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I'm Not a Freak

Posted 5 December 2003, 10.00 pm by Shaggy

Come closer. That's it, now look into my eyes. What do you see?

That was not nice.

Take a deeper look, a look at the honesty. Yeah, I know, my eyes have a sort of distorted look to them. Okay, I know my eyebrows are somewhat shaggy.

You know what, give up on my eyes. Look at me, in general. What do you see? I hope you see what I am displaying. No, not that!

My heart.

No, its not small. Sure, I'm not very large.. yeah, I know, I'm sort of a runt. Yeah, I know I can seem judgemental at times, and yes, I know I'm a nerd. Yeah, I've heard that before.

What's that? You don't trust me? I look shifty? But I've been nothing but honest to you! I've even given you my heart, taken directly from my rib-cage! Look how it still drips with my blood! How can you not trust me?

Yes yes, I realize you do not understand my gesture. Yes, I realize how you do not understand how having my heart means I am trustworthy.

Yes yes, I realize I am insignificant and deserve to die.

Oh, for crying out loud, give me that damn gun, I'll do it myself.

on 7 December 2003, 9.00 am
I think I know what you mean... Like continually giving your all - freely and unreservedly - but just getting slapped in the face by way of thanks? Or maybe I've misread this completely...

on 8 December 2003, 2.17 pm
But no doubt if you were trusted ultimately, you'd be perfectly competent and kind and caring, because you have all kinds of experience with other people's hearts.

Oh, you mean you don't have any experience? But everyone else should know how to hold your heart? They learn it naturally, I suppose. Some secret lesson, hidden from you.

You have no responsibility whatsoever to learn how to do it yourself, please let me reassure you on that score. This is entirely a unilateral process. Whoever you choose to unburden your heart is guaranteed to know what to do with it, and any failure on their part is voluntary. They're trained, they already know how.

They haven't ever done it before, but they know how!

on 9 December 2003, 4.25 pm
That is profound, cola... I never thought of it that way... not sure if I truly believe you, but the concept is certainly a beautiful one.

I guess I'll try looking at things that way and I'll get back to you on how it goes!

on 27 January 2004, 8.32 pm
No good deed goes unpunished. (Russian Proverb)

on 4 August 2004, 7.20 am

on 4 August 2004, 7.22 am

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Props to Green Mamba for bringing the weirdness


80s candy bars were pretty good

only because i traded it for a candy bar in the 80's.

lol we all know you don't have a soul ghoti

my soul for some carbs...

But of course!


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