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Why I Stopped Watching the News

Posted 3 February 2019, 4.38 pm by Alexander

Of all the changes Iíve made to my lifestyle in recent years as part of my endless quest for happiness, none have been more effective than this: I stopped watching, reading and taking an interest in the news.

There are a number of reasons for this, and each speaks to a different benefit from cutting it out of my life:

Firstly, there is rarely any good news. A vast majority of news is bad. I am worried enough about everything as it is, thanks. Good things happen every second all over the world, but the news wonít tell you about them, because:

Secondly, itís profoundly manipulative. The ĎMainstream Mediaí is specifically incentivised to keep the populace of the world angry and in fear. Angry at itself, in fear of itself. Be that terrorists, people of a different class, religion, or social strata. Conflict brings a (completely human and understandable) need for more information in an attempt to feel safer. Who provides the information? The media. Clicks are clicked, newspapers are bought, businesses stay in business.

Thirdly, itís disempowering. While I have empathy for the victims of Ugandan genocide and wish with all my heart I could do something to stop it, itís pure hubris to think me tutting and shaking my head makes any difference whatsoever. The news gives you the impression that being informed is the same as being empowered, when in fact the opposite is true. The global news cycle distracts you from the problems outside your door, the ones you can actually affect Ė but whatís the point in picking up litter in your street while dogs are being eaten in Korea?

Fourthly, itís divisive and insulating at the same time. The news perpetuates the concept of us being ďMr Potato HeadsĒ created from a curated selection of prescribed narratives. We choose these narratives from a thin strip of beliefs weíre already comfortable with. I used to avoid right-wing media and only get my information from liberal and left-leaning sources, because this was more palatable to me. But what wasnít I being told? There is no such thing as an unbiased news source, and if youíre just choosing one bias over another, you might as well make up your own reality.

Am I saying ignorance is bliss? Certainly not. But in the same way itís my responsibility to police what food I eat and be aware of the consequences of those decisions, so it is with my intake of information. For my own sanity, and to ensure my own personal impact on the world is one of focus and net benefit, I must be my own mental gatekeeper.

Try it yourself Ė ignore the news for a few weeks and see if youíre more content, see if you get more done, and see if the world goes to hell in a handcart because you donít know what Donald Trump tweeted yesterday.

on 19 February 2019, 8.41 pm
the news just makes me angry and sad, for the most part. i haven't paid a whole lot of attention to it in years. i kind of live in my own little bubble and i'm ok with that. there are things that i know are happening, but it's bad enough knowing it. i don't need to also see it. i try to protect myself as much as possible. i try to keep up with what's relevant to me and mine and i don't care if that makes me selfish. i donate to charities that i trust and believe in, i donate clothing to local charity shops, i donate food to a local homeless charity. i help old people carry their groceries. i am, in general, a kind person. i'm also sensitive and oddly empathetic... and i have enough shit bouncing around in my head that i have to deal with on a daily basis (my husband calls it "mental gymnastics") and i think needlessly piling MORE shit on top of that - ESPECIALLY stuff about which i can do fuck all - is detrimental to my mental health. i already walk a fine line... and i'm not particularly graceful.

so hey, i like "mental gatekeeper". i'm gonna try to remember that one.

nice post, dude.

on 23 February 2019, 8.38 am
I barely get chance to read the news in recent months because my work/life balance has been fairly unbalanced. The strange thing is, being away from anything other than a cursory glance at the BBC website and therefore being fairly disconnected, I don't feel like I'm missing much. Brexit still rumbles on, terrorism is still on the agenda, people get angry, people get sad, trophies are won and then seasons re-start with victories consigned to statistics. In short, the cycle continues.

But it's this cycle that I still live-out in the day-to-day of my life, so the rhythm doesn't seem lost to me. What I have noticed however is that I don't seem to carry the second-hand angst that I now know I had in me. It's not like my job isn't stressful, but without the emotional battery of a good news item regarding the horrors of some part of the world I'm noticeably less on edge. My senses don't feel dulled, they're just not raw.

Is my life worse for it? No. Does the world notice I'm no longer taking as detailed a note as I once was? No. So on that basis, maybe it's best for everyone concerned.

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