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Growing Up

Posted 4 May 2003, 4.16 pm by The Green Mamba

First of all, dare I say that adulthood is highly overrated … with that in mind let us explore the shades of gray separating boys from men

In my mind there is only one thing that separates a boy from a man (or a child for an adult), aside from physical changes, and that is Responsibility.

It is a process mental and spiritual growth wherein you eventually reach a stage where you accept responsibility for you actions. Unfortunately, one of the side effects of adulthood is the loss of innocence. The moment you become aware of the consequences of your actions, you have to accept responsibility for the results. Failure to accept responsibility for any consequences you were aware of taints your soul and torments your spirit. This is more commonly referred to as the development of a conscience, which ultimately governs your every action.

I have seen people develop a conscience from as little as 11 and 12, but I have also seen others still struggling with adolescence in their late twenties. Age is of no consequence in the transition from child to adult.

Another unfortunate side effect of a conscience is what I refer to as, your sense of What If …

What if I loose control of my car and die?
What if the branch can't hold my weight?
What if I fail and loose everything?
The list goes on and differs per individual

Children have no fear, because they have no sense of "What if". They will climb the highest tree, jump of the roof, and tease the dog, etc. without any regard for the consequences of their actions. Neither do they have a conscience or will they accept responsibility for their actions. They will lay the blame on anything and anybody other than themselves (mostly inanimate objects) and will even go as far as to attempt the same foolishness again and again.

I believe that the ideal situation would be to reach a stage where you can accept the consequences for your actions, but before and during any act, you relinquish your sense of "What if". These people are normally the ones who succeed in life. They are willing to take risks, but when things go wrong they are mature enough to accept responsibility.

In all things I always strive to be childlike, but not childish ... Accept responsibility, but not back down out of fear for the consequences.

Unfortunately, I always fail. I over analyze things and live with a constant sense of What if. Instead of guiding me my conscience tends to holds me back. Maybe someday, instead of What If, I will stare death straight in the eyes and say “What the Fuck”

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