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matte finish

Posted 18 January 2002, 6.47 am by Acheron

like a slumping gorilla thrown against a wall staring with deadpan eyes that convey a lifeless dissatisfied existence i find it hard to care about anything right now with


feelings emotions perceptions deficiencies unhappiness


the storm rages outside and the curious wind patterns outside my window cause the snowflakes to fall upwards as if the ground is falling in some apocalyptic uprising that i witness halfasleep sitting up slumped in my bed as the sleep in my eyes obscures my


of gold and green and grey and blue and the evasive concept just outside my perception that some people like to call


is otherwise appropriately dubbed


means no


yourself there

sweating bullets

like ice




on 18 January 2002, 6.52 am
This is one of those pieces of writing where the words are like paint that create a perfect image in your mind of the feeling the author was trying to get across. Aaron, very nice.

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In 2018 I started painting again. This was one of a series of acrylic sketches I did to relearn techniques and revisit my skills from art college.

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80s candy bars were pretty good

only because i traded it for a candy bar in the 80's.

lol we all know you don't have a soul ghoti

my soul for some carbs...

But of course!

Yo ! Does this work ?


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