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Little Jimmy McShoey

Posted 21 November 2004, 11.30 pm by Ice_Queen

Nobody believed little Jimmy McShoey
when he said his puppy went “Kablooie!”

They all laughed when he’d stomp his feet
as he turned away, red as a beet

Little Jimmy lied and lied,
except the day his puppy died

He gave the puppy an explosive treat;
a firecracker that has never been beat

It fizzed and popped and sparkled a lot;
so much that he hid behind the cot

He thought he’d give his puppy some fun
he didn’t think the pup would run

Next to the fireplace his puppy landed
his belly expanded and expanded

Like a giant balloon the puppy did rise
near the ceiling fan to Jimmy’s surprise

The fan caught hold of the puppy’s tail
and Jimmy began to wail and wail

As the pup went flying through the air
sparks landed in little Jimmy’s hair

He ran and got a bucket of water
to keep his puppy from getting hotter

But little Jimmy was far too late
to stop his little puppy’s fate

For when he returned to the room
he found his puppy had gone “Kaboom!”

But nobody believed little Jimmy McShoey
when he said his puppy went “Kablooie!”

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They were done for an exhibition a couple of years ago . They asked for something to so with the summer. They are mixed media and oil paint on metal advertising boards - for ice cream.

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Props to Green Mamba for bringing the weirdness


80s candy bars were pretty good

only because i traded it for a candy bar in the 80's.

lol we all know you don't have a soul ghoti

my soul for some carbs...

But of course!


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