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Posted 20 September 2004, 9.34 pm by jackwright

As I begin this particular blather: I haven’t the smoggiest idea as to which thread it will eventually find it’s way to, when it’s finished,(assuming, of course, that it ever gets finished),; as I fully intend to wander my way through several possibilities. I’m figuring that I’ll try to touch, at least a bit, upon philosophy, even if it is no more than my own twisted version thereof; I’ll undoubtedly hit upon some current affairs, and I might review some history; both, no doubt, candy coated and/or shit soaked, by my personal opinions; I’m guessing that I’ll probably skip love, brush up against hate, and skirt religion; and, I’m nearly certain that politics is going to rear it’s ugly head.

So, how do ya like that ?

I’d like to go on record, right now, to say that, if you even remotely believe that you don’t like it; don’t even bother wasting your fuckin’ time. See, I’ve come to the conclusion that all the time that I wasted, when I was younger; working, spending, consuming, wasting; making a filthy bunch of money grubbing cocksuckers richer; sitting in cages to justify some miserable cocksuckers existence; and, in general, running worthless rat races for a bunch of ungrateful mother fuckers that wouldn’t piss in my ear if my brains were on fire; was wasted so that I can waste my time in a manner of my own choosing now. And, it just so happens that I feel like wasting my time in an effort to determine whether, or not, I’m the only person in Amerika that hasn’t forgot how to think for myself. It’s my time and I refuse to regret wasting it.

I was recently thinking, and I thought, “what ?”

And I said, “what ?”

And I thought, “what da ya mean what ?”

And, I said, “don’t pull that fuckin’ shit on me goddamnit.”

And, I thought, “I think you’re talking to yourself again.”

And, I said, “wrong asshole, I’m talking to you”.

And, I thought, “I rest my case.”

So, I said (to my other self, as I was obviously not getting anywhere with me), “damn if I catch myself trying to pull that shit on me; out here in the middle of nowhere, where my input is, pretty much, limited to that which I personally choose; what must it be like for all the poor saps, out in, implied, reality, that keep all the worthless rat races going, so that a bunch of lazy bastards have something to bet on.”

Are you following me here. Okay, I understand, so, how about if I give you a hint ? And, feel free to stop wasting your time here any time you want. I don’t want to ever hear anyone whining that I made them waste their time thinking. The thing is, I’m beginning to wonder if the possibility to think for ones self even exists anymore, for the vast majority of Amerikas sheeple. I mean, most people are led to believe that they are thinking; when, in reality, they have simply been taught to think what Rupert Murdock, and/or his ilk, thinks that they should think.

Here’s the thing; I stopped watching television years ago, as I feel that TV is no more than self-inflicted mind rot. That leaves radio and the net to me. I’ll start with the radio. All that I pick up is AM out here so that means that I’m stuck with news/talk, god squad or Mexican broadcasts; and since I don’t really understand Mexican, and I’m positive that the entire of the god squad is completely full of bigotry, fear, violent oppression of every ones liberty, and bullshit; I’m stuck with news/talk.

I have a radio that a radio tech built for me, and then come out and set up and tuned a long wire antenna for me. So, consequently, even though I live out in the middle of nowhere, there is not a dead spot, anywhere across the AM radio spectrum, on my radio. I pick up all the high watt broadcasters in Amerika.

And, here’s what gets me; there isn’t any center, or left of center hosts in the entire of the spectrum, during the day. And, I can only pick up one, left of center, broadcast at night. This fills my mind with images of Amerikas free thinkers, huddled around an illegal radio, in the middle of the night, in some hidden basement somewhere. It’s truly sad; what Amerikas media is doing to it’s audience.

Then, to add insult to injury; when I tune into those intellectually bankrupt fucktards, like O’Reily, Limbaugh, Savage, Regan, Drudge, or any of the, greedy ass, rabid propagandists, that blatantly poison the minds of Amerika with their misinformation, disinformation, half truths, and outright bullshit; in order to sell commercial time to predatory lenders and, scumbag, real estate scam artists; all they can do is whine about all the terrible damage that the ‘left wing’ media is doing to their messiah, by spreading all their vile propaganda. What a bunch of fuckin’ bullshit; HELLO-OO !!; there is no left media, it’s gone; nien, not, kaput, down the pisser tubes; been replaced by morally embarrassed neocons and robber barons that want to lend you money that you can’t afford to borrow, so they can take your house when you default. And, they have an administration in place that is perfectly content to cater to their immoral behavior, as long as it doesn’t interfere with their world conquest.

I guess that leaves the net. The problem with the net; is that when you find truth on the net; there is always going to be some moron cock sucker that is going to say, “The net is full of shit, you can’t believe everything you see on the net.” DUH !! Doesn’t that just make you want to say, “Get back to your goatsex fuckbrain, and don’t cry to me when you see the flash; or you, or your children get conscripted to go off and fight these evil cock suckers war.”

You know, it seems like everyone has been trained to believe that if you’re not working to make some money grubbin’ motherfucker rich, you are simply a worthless piece of shit. Nobody has time to think for himself or herself anymore. It sucks. Out loud.

But, I’m going to try to give anyone that wants to think, a few things to think about.

- When the Nazi Chimp stole the leadership of Amerika, there was about 12 trillion dollars in the governments bank account, now we are about that much in debt. I wonder if 12 trillion dollars isn’t enough to steal an election for.

- The administration has repeatedly lied to the Amerikan public to justify everything from stolen elections to tax cuts for the extremely wealthy to an immoral war against the Arab world.

- The defense department and the civil service have got together and put a plan together to start drafting poor; white trash, spics, niggers, Catholics, Jews, protestants, and anyone that can’t afford to defer; to be implemented shortly after the Nazi Chimp has secured his position, as ruler of the world, in November.

- Neither Iraq nor Afghanistan welcomed Amerikas boys in desert camo, with milk and cookies, or open arms; they greeted us as the occupiers and oppressors that we are, and, are simply fighting for their freedom now. And, according to what I read, they are winning.

- The Patriot and Patriot II acts don’t have anything to do with patriotism.

- The Homeland Security provisions don’t have anything to do with homeland security.

- An election commissioner in Florida has decided, against a court order, that Naders’ name can appear on the Florida ballot, even though he doesn’t meet the criteria of a presidential candidate. I wonder how that happened.

- All these hurricanes that are stomping Florida are Gods blessing on them for shitting on the entire world, back during election 2000, and their present attempts to shit on the world again in November.

You know what ? I could go on forever, but I wont. Let it suffice to say that it can only get worse, unless the nation gets together and votes that Nazi Chimp and all his shameless henchmen out of office in November. Because God knows that the mindless, lazy bastards of Amerika don’t have the balls to stand up for themselves, if the election is close enough that the Nazi Chimp steals it again.

And what really sucks is that I’m not even going to vote, as there is absolutely no one to vote for. Ain’t life a bitch.

on 20 September 2004, 11.15 pm
Hmm, My previous comment remains, now what was it.... ohh yeah

on 20 September 2004, 11.35 pm
i truly believed you believed in what you were saying there jackwright. right up until the last paragraph.

on 21 September 2004, 1.19 pm
Got to agree with pH on this. You're clearly smart enough to think this stuff through, you've done more research than most, you've formulated an oppinion and a solution - "unless the nation gets together and votes that Nazi Chimp and all his shameless henchmen out of office in November" - yet you seem to feel you are exempt from shouldering the responsibilty of doing your bit towards being part of a nation that got together to oppose what you see as wrong. You surely acknowlege that if everyone with your oppinions on Bush took your approach, then there's no hope of removing him from office, and if that is the case, then you all deserve the oppression you'll get and guilt of knowing you might have been able to do something to prevent it; and of course the resentment of the rest of the world's liberal thinkers for you not simply ticking a box. You may not be one of the "mindless, lazy bastards of Amerika" that you talk about, more of an intelligent, lazy bastard of America, which is arguably much, much worse.

Ps. sorry if all this was said previously, i've only just read it.

on 23 September 2004, 9.53 pm
I've said it before and, I'll say it again; those that espouse the passive overthrow of their oppressors, are the ones that aren't going to be skipping any meals, waiting for a bunch of worthless petitions and ballots to slay the fuckers. I can't think of a single revolution that was won without some bloodshed.

I'm not at all lazy, simply patient.

If Amerikas last presidential election didn't clarify, justv exactly, what your vote is really worth; then, I've no choice but to classify you with the rest of Amerikas 'stupid lazy bastards'.

Furthermore, I'm no more going to regret not casting my ballot upon an unworthy, lesser of two, or three or four, evils; than I'm going to regret any time that I've wasted in contemplation of what it is, that causes people, that sell out the world in doing so; to crawl up on their high horse and pat themselves on the back, for being a bunch of stupid fucking sheep.

on 23 September 2004, 11.48 pm
so what are you waiting for? the only bloddshed i see happening to Americans is that inflicted on it by it's present enemies. The present hostage situation in Iraq says a lot - they didn't waste anytime executing the Americans, but at time of writing they haven't yet done anything to the British captive.

A good old war will always distract the masses, as they are more likely to fight outside enemies than deal with those within. And anyone dreaming of a Russian-style revolt i feel are deluding themselves, as for many people it'll be easier to put up and shut up with their government than go through the upheaval of toppling it.

on 24 September 2004, 1.17 pm
Much as I sympathise with all Americans for their utter lack of options, the matter of the election comes down to a simple choice; vote for Kerry, and there's a slight chance that Bush will be removed as a result. Vote not for Kerry, and he stays. He might be as useless, but he's not quite as twisted.

on 24 September 2004, 1.51 pm
But much more droopy.

on 25 September 2004, 12.55 am
5.5, what the hell do you think you mean, 'what am I waiting for' ? Don't you think for a second that I give one diddlie fuck, about any Amerikan that has the poor sense to get themself killed, by mid-Eastern people, in the mid-East. They made their choices, now they can die with them. I'd like to go on the record, right now, and say, " The Iraqi people are not, I repeat not, my enimies.

Also, I'm intrested as to what the 'hostage situation in Iraq', actually says to you. Does it say that the Iraqis think that the UK will nuke them ? Or, does it say that the Iraqis believe that the UK is weak and may break down and bargin for deplonacy ? Or, does it say that the bloody lymie drew the long straw and gets the dull axe ? Or, did he simply have the best whine for future sound bytes ?

Now Vil. Your 'simple choice' analogy works just fine in the intelectual level; but, is lacking considerably ion the moral and spiritual levels.

I choose to hold out for revolution; rather than casting my ballot at an, unworthy, lesser of two evils.

on 26 September 2004, 5.25 pm
i think you are suffering from a world view that americans have come to see as normal thanks to their media, that the world won't come to you. Your defence systems won't stop the dirty bombs or hijackers or whatever going round your cities and blowing people up.

As for the hostage situation, i think it shows you who the insurgents see as the enemy - not any coalition, only America.

You say you're going to hold out for revolution - after the first mushroom cloud goes up do you think many of your fellow countrymen will be too bothered about who is running the country? the only thought will be "whose the guy who can retaliate best?" - just as it was after New York.

on 27 September 2004, 12.48 am
I see. Well, I guess that's what you get for thinking that you are thinking. A brief review this discussion should indicate that my world view owes very little, if anything, to Amerikas; or your, for that matter; media. My world view is an informed world view, based firmly in reality: of opinions, and observances, formulated through; my studies in history(real, political, geopolitical, diplomatic and revisionist, et.,cet); understanding of various forign policies, and their effect on current world affairs, and history; personal observations concerning; minute details, like human nature inside, and outside, of various demographic models, including, but not limited to; placement in the nations, or worlds, economy; degree of, and/or type of, education, and/or indoctrination; political beliefs, and/or indoctrineation; religious beliefs, and indoctrination; placement in the working, or non-working sector; geographical and geological considerations; and, position in the food, or cannon fodder, chain: and, of course, guided by my spiritual and moral convictions.

I do not, repeat not, think that the world will come to us. I know, repeat know, that: When, not if, Amerika barks; there will be a certain portion of the world, that will slink up and beg to suck her dick; your United Kingdom included. There is just a certain portion of the planets population, that refuses to understand that; it is not as fashionable to be a bunch of oppressive, money grubbin', cocksuckers, as thought in some circles. Unfortunately, those small thinkers seem to gravitate to positions of leadership; while everyone else is too busy sitting around on their lazy fuckin' asses, behind a tube full of football, beer commercials, and kotex operas, stuffing greasy McNuggets in their fat faces, and complaining about gas prices; to even care about the dick that is slithering up their asses.

Consequently, our defense systems will not stop the dirty bombs, hijackers, or whatever, going around our cities and, blowing up people; any more, or less than yours will. And, regardless of what you'd like to think; the last time I looked, you were still right up there at the top of the Coalition of the Willing.

As for the hostage situation; I think it probably shows that you haven't the foggiest idea who the insurgents even are; or who their enimies are. But, not to worry, eh; you've been told what to think. Right ?

Next, I find your opinions concerning; revolution and mushroom clouds, my fellow countrymen, and its, implied, leaders; somewhat shallow minded. It is, simply, a point of historical fact, (not to be confused with mis, or dis, guided opinion); that the gap between the rich and the poor, can only get so wide before revolution is iminent. Open your eyes dude; I'm not talking about just Amerika here; we're talkin' about the entire planet. Revolution is breaking out all over the world ; and, it is doing so because corporate globalization, and its puppet govrenments, don't give a fuck about no stinking gaps, and everyone else is too busy with their McNuggets and Budwieser to give a fuck about anything but the prices at the pump.

So, don't bullshit yourself. If I see the mushroom cloud; you can bet your ass that you'll be seeing one too. And: while I prey that my countrymen, yours, and a few others; can pry themselves away from their football and cheezits; long enough to stop this nonsense, and give this planet back to the people that it belongs to: I have spent the last thirty years, preparing myself for the eventuality that they wont.

That is to say that I have two , stocked and armed, casches; in two, completely different geographical locations, (one near the drop zones and clearly in the fallout zones, one outside the fallout zones), both within networks of strongholds that I can retreat to, and defend, for extended periods of time. I have fifteen years of my life invested in one, and nearly fifteen in the other. I can, have and/or do; hunt, trap and/or grow my food. I can improvise munitions, explosives and weapons from things like auto parts, building materials, solvants and bodily fliuds. I've taken the time to learn the basic compositions of the rocks and dirt that make up my envirinment, and break them down into useful chemical constituints. I can, and have, pulled teeth, removed bullets and souchered knife wounds; and can preform apendectomies, tonsilectomies, vasectomies and labotomies. I can, and have eaten tree bark and grub worms to sustain myself, and, will do so, if needed, in the future.

So, unless I'm at ground zero, it is my intention to come out on the other side; and then, do whatever I can to help put this country , and the planet, back togather.

And finally; you imply that Amerika will hold the retaliatory position; when, both, common sense and current affairs indicate that Amerika, and it's , unilateral, Coalition of the Willing, were acting pre-emptively, and have done so since this abortion started.

What about 9/11 ? Figure it out dude.

on 27 September 2004, 1.21 pm
i get the feeling jackwright that this last piece is designed to provoke a response, and since i'm enjoying this discussion i'm more than happy to oblige.

your first paragraph - i won't claim to be as educated as you in so many areas, but i could argue that perhaps you can't see the wood for the trees.

your second - true the British government does this a fair amount, but i expect a lot of it is to do with all of the other factors of government, such as trade agreements and employment. a lot of the public decisions we hear about no doubt have roots in a lot of agreements and trade-offs made behind closed doors.

third - we've an election on the horizon, and troops in iraq may well be an issue. one party said last week they would withdraw troops immediately if elected, and the present government are constantly in-fighting over the issue.

fourth - the present hostage situation seems to be being controlled by someone who wants westerners out of the Middle East and to take control of the area for himself. He's a religious fundamentalist who wants his area of the Muslim world to be the dominant one. what don't i get?

fifth - if everyone is busy watching the tv, who is going to man the revolution?

"and finally" - surely 9/11 was the excuse the Bush administration had been waiting for to get Saddam? Where is the pre-emptive strike in attacking the country you believe is harbouring those who bombed yours?

i see a number of your standpoints as noble ideals, but i also see communism as a noble ideal and that is something that will never work because of the nature of humans in general.

on 28 September 2004, 3.11 am
I think that I'll start at the bottom, and just work my way up.

Last: What on earth makes you think that I'm communist?

Some of my political beliefs, undoubtedly, are Social/Liberal leaning; that is simply because: I believe that labor should be compensated with value that is consummate with its relevance in its manufactural hierarchy; I believe that every man, woman and child, on the planet, is entitled to proper food, water, shelter, medical attention and a means to protect and take care of themselves, and their families; and, I believe a people are entitled to receive, back from their leadership, and its various bureaucracies, at least, what they have invested into it: but, that is, pretty much, where it ends. Consequently, looking back through this paragraph, I don't see any 'ideals'; simply beliefs; beliefs that are grounded, firmly in common logic; and, should be, clearly evident, even to an [i]uneducated[/i] person.

I am, first and foremost, a Civil Libertarian; have been accused of being, Social/Libertarian, sometimes a Libertarian/Anarchist, and even an Anarchist and/or Libertarian; but, on the bottom line, it says that I have no political, or idealistic, affiliations with any one party or individual idealisms. Never have, never will; there simply has never been one come along, yet, that is deserving of my support; and, I don't look for any to be coming along, any time, soon. Basically, as far as I'm concerned, people that endeavor to rule over other people: whether that be communally, democratically, monarchistically, theocraticaly or, oligaricily; are still, simply, people that endeavor to rule over people. Once again, simple beliefs, grounded firmly in common logic, that should be clearly evident, even to an [i]uneducated[/i] person.

'And finally', Common sense, and a little background search,(a couple hours away from the idiot box), will show, definitively, that the relative stupidity of that statement is completely off the fuckin' charts.

The Coalition of the Willing's attack on Sadam Husains Iraq, was sold to the Amerikan people, and the world, as a pre-emptive strike, to find, and steal, Husains, imaginary; nuclear, biological and chemical; weapons of mass destruction. Osoma bin Ladin would not, I repeat not, piss up Sadam Husains asshole, even if he had fire shooting out the head of his dick, like a roman candle. The Al Queda network never had anything to do with Iraq, until after Husain’s removal from power. Now: I think that you should try to think that through; see if you can ascertain what, if anything, it implies; you know, beyond the obvious fact that the Coalition of the Willing is solely responsible for any Al Queda presence, and/or activity, in Iraq. And, it might not be a bad idea to think through that too. Here we find fact, based, firmly, in common logic that should be, clearly, evident; even to an [I]uneducated[/] person.

Fifth: I’m obviously not getting through to you here. Let’s try the blunt approach. If people continue to sit in front of their TV; the mushroom cloud will dictate who mans the revolution. What the fuck, are you daft. Look, when you see the flash, it is pure, unadulterated, fact that the weak are going to die; they’ll simply be second; right behind the occupants of the various ground zeros; regardless of whether, or not, they are rich, poor, smart, educated, stupid, Christian, Islamic, agnostic, Amerikan, French, British or Satanist. The weak are just, simply the first surviving casualties, period.

And, the stupid are going to start disappearing before the weak are all gone. However, wealth and education may be tools that they can barter for life, up to a degree. Then, the strong will die. Consequently, the strong will have many more tools, and resources, at their disposal; impingent upon their wealth, intelligence and education; to exploit, use, and barter towards survival, but they will still die eventually. Strength, education, intelligence and wealth will simply not be enough to insure survival; it’s also going to take premeditated preparedness, determination and luck; I possess two of last the three, and will continue to prey for the forth, regardless of whether, or not, the need arises. What about you? At the risk of sounding repetitious, once again, fact; based firmly in common logic; that should be, clearly, evident; even to an [I]uneducated[/I] person.

Fourth: Funny thing but the hostage situation in the mid-East, looks to me to be made of, and led by, people that either: wants the occupation of Iraq to stop; wants the senseless, and brutal, maiming and murdering of innocent Iraqi men, women, and children to stop; wants the blatant, undignified and illegal incarceration, abuse, torture and murder of mid-Eastern prisoners, in Coalition detention centers, both in Iraq and abroad, to stop; and, may even want some recompense for destroyed lives, cities, water sources, farm land, manufacturing facilities, roads, infrastructure in general, due to the fact that the Iraqi people suffer the injustices of a war that was waged against them, based, entirely upon false accusations: or, it is led by people that, simply, want the western world to hate and fear the Islamic world. What do you get ?

Third: Yadda yadda…be sure and get your ass out there and vote. At least that way, you can accept responsibility for the abortion that you create.

Your second: Gee, I guess a government of the people then really doesn’t rule you, then, does it. It’s too bad that them, ‘behind closed door sessions’, include meetings concerning how to sell lies to people, that make it look okay to murder innocent people, half way around the planet, in order to keep gas prices cheap enough that a bunch of stupid fuckin sheep can afford to drive to the salt mines each day.

And First: I am not educated. The last year, in school, that I completed is 8. I also possess a 1000-hour technical education, deplomaed, not degreed, which cost me six months of my life. Also, while I was in prison, I was made to get a GED (high school equivalency), which cost me exactly three hours of my life. That works out to under nine years; just about where high school begins in Amerika And, when I look around me; I don’t see any trees, for the sand, scrub and desolation; due to the fact that the greed and infortitude of past generations mindlessly removed all of the trees, with zero regard for future generations. The air is laden with the dust of a large, dry, lake bottom, which makes for the highest rate of respiratory failure in the nation; the ground is polluted, arid and barren; and, the people are impoverished; simply so those cocksuckers in LA can grow a lawn. You see, the wood and the water are both gone now, and they’ll never come back; that should be serving as lessons to past and present generations; but, it isn’t. Why? Simply because people have got the blinders wrapped so tightly around their face that they wouldn’t recognize reality, if it snuck up on them and fucked them up their ass through their pants; as it is inevitably going to do some day. You haven’t any idea what I see or don’t see, but, you are obviously incorrect in saying that you are less educated than myself; you are entirely too unenlightened to be uneducated. But, you may be able to uneducated yourself; if you are determined.

on 28 September 2004, 12.40 pm
ladies and gentlemen, from the top...

1. i never said you were a communist, i merely used it to illustrate another noble ideal.

2. "off the charts" - the personal feud between the Bush and Hussein family is hardly a secret, so i don't see the stupidity in my statement. as for moving away from the idiot box, i presume you mean for me to go to the internet for my information. no lies here, no way.

3. "coalition of the willing" - i never said anything about al queda and the iraqi govenment being in partnership, i'm aware that hussain's and in laden's idiologies are in direct opposition to each other. i'm pretty sure you don't wanna hear my answer to the problems of the middle east based soley in "common logic".

4. "blunt approach" - who are you and the other survivors going to overthrow as part of your revolution if everyone who was anyone is gone in the flash? how do you revolt against nothing?

5. "hostage situation" - you seem to of half bought into the reasons behind the iraq war. IT WAS JUST ABOUT OIL. as such, the iraqis were just the poor buggers to be born in the wrong place. there is no recompense to be offered, they are just deemed unlucky.

6. "yadda" - trust me, i will. at least that way i have right to criticise if i don't like what i see, as at least i can say i made my choice at the voting booth. unlike the non-voters who sit and bitch about how they don't like things. life ain't perfect, and sometimes you have to compromise and make the best of what you've got.

7. "government of the people" - again, hardly top secret information. governments do a balancing act of keeping the electorate happy and making the country profitable. capitalism.

8. "educated" - superb, you split the difference between enlightenment and education. as for how much time you spent in school, after learning to read, write and do math, school becomes the place where you try and learn who you want to become (or not). other than that it's a means to an end for getting to university, which is a means to an end (most of the time) to make sure you don't start on the bottom rung of the ladder in the job market. well, thats the theory behind the system, though it's not how they sell you the idea.

on 30 September 2004, 10.01 pm
Another noble ideal, like capitalism, colonialism or empire? Communism is simply another system, wherein a small group of lazy, elitist, assholes aspire to rule over the population; and charge them a portion of the fruits of their labors to do so. Consequently, it is not human nature that won’t allow communism to work; it is capitalist greed. I’m pretty sure that a study of history will show the human race to be communal in nature; something that has been indoctrinated out of them by the best researched propaganda machines that money can buy.

Now, while the feud between the Bush family and Hussein may be no secret, it has very little to do with the Coalitions occupation of Iraq. Otherwise, they’d be gone, wouldn’t they ? If you care to check, you might even find that the, aforementioned, feud finds its foundations in British petroleum interests in Kuwait. And, the ensuing use of Saudi Arabia, (Holy Ground), as a base of operations to wage war against an Arab Sovergn, is the source of bin Ladins, hence the Al Quedas, discontent.

I don’t really give a rats ass where you get your information. What you need to do is try to do, is separate your information from truth. Unfortunately, it is becoming more, and more evident that you’re to busy satisfying a work ethic, or justifying your personal bigotries to concern yourself with trivialities like truth. I had initially thought that I might be dealing with, at least, cursory intelligence here; unfortunately, it’s becoming more, and more evident that I mistook the misguided bravado, and blind confidence, of youth, combined with the indoctrination of the various propaganda machines; for knowledge. I apologize. So, go on back to your goatsex, or whatever suffices, and let everyone else figure it out for you.

Concerning the ‘blunt approach’. Once again, you seem to lack the fortitude to comprehend the implications of what I’m trying to say. You don’t leave me much choice but to refer you to the last paragraph. Maybe you’ll figure it out some day, maybe not; not my problem.

Concerning the hostage situation: What makes you think I’m ‘bought into’ anything. Oil only plays a part of the reason that the Coalition presently occupies Iraq; theosophical bigotry, capitalist greed and colonialism, and/or empire, also contribute to the coalitions occupation of Iraq. I can probably, reasonably assume that your logical approach to the, aforementioned hostage situation will find its justification, somewhere inside these parameters.

And, from there on down to the bottom; I got my 6th grade civics lesson in my 6th grade civics classes, 30 years ago. Fortunately, I was blessed with intelligence enough, at the time, to recognize them for the blatant propaganda that they were. But, you go ahead and continue to pick the better of the worst, all you want, and give yourself a big fat pat on the back, while you’re at it. I’ve made my choices, there isn’t any, and I’ll bitch if I want to.

on 30 September 2004, 11.25 pm
I think these are the most involved and interesting comments an article's ever had at akpcep. Well done guys.

on 1 October 2004, 5.36 pm
1) i think a study of history would show far more conquest and control than communal spirit. and i think that it would be the human characteristics of fairness and laziness that brings communism down, ie not everyone can be bothered to work hard and others would look at that and say "then why the hell should i prop them up?" at which point the system begins to fail.

2) problems in iraq stem from the way the british divided up the borders of the region after one of the 2 world wars (i forget which). as for using saudi as a base, i don't see the saudi royal family being attacked for allowing the use of their land for military bases.

3) i don't really get what you're getting at here, but i like the personal attack.

4) i'm guessing we've got ourselves a difference of opinion. i can quite happily walk away with this knowledge.

5) by 'bought into' i mean your belief. someone sold you the information with which you've come to your decisions - unless you were present at time of planning the kidnapping. you would probably class me as a greedy capitalist, but i'm not - i just haven't found my limits yet. when i do, i'll be wise enough to not push any further.

6) your baseless bitching will only harm your cause. the more i hear people complain about things without offering solutions the more i lose respect for their quite-probably decent views. it does nothing but breed apathy.

on 9 October 2004, 11.27 am
1) i've never disputed the reasoning behind conquest. ultimately, greed is a sin we are all guilty of.

2) Surely it's the Saudi royal family who allows coalition troops to use Saudi as a base? So by that logic, surely the Saudis participating in the fighting should be attacking those that allow 'infidels' in the 'holy land'. the fact they attack the west tends to suggest their war is not based on religion, or reason, but just of blind, ignorant, indoctrined hate. and when is that any better than an oil-inspired war?

3) how do you know for sure none of those news channels you mention aren't selling you anything? how do you know they aren't pointing out your enemies to keep you deaf and blind?

on 9 October 2004, 7.26 pm

on 10 October 2004, 5.38 pm
what a pathetic way to end a prefectly good argument. at least you could have bowed out gracefully and accepted a difference of opinion. but that was just terrible.

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80s candy bars were pretty good

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