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Posted 30 January 2002, 10.54 pm by Jake

Well, well, well. It's my first writing for this website, and I have no friggin' clue as to which topic I should use. So, I'll just relate a story to you guys and check your input. A friend of mine was dating a girl for a while. They got into the daily sexual habit (which accompanies MANY teenage relationships...surprise surprise) and one day, decided to take pictures. Well, that was all fine and good, but he left one of the pictures out one day and his younger brother found it and told their parents. The girl's mom prohibited her from seeing him, and his parents did pretty much the same (add a little bit of child abuse). This sent him into a deeep downward spiral, emotionally and academically. He's one of my best friends, and I hate to see him like that. Unfortunately, he's the type that likes to wallow in his own sorrow, and he can only see her at school. He has begun to expand his illegal drug pharmacopoeia and use speed and ecstasy regularly. She is always all over him, she needs him, and he needs her (although he's too proud to admit it) and I believe that they truly love each other. So with all that in mind, his parents have finally brought up the proposition of letting him talk about his needs and what he wants. Smartest thing they ever did. So, the question love really all it's cracked up to be? And if it doesn't work out in their favor, what in the hell should I do to keep him in good mental health(short of compliments and discussions)? Maybe more drugs.

on 31 January 2002, 3.04 am
You should get him off drugs AND girls. Tell him to do well in school so he can get the fuck out of his oppressive and abusive family life and into a good college. If he really loves this girl and they are meant to be together, they will end up together. First, they need to both sort out their very messy lives. At least, that's what it sounds like.

It's a shame parents react this way to their children's sexual behaviour. I figure it's why most people are so disturbed and repressed in the area.

on 31 January 2002, 5.31 am
You tell a tragic tale. Tragic because his parents "care" enough to restrict a potentially life altering relationship.(pregnancy,venereal disease) Ya know, I could sugar coat this and say It is all bad parenting but that would be bullshit. Your friend sounds like an immature little fuck-up. What did he think his parents were going to say? Go ahead fuck your girlfriend in my house and take pictures so I can be proud of you?You didn't specify how old your friend is but judging from his behavior,my guess is 14? I'm not denouncing sexual experimentation by any means. It is a fact of life and to pretend it doesn't happen is stupid. It is very decent of his parents to open a dialogue. I'd be willing to bet her parents aren't quite as gracious. You kids these days are so quick to shout child abuse! What a crock! Strung out on crank and X I'd be willing to bet your friend ran his mouth when he should have been listening. Wall to wall therapy is a parents LAST resort before state agencies are brought into the situation. I don't know the law in Texas but, In California,statuatory rape is serious. It is possible to spend the rest of your teenage years in custody. Graduating from Juvenile Prison High School does not look good on a college application or resume. The best thing you could do for your friend is to encourage him to pull his head out of his ass! Be a friend,not an enabler.

on 31 January 2002, 6.33 am
Hmmm I´ve had some friends in that situation and you feel so helpless. You have no idea of what to do when you see your (best) friend all fucked up on drugs and on his/her way down. But as Dot clerverly mentions you need to get him off this girl and the drugs. Now, the girl thing is the easy thing to get in off, getting people to quit drugs is far trickier! Your friend has to be in it with heart and soul bvefore there´ll be any results what so ever!

on 31 January 2002, 9.42 am
Getting someone to go off a girl is easy? Please tell me how.

Anton, the resident obsessive ex boyfriend

on 31 January 2002, 3.49 pm
Welcome Jake!

on 1 February 2002, 1.44 am
Janetdoggy, thanks for the analogy. They used protection and she was on the pill and did NOT have sex in either of the parents' houses. He only began doing drugs when he became depressed. And if blacking both of your eyes, smacking you against the wall and fracturing your forearm isn't child abuse, I don't know what fucking is. Read and have some compassion, you heartless bastard.

on 1 February 2002, 5.45 am
So, what you are saying is that your friend arrived home after bible study, with the joy of God in his heart, Only to find his drunken, abusive father standing at the door with a budweiser in one hand and a baseball bat in the other.

Seriously, My pop kicked my ass once. I don't know if this is a recurring thing with your friend but, the one time it happened to me was totally my fault. I was mad and didn't have the sense to shut the fuck up!

I'm not going to jump up on a soapbox and give you a sermon on the evils of drugs. I will tell you this. The "speed" that goes around these days is better suited to remove chrome from a bumper. The worst of the side effects include Parkinson's Disease, Liver and Kidney failure, Heart valve failure, and worst of all, Rotten Teeth!

You are right about one thing, I am a heartless asshole(sorry, I know who my parents are) I am also a father of two. As you may know there is three sides to every story. Yours, Mine, and the Truth. You presented yours(to support your friend) I presented mine(to support his parents) Somewhere in between is the truth. With that said, my advice is the same, be a friend, not an enabler.

on 1 February 2002, 10.37 pm
I never said anything even NEAR to what you described. Sure, you're not going to trust my side of the story, because you are a father. And his father isn't a drunk, he's a cop(even worse). I'm not "enabling" my friend to do anything. I don't approve of or promote his drug use, because I don't use hard drugs. At all. Ever. However, I DO appreciate your advice. Thanks for your time and I hope that you can warp the original state of my future anecdotes into a white-trash soap opera more often!!! Peace.

on 2 February 2002, 1.28 am
How fucked up is that, My dad was a California Highway Patrolman.

on 2 February 2002, 5.59 pm
Like in CHiPS?

Fucking sweet!

on 2 February 2002, 7.00 pm
So much like CHiPs you wouldn't believe it. The "Central" office depicted in the show was my pop's first assignment on a motorcycle in 1965. He has pictures taken in 1978 with Erik Estrada.

on 3 February 2002, 1.33 am
LOL Ah-hah!!! Rock on Janetdoggy.....

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