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Control and the Effervescent Smile

Posted 7 June 2003, 6.23 pm by Shaggy

It is in a human being's interest to search for the things that lead to its survival. We are, after all, no more than intelligent animals. Our meaning of life has become complicated and cloudy.

Sex is a great cloud. By that, I do not mean that it is "great". I mean to say that it is a distraction, something which is not as important to our survival as, perhaps, many people make it out to be. For starters: only sex for procreation is technically "integral" to our survival. I place the word 'integral' in quotation marks because, with the advent of cloning, and with the consideration of our present over-population, this form of sex is slowly becoming a dying art form. However, in a relationship, you are a whore (either male or female) if sex is the prime motivational focus.

We have a brain, and this is not to be used with anything so base as a moments pleasure. Oversaturation of pleasure is as bad as starvation of the same sensation.

At any rate, there are easy explanations to these distractions: the flesh. The soul works one of two ways: either you sever the flesh to avoid distractions, or you embrace the flesh and control it, like a dog on a leash. For those who cannot control the flesh (case in point: if you have ever dumped/cheated-on someone because they were not "putting out", then you fall into this category) are those who lack in discipline, who lack in desire, and who, much more dangerous, are lacking in goals. It is one thing to have a sex-life, it is another to let sex rule your life.

That said, I must admit, I am at a loss. I want to exist completely and utterly in the mind, spending an eternity with the woman that I truly love. However, the limitations of the flesh are excrutiatingly high.

Painters have attempted to erase the flesh in the form of... well... Form. We get the surrealists. Writers have attempted similar prospects, and similarily, we have the literary surrealists. Music has not been so kind to the endeavor, though even it has rebellions to traditions.

How do we remember, in the Platonic sense? How do we return to the world of Ideas, the world where we know all and see all, where knowledge is pure?

How do we ascend? My soul is a great cavern, and I stare down into it in the hopes that, should this feeling of vertigo give way and push me over, I will find, at the very bottom of this cavern, the True path to ascension.

There is a balance of sorts with everything in the physical world. In order to have energy, we must take it from some other form. In order to have darkness we must have light. There are things that must balance the darkness of this world, there must be another realm untouched on the edges.

Perhaps we are in light merely as we exist in the darkness.

Perhaps it is our destiny to fear death and to embrace death simultaneously, to DoubleThink our way to pleasure/pain, and perhaps it is a gift that the proletariat has some manner of receiving. Truth is in the proles.

The natural world, like every other doorway, has a key. With enough tools, one can find this key, and unlock everything that it is natural to know.

Until then, brothers, we exist in the realm of fantasy, not of surreality but of subreality.

Fare thee well on the journey.

on 7 June 2003, 10.22 pm
Where does this bitterness towards the flesh originate, Shaggy?

on 8 June 2003, 1.23 pm
Very personal

on 8 June 2003, 9.43 pm
Perhaps one should not post such things front page if one is unwilling to share.

on 9 June 2003, 5.56 pm
Well, if you want the long and short... I am perfectly willing to share. I have had a long bout with low self-esteem feeling ugly, and then to top it all off, I recently learned that my significant other did something not-so-cool (not cheating, but still not cool). That, and as a philosopher, I agree with Socrates... the flesh is a hindrance, a sickness, a cancer. True knowledge awaits on the other path... it has to.

on 10 June 2003, 1.25 am
I had to be the one to bitch slap Socrates, but one must aknowledge and serve the flesh to continue existing. I don't see you eating Nutri-soy all day. What's the difference twixt a tasty meal and sex, then, as they both serve as distracting input to the brain?

on 10 June 2003, 1.41 pm
If you don't like sex, you'd hate being me brother!

on 11 June 2003, 3.28 pm
Never said I do not like sex... smart sex... one must be intelligent with one's distractions, I think. Loyalty, too, although completely an abstract, is something that too many people know nothing about. I know of a man who believes that if his g/f sleeps with another woman, it is not cheating. And he wonders why he has a masculinity complex!! People are, very often with recreational activity that can be harmful, unaware as to what they are doing to their self, both mind and body. Take "swingers" for instance... treating every other person as an object cannot be good for one's perception of the outside world, nor can it be good to feel interchangeable, though many people are very talented at lying to themselves ("it doesn't do that!" they say, proudly. "It's just getting our rocks off."). There is a paradox: they are treating sex with enough importance to let it dictate their life, and yet they are not treating their own bodies with enough importance to actually have a meaningful relationship. Sex IS a distraction, and is not all-important. I am not saying that everyone should stop having sex... I'm saying people should stop being whores, cheating, ripping peoples hearts apart just for the sake of a couple hours pleasure (if you are LUCKY). Sounds like a lot thrown away and shit-all received, to me.

on 11 June 2003, 6.13 pm
I think you're describing a minority, personally, and you're in danger of sounding condescending.

on 12 June 2003, 12.18 am
It seems like you know everything about everyones decisions, Shaggy, so I won't bother asking anymore questions.

on 12 June 2003, 1.42 am
I don't mean to intrude, but I have a comment on this - Plato mentions something very similar to this, whether it's also Socratic, I'm not sure. He talked about the Tripartite sould, how Reason must act as the guide in the chariot driven by the Spirited Element which is controlled by voice commands, contrasted by the Bodily Appetites which are completely out of control and cannot be controlled easily. Only when Reason is MASTER can it exhibit its proper virtue- Wisdom. Then the Spirited Element can exhibit its poper virtue- COURAGE. And finally, the Bodily Appetites in check exhibit TEMPERANCE, leading to harmony overall. Sounds good to me, I don't know about you guys. I could be very wrong. I may have also read this article all wrong, but this just reminded me of it.

on 13 June 2003, 5.54 am
What, to you, is a meaningful relationship? I'm in a relationship right now that I find full of meaning and possibility, yet I have no problem with my significant other enjoying the company of another man. After all, if the relationship is as important to them as it is to me, they're going to come home to me after any such occasion.

You are the one overestimating the importance of sex, suggesting that it's something sacred, when it isn't. Love, honesty, respect, these things are sacred.

on 13 June 2003, 6.35 pm
Respect, personally (I do not wish to sound like everything I say is Universal, sorry Spooky), means not willing to risk problems by doing anything with another person. Everything we do or say has a consequence... smiling the wrong way at a person can make them cautious of you, and when asked to explain why, they will not even realize that they were feeling cautious around that person. The subconscious has extreme power, and very many little things can do more damage than people are aware of. Honesty, however, as Roach pointed out, is as important as respect. One can, as Roach's case reveals, do things that may be extremely damaging to the psyche and end up relatively safe through honesty and love. The problem with cheating is that it does question one's own self-importance. After all, if I was good enough for the person, why would they need an Other? I do not mean to sound prickish or arogant, but I am good enough for a singular relationship. I refuse to sell myself short. Each person has a different line to draw, and a different place to draw it.

I am not overestimating the importance of sex, however. I am overestimating love. I looked forward to an eternity with my significant other... I loved (and still love) her to no end. I need no one else, not so much as a smile from someone else, for all eternity as long as I have her. Why would I need someone else? Why would she, if she feels the same? The problem with cheating is not what it is inherently, or that it is sexual per se. Rather, the problem is that it questions, as Roach words it, that the other person is "going to come home... after any such occassion."

I also find that people have an easier time saying "it would be no problem" when the situation is hypothetical. True cheating cannot be denied to cause very strong harm. Many people have to seek counselling years after their partner has cheated in order to trust again.

Also, as Alex said, I am not writing with any expectations that the world is populated with cheaters and liars. I am expressing my opinions on a minority.

On another note, I could not have received more comments unless I wrote something religious, which just goes to prove that the few things that move people is sex, religion, and politics.

My next piece should be on the religion of political sex. That should win an award or something.

The Green Mamba
on 21 June 2003, 10.25 pm
Transcending The Flesh means eradicating The Mind and embracing the "Soul". The Mind is simply a byproduct of The World ... part of the great illusion designed to house things that keep us in our cages of conformity.

Sorry if I sound a little weirded out ... its been a while and I have found many strange things by the side of the road I am travelling down at this point in my life.

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