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Writing Needed

Posted 22 December 2003, 11.26 am by Alexander

Just a note to remind you all that you're all invited to submit articles, poetry, prose, fiction, reviews, web links, rants etc to the front page. It's dead easy - look at the top left this page - if you're logged in to the Shed you'll see your User Console - click "submit article" and you're away with the mixer.

You may have noticed has 3 "front pages" - articles, reviews and links. You can submit to any one of these (you get the option on the "submit article" page), as often as you wish. Upon submittal I'll take a look over your submission and authorise it, upon which it will appear on the public page for everyone to read.

So, if you've written in the past and need a place to air your creativity, akpcep is it. If you've never written before but would like to give it a go, fire away. If you don't see yourself as a writer or poet but you'd like to give it a go, please do.

Many people have had their first brush with the internet public here and have gone on to become prolific and accomplished writers. It's a great way to get criticism and honest critique on what you're writing or would like to write.

If you have any problems I'm only an email away.

on 23 December 2003, 7.36 am
I do have some poetry in my box, but I feel my normal writing bad enough ... besides, I was looking for contests without entry fees to send them to

...ah what the hell. Why not tip the hat to the AKpCEP we all love, one more time... its not like you won't regret it, anyway.

on 23 December 2003, 8.48 am
Damn right. Besides, writing shouldn't be competitive, it should be about expression. So there.

on 6 January 2004, 5.19 pm
Yeah, I'd like to do that. Were I not so bad at writing. Hang on..

on 15 January 2004, 5.57 pm

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