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No Sex, Please, I'm British

Posted 31 May 2003, 12.50 pm by Villager

Until recently, I had never had any dreams which could really be described as sexual, unless you count having my hair washed by the amiable blonde at the local hairdressers (which I do, frankly). I was always curious as to what a sexual dream would be like, having never had one, especially in the times when actual sexual experiences were also a thing of the future. I wanted to know how my mind would portray such things. Well, I found out.

I'm not sure if either of my dreams have any solid connection to reality. I don't recognise the faces or environments, nor do the events strike me with any coherent sense of allegory. In the first dream, I am passing through a house at night by chance when I encounter a short and shapely girl with shoulder length blonde hair. She begins talking to me and suggests that we go upstairs. I'm more than open to the idea and she leads me into another room. Here we meet another guy who begins talking to the girl, completely ignoring me. The girl turns to me and tells me to wait a minute, but not to go anywhere. When she returns she tells me something else has come up. It's worth mentioning that all concerned were naked at all times. End of. I remember a distinct sense of disappointment and bad luck. Fear of rejection? Insecurities with my own sense of manhood?

The second dream was a little more disturbing. Another blonde girl (not the same one) is having sex with an older man in a room, my observance of which is secret; I'm spying on them somehow. Some time later the man leaves and I enter the room. The girl shows me the kind of affection as though I were in a relationship with her, and encourages me into bed. I get angry and ask what kind of a fool she takes me for. She sees that I know of what happened before my entrance and shrugs it off, as though I should not be concerned. I leave. I felt betrayed. This dream was characterised by being extraordinarily graphic.

What strikes me about these dreams is their oddities; I have never been involved with a blonde girl, nor do I often find them especially attractive; in the past I've never really had any reason to fear betrayal, nor to my knowledge have I been betrayed in such a way; finally, the dreams occurred in consecutive nights' sleep. The two and only sexual dreams I have and they're a day apart. If I'm honest, I'm disturbed by these only because insecurities such as trust, rejection and my own self image are issues which have caused me significant troubles, but only before I became involved in relationships. Now I'm provoked into reassessing them all over again.

No more dreams about sex, please, I was rather content with scalectrix, ice-cream and 50ft robots.

on 2 June 2003, 7.30 am
nice Vill.

dreams are your subconscious after all - part of its job is forcing you to deal with things that you haven't really resolved, i suppose.

on 3 June 2003, 7.15 pm
those are the dreams you want to go back to sleep, and spend all day in bed... even after you wake up... ;)

on 3 June 2003, 10.47 pm
scalectrix, ice-cream and 50ft robots?

You sick pervert.

on 3 June 2003, 11.25 pm
Oh come on, you've never had those dreams?

Never all three at once, you must understand...

on 4 June 2003, 5.05 am
My dreams involving 50 foot robots *are* my sexual dreams.

on 4 August 2004, 7.20 am

on 4 August 2004, 7.21 am

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