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Indefinable Experience

Posted 29 January 2002, 3.59 am by Berly

Ever think about how important experience is?
Experience. Better than intellect?

Anyone who has ever sought a job has likely been evaluated based on experience. Accepted and at times rejected based solely on their level of experience. This is considered a fair method of evaluation.

Look at the words empathy and sympathy. As I was taught, empathy can only be felt if I have actually experienced the same circumstances that the target of my empathy is experiencing. Sympathy is something I feel when I can imagine how someone feels. Apparently it’s all about the experience.

How do you know which experiences are right or beneficial for you? Too little. The wrong kind. Too much. Just right. I think most of us believe that a life of crime leading to extended stays in the pokey is something we would not enjoy, and would not want to experience. But for this and other examples not as clearly defined as harmful – how do we know?

Parent to child – peer to peer – friend to friend – mentor to student: “Listen to me, trust me. I know for a fact that you do/don’t want to experience _____________.” And conversely: “Listen to me, trust me. Don’t believe everything you hear/read/see. Find out for yourself…except where my advice is concerned.”

Wisdom. How does one become wise? Experience. To me, this feels like that theory on galaxies and black holes. It says that you can’t have one without the other. What do you think?

Can any experience, good or bad, be known by anyone but the actual participant(s)? I think we can come close, but not close enough. We can offer virtual experience via advice, example and visual aid. Ultimately the wisdom must be gained by the inquisitor, through his or her own inimitable experience.

on 29 January 2002, 6.02 am
Intellect and experience aren't equal in any respect in gaining mileage on the road to wisdom. However, intellect can prevent repeating the mistakes of others.

Using your argument of being imprisoned, I know it's not a place that I would want to be, therefore I don't do the things that would ensure my arrival.

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