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Depression and Tears

Posted 14 October 2004, 3.01 am by Lurker


Depression and pain burn.
My love, she's not here.
In this world all alone,
Is she really gone?

Or will she return,
To bring back the cheer?
Fate has rolled us this bone.
What's around the next turn?

What is to come? I will learn.
It is the future I fear.
For me she is the one.
It's for Her my heart yearns.


To her I send my love, can she feel it afar?
Ever hoping all's well, to be strong while she's gone.
And not knowing for sure, what is inside her mind.
Reaching up to the stars, I am asking them why?

Stay and watch over her, while I curl up and cry.

- JpJ, 14-Oct-2004

on 14 October 2004, 1.28 pm
/me hands Lurk a box of tissues...

Man, that is so sad.

on 15 October 2004, 2.14 am
Thanks JD. *sniff*

on 15 October 2004, 4.11 am
*pats Lurker on the back*
It'll all smooth out, I'm sure. Just hang in there and be yourself.

on 16 October 2004, 8.28 am
I'm afraid not, Jake, love invariable rips your guts out and never, ever - ever - gives them back.

on 16 October 2004, 4.13 pm
aw, c'mon Vill. love does give them back, but sends them with a different messenger.

shit, i missed my calling of working for hallmark.

on 16 October 2004, 6.30 pm
The problem isn't love, it's women.

on 16 October 2004, 7.31 pm
Cheer up my friend.

Throw another quarter in the juke box.

Take advantage of the absanse and check out a Tijuana donky show or something.


on 17 October 2004, 9.37 am
Amen to that, Al.

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80s candy bars were pretty good

only because i traded it for a candy bar in the 80's.

lol we all know you don't have a soul ghoti

my soul for some carbs...

But of course!

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