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Posted 30 July 2004, 3.44 am by Indigo

I watched a woman today
as she stood up on the bus
to stagger down the aisle
clinging to the slippery cold
metal poles
that a million hands and a million lives
have touched.

I looked her over,
with an air of false importance.
Stifling a yawn I watched
as she stumbled and
pressed her fingers
into the grimy yellow tape
that promises a satisfying give
into the pressure of your body,
a bright 'ping' and a loud red light up
overhead... 'Next STOP Please':
but always delivers

I watched her blunder
and took note of the grace
with which she handled
the whiplash of the road;
and I wondered silently
if it was an echo of the grace
with which her ancestors
bore another
more terrible

My eyes travelled down
to her ankles
wrinkled and shined
gray-black and slim
but powerful and bare
the rich mahogany of her
overwhelmed me
my heart took up stacatto beat
and the soul of old lands
took root in my chest.

That woman turned to look at me
and I could see wisdom in her neck
and flourescent fear
in her eyes.

She infused a longing in me
for thick beats and moon howling
for the heady scent of life
filling my lungs and clinging to the soft tissue
burrowing deep with claws and teeth
until I am engulfed by the wild

As she stepped off the bus
I could no longer see it in her
though the sound was still in my ears
clogging up my mind.

As she walked away my vision blurred
and beneath her strong ankles
wrinkled and shined
gray-black and slim
I saw the congo
seeping into the concrete jungle.

on 4 August 2004, 7.14 pm
I know someone who licked one of those bus poles.

Jeff was a weird guy.

on 4 August 2004, 8.48 pm
Jeff also had impetigo.

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This is in response to the poem 'Business Girls' by John Betjeman. It's ink washes. I was attempting to depict the grime and toil of the subject matter by using a widely recognised symbol of business life - the train.

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Props to Green Mamba for bringing the weirdness


80s candy bars were pretty good

only because i traded it for a candy bar in the 80's.

lol we all know you don't have a soul ghoti

my soul for some carbs...

But of course!


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