapable of stopping them even if he were to think of doing so.

From the pains in his body grew anger (that would later become hatred), and on this he blamed his ills. Feeling sick, he desperately tried to leave his body. To leave everything he felt and thought behind on the cold, hard bathroom floor, and go somewhere where there was nothing to think about, no thoughts to haunt his heart. He was worried that someone would find him like this, and they surely would if he stayed for much longer. He almost wished they would, the loneliness of his suffering being the worst thing of all. His breathing began to slow, the stress of thoughts slowly falling away. Reprieve came in the form of dreaming, consciousness slipping into numb.

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This is again from the 'Faces of Death' cycle. In this piece, the mottled effect was produced by flicking turpentine at the image once it was smeared into the ink.

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