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Posted 2 July 2003, 8.24 am by The Green Mamba

We’ve all heard the expression … mind over matter and even though the limitations and the technicalities of such an elaborate claim are (were) beyond my understanding … I always believed it as an undisputable fact. Lately however, new information has prompted me to change this age old saying to … consciousness over matter. Some might argue that mind and consciousness are the same and that it is an insignificant change. Maybe when you’re done reading this you’ll think differently … for it is our Minds that are the stumbling blocks between the possible and the impossible … not our consciousness.

The "warriors" of Castaneda claim that a person ages and grows weak because they believe in it - it is where their awareness is tuned in on The Hologram, so to speak. If a person gathers enough energy to completely change their belief and perceptual structure into the opposite, then their situation in The Hologram would change - not out of this world or out of this time, but on a different level of symbiosis of earth. This change includes the conscious, sub-conscious and (any possible) supra-conscious mind – what fundamentally makes us who we are. In this way, the abstract definition of “Nagual” (Castaneda and his mentor Don Juan Matus were both Naguals, “double beings”) according to Castaneda is a person with a discontinuity in their life – such as like Castaneda’s one peak experience in his training, when he jumped off a cliff in the Sonora desert and found himself at his apartment in California, two weeks later, with no idea what happened in the time between. (In traditional shamanism of the area the word Nagual (coming from the Aztec ‘nauhualli’) is used for a shaman who can transform into an animal at will (and both Castaneda and his mentor did this, by his account).)
This illustrates well the extent of transformation necessary for or due to the awareness of The Hologram.

“The mind is the fifth column, a foreign installation”. In the hypothesis of The Holographic Universe, Consciousness and The Mind are distinctly separate. Consciousness is the mechanism that projects The Hologram whereas The Mind is simply a part of The Hologram. In light of what Castaneda says, it makes perfect sense ... scientifically and spiritually.

Consciousness does not reside within The Human Mind … but rather The Human Mind exists because of it. The Mind is merely the physical extension of True Reality … wherein Consciousness is the true matrix from which reality is being projected. It exists both within and without The World … simultaneously influencing and influenced by it.
The Mind resides within The Hologram ... whereas Consciousness resides in True Reality. The Mind is but a pale reflection of Consciousness ... and yet the image (The Mind) is obscured by the limitations in our perception within The Hologram (like a photograph - it looks the same but it isn't the real thing)

Basically I'm saying that The Mind is the part of The Hologram that we are able to perceive within the limits of our pre-programmed sensory capabilities. It is the part of the picture through which The Consciousness tries to manifest itself from True Reality into The Hologram. Okay … Maybe it is not pre-programmed by default but by choice - we conform to society, to our parents, when awareness forms in our first years.
Consciousness upholds reality via Mind. Therefore, if you stop The Mind, at least part of it, the controlling part, you can maybe witness energy as it is, before the shaping of The Mind … or, by silencing or transforming part of The Mind, you can change reality - e.g. see True Reality.

In fact, perhaps everything has Mind and Awareness, everything being part of The Mind that is The Hologram.

“If it is the underlying realm of light that is the fundamental reality propping up our physical universe, let us ask ourselves how the universe of space and time would appear from the perspective of a beam of light. The laws of relativity are clear on this point. If you could ride a beam of light as an observer, all of space would shrink to a point, and all of time would collapse to an instant.”

Now that could all be a matter of perception. From similarities between The Holographic Universe and The Path, I'd like to believe that all time, energy and matter exist simultaneously. Not only that, but The Universe is simultaneously infinitely small and infinitely large. Every aspect of The Hologram contains a smaller image of the entire universe, but at the same time is part of what we perceive to be the building blocks of the bigger picture. We are not moving though time, we are simply perceiving a certain point in the whole space time continuum. By shifting our perception we can not only change from one aspect of The Hologram to the next, we can actually move through time. Not physically, but perceptually - like the experiments with LSD during the 1970’s and Castaneda’s journeys into the Dreamtime where the traveller saw and experienced things that happened millions of year in the past ... in this and other parts of The Hologram. It goes back to my favourite theory on Time Travel - thinking yourself back and forth in time. In other words, your body remains in this part of The Hologram, while your Consciousness shifts through time into another part of The Hologram.

on 6 July 2003, 10.46 pm
'mind over matter' : "I always believed it as an undisputable fact". If you're a materialist, then that belief system (what "fact") is disputable. "Some might argue that mind and consciousness are the same". Consciousness, more than anything else, is THE feature of the mind that makes it a mind, and I wont argue that. Listen bro, I could go on. Some nice theories you have there, but try to revise your statements. You should try reading Timothy Leary, not those old hippy bumper stickers that say, 'question reality' ...

on 7 July 2003, 4.41 am
I never liked materialism too much ... anything it can't explain it is too quick to dismiss. Besides, materialism is itself a belief system, but you look at the majority of materialists out there and they will appear very rigid in their outlooks.
Consciousness as the integral quality of the mind depends a lot on definition. But this is not the issue - truly consciousness can be recognised in the mind, but the point is that consciousness could go beyond the mind. Don't get lost in the words...

I would have liked some precise and in-depth commentary and discussion... Some points of disagreement, that could be discussed...

"Question Reality" sounds exactly like a Timothy Leary slogan, so I'm not sure what you mean by that. I was never very much impressed by Timothy Leary, a cult icon of the hippy era as he is...I don't like hippies. Apart from the smell, I don't like the complacency.

on 7 July 2003, 9.53 am
Leary certainly did question reality, but my point was; You should be more analytical & coherent in your writing, like Leary. Your article seems rushed, and is choppy in places. The point never really delivers like it should. I'm looking forward to your next post, Green Mamba :-)

on 7 July 2003, 9.56 am
That post was addressed at the author, and dragonfly too btw.

on 7 July 2003, 9.05 pm
This post came about from an email discussion between Rudi and myself, and is pretty much a condensation thereof, so that's why it seems choppy and rushed. I agree that a deep and clear exposition is much preferred, but these are ideas that we've pretty much newly stumbled upon, and neither of us has the time and space to make a proper and thorough exploration of these ideas. Also, our outlooks always change - if you asked Rudi half a year ago if the universe really was the mind, I'd be willing to bet that the answer would been in the direction of a negating laugh.
These posts are an overview, definitely, we admit that - its about as far as we've got, I'd say. They are a suggestion and an encouragement: the basic source material that grounds these theories were linked in the first post, and the reader can follow up on any avenue of thought that arises from them and these speculations and hopefully report back, with suggestions, arguments, or whatever.
What these posts are, is the basic picture of how our whole whole philosophy and outlook on life has changed - radically - in the space of a few months.

And yeah, the next post is something I'm looking forward to as well..

The Green Mamba
on 8 July 2003, 7.58 am
Thanks for that Dragonfly ... and yes ... I am slowly and systematically working on a single coherent (albeit very long) version of these posts.

You're right, six months ago I thought AKpCEP was a spelling mistake...

on 4 August 2004, 7.20 am

on 4 August 2004, 7.21 am

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