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A arm

Posted 17 March 2004, 11.26 pm by cauchy3

A arm
Redbuds or redbugs are some patriots. The prototypes of a country and the tokens of moneys are as beautiful as redbuds but never as so bad as redbugs. Patriots are all tokenism that spend people s moneys in banks to get some mean to bribe for French political kisses but French persona love curry powders.
The powders of curry soak with the powders of curry. The surfaces of ground are too dry for red wines. Central cores of very pretty gifts are nuts which expose all their lovable powers on heaven.
Peoples have ranks or roles of their own. May be there are the sign in desk which take the roles of all awards to our redbuds but not redbugs. Marshal matches on streets for orders and patriots apply for open rewards.
May be I argue with all my girls and sisters with all incentive motives? I just love the chance of send-off for them to be friends of Indian or Tailand commanders. Could you tell me that is there any silly Billy in Indian or Indian or in Tailand.
Patriots are you dare to stand up before rebels and sign in the desk as redbuds but not redbugs. The sanctions to good patriots should not restrict to boomers or leaders who show all adnexs of many kinds.
What are the most pertinent speeches should be for t5hose Chinese officers by deputations? Endothermic to all heats of patriotism are heat sinks to pas reference to all patriots but with neglects to many of them.
Dear Tun-kin-wah, you should not fix your sticking mind to the one who wear formal robes or those who negligee. If some female cadres are large in minds but narrow in pants, do you and your bosses do not make them groan but listen to their voices.
Sign in your desk now, Mr. Tun and set up many prizes to patriots. Why not ask them to tell your bosses what have they had done or plan for you? I never see all the documents of Jun-Ting-Yue but you should have the political right hearts to study them and tell us all about these packages.
The packages for all communists are unique systems of China and Hong Kong. All communists are the followers of Apollo that is the sun. The rejects of the large minds Cue-Ge-Youn could be some disconfirmed arguments.
The lack of compassions to many such peoples and the doomed fate of many patriots are two bright spots on one stage. The red Curtain are some dark covers which are full of narrow minds. The hoists on the stages seem to be valuable but quite void.
Peoples who live from hand to mouth need chances to win promotions and get rich. However under the definitions of mass psychology all leaders need high principals and very good characters. The very good hearts are for open-airs and also private airs. What a formidable hero love is pleasures of many kinds. What an angel loves is pleasures of all kinds involve with those ones that will cut off their wings.
If it is not for the constant of our universe then it is for the damage of viruses that come at all angles will be our doomed fates.
Finally we bit our hands by our mouths because there is some genocide. Today the tanks are on your services but on the other days they are the tools inside the others dreams. Every body has some dreams that deny
Freak- God.
U.S.A president bush entail to woo the loves and supports from U.S.A Christians. Abortions of child vs abortions of powers! Anti- Homosexualities are some other redeemed -tickets to sell to all Christains in the days of atonements.
However may be the beliefs of some Christians are the spirits of Irenaeeis but not the chastity belts of the dysfunctions. I remember his suggestions for the general polls to elect Hong Kong executive chief and all the members of registered council.
He has the decent speaks to save Hong Kong peoples freedom by many buckets of waters. The heats are hot but waters are from buckets. The images freedom is not only for president bush. To wind up bush may be a loveable santa-clause who sends out parcels to some countries.
Chan-Shiu-Beam is working with diligent schedules. Who you trust? I do not believe in God but I believe in one ancient very great chancellor Show-Cheun. He knows all tactics to combine the six kings from six states to against one tyrant.
Endorsements on an agreement to go to Nasqa or agreements to go to wars are not the decisions of God. White tigers should be ready. Jump before you leap but you have to crunch on the grasses of your home land without give up to bend your ways

by cheung shun sang=cauchy3=laplace181

Titles are for the reader to determine

Posted 16 March 2004, 4.47 am by cris

Darkness abides in the depth of the soul.
Entangled in a web of deceit and lies.
Complexity too strong to tame.
Emotions raging deep inside.
Passion thriving with the pain.
Tears of sorrow, guilt and shame.
In this chaos, this turmoil, this sin.
One’s absolution comes from within.
Now that we have let deception in.


Endeavors that condescend
Never ending spiral of decline.
Towards its inner demise.
Reprieve one hopes to find.
Only to meet reprise.
Propelled into the depths of time.
Yearning for the entropy to end.



Posted 11 March 2004, 8.37 pm by Arguile

I've come to notice that there are very few intangible things in life that follow the definitions that we as a society have pinned to them. They are emotions and concepts that we have all experienced at some point but have no way to really explain so that others who haven't yet experienced them can have the foreknowledge that we lacked.

Things like life. How would you define life? Could you define it so accurately that no matter who you told it to, they would be able to know that what was going on was part of the larger scheme of the definition of life? I know that I sure as hell couldn't. I could try to explain that you're always looking for something better, and when you find it you're always looking for something that seems more comfortable. I could try to explain that youth is about wasted chances and exploited dreams and that adulthood is mostly about redundancy and familiarity. I could try to put that all into one coherent sentence and pass it on to Webster, but someone else would have something more to add, and the sentence would increase exponentially as each person took the reins. So, perhaps it can be explained, but it cannot be defined.

Any of you who have ever read my writings here or anywhere else know that I'm almost always going to have some bullshit quasi-philosophical question at the end of my essay. The original essay ended with the above paragraph, but just because Roach and Spooks despise me already, I figure that I should follow my standard pattern and add this: How, precisely would you define your existance here? Could you sum up your life thus far and your life to come in just a meager sentence or two? And if you could, would that seem a bit depressing?


Posted 7 March 2004, 2.54 pm by Alexander

I've never once bought an umbrella, but I've always had one. Somehow I manage to find them, or borrow them, or get given them as gifts or as promotional items. Often I have multiple umbrellas, of varying shapes and sizes, secreted about my house. They're useful to have, especially when you live in England as I do.

Today I got wet on the way to work. I've lost all my umbrellas. Every one. Not at once you understand. One by one they get loaned or given away, they break or get pinched from public transport. As I sat down at my desk with my wet trousers clinging to my legs, I reflected upon this state of affairs.

Yes, I am currently without umbrellas. If I see it's raining outside, I have to face the prospect of getting wet. The most interesting thing, though, is that for me to have owned those umbrellas in the first place, someone else would have had to go without. Someone lost the umbrella for me to find it. Someone had to trudge in the rain in order to give me one as a gift. So really, my loss is someone else's gain - except in the case of the broken umbrellas. I see those as a natural ending of the cycle - this finite cycle of lost, found, lost, found.

How many umbrellas are there in the world? How many get sold? How long before the cycle comes back round to me and I find another one, abandoned in a bus shelter, loaned from a friend, left in the hatstand at work?

I guess I'll just play it by ear and get wet in the meantime, but I'm not worried. Nobody in this world goes without an umbrella for very long.

The Devil and the Artist

Posted 28 February 2004, 1.12 am by Guest

It was on a cool winter day
when the wind shifted blue and swift,
that I met a man who said he knew my name
shivering cold in a bus stop kiosk.

This man, in tattered suit and tie
pressed his hand to my shoulder,
and pleaded I show him the place that I live,
as he shook like the revelation.

In a moment of weakness, I took his hand
and led him to the small place I stayed at,
with it's dingy curtains, my little home,
my little ray of sun in which to rest.

He moved, not rude, to the room
where stood there a half done woman
smooth bare flesh, icy limbs, stoney breast
the beginning of a hand at the end of a wrist.

He slinked like a spider to a couch and sat
and said nothing. I tried to tell what it was
that made me let him in, but instead
I went
to work

And talked of this great shining world inside me
threatening to burst from under my skin
if I should let it stand like water
If I did not let it free

and he talked

Of the silence inside him
his blackened inside from freezing snow
of his scraping hollow fingerbones
of the hunger of his slowly starving heart

and I cut the stone of her flesh and listened

as he told me of things no one could know
of the cutting fall and the urn of his belly
like a sieve filling up and leaking
shaking and spraying
all who stood near.

So we did not eat, and, when the sun went down
I gave in a place on the couch
where I knew he would not be
in the morning.

The Artist's Perception of his Art

Posted 27 February 2004, 3.16 pm by Alexander

Over the past few months I've been recording and mixing the new AKP album, which obviously involved a lot of repeated listening. During this process it occured to me that I was subconsciously filling in the gaps as I was listening - adding guitar parts and vocal melodies in my mind that simply were not recorded yet. I surmised this took place in all my artistic endeavours.

When I paint or draw, I can see in my mind all the lines I didn't draw, or didn't need to draw to have the effect on myself as the viewer. Of course, it's impossible to fully anticipate the way another human eye/mind will percieve the exact same media. There are thought processes running through this article that I may think are obvious, but you might need explaining.

The logical conclusion to all this is that art can fall into one or both of two main ideologies: that which leaves as many lines undrawn as possible to encourage interpretation by the audience, and that which is as detailed as humanly possible to communicate the artists intentions without ambiguity. Neither is more or less valid of course, and there are all the shades of grey in between.

Nonetheless, it's something to bear in mind if you are a creative person - think about how much material you want to give the viewer/listener. When you leave those lines undrawn, the responsibilty for the pieces effectiveness falls squarely on the shoulders of what you have explicitly committed yourself to. The whole piece can rely entirely on what you deem to be the essence of what you are trying to achieve, and as always it stands or falls by it's effectiveness to an unpredictable outside force. Similarly, working to eliminate all traces of ambiguity from a piece in order to communicate a pure idiom can be risky. The myriad interpretations of even the most mundane object or intention is testament more to the variety that exists in the human consciousness than any shortfall on the creators behalf. Look at nature for example. A shark is a tremendously effective hunter worthy of our awe until it bites your brother's leg off - at which point it becomes an enemy, an unthinking savage predator that should be destroyed.

The viewer himself also has a responsibility when viewing or partaking of art. But this responsibility does not extend as far as 'second guessing' the artist. In no way should the viewer attempt to use the artist's intentions in their critical appreciation of a work. Art is autonomous, existing outside of intention, because if that intention is made explicit, it becomes part of the work. All that can be asked for from the viewer is an open mind and some kind of self-honesty and individualism of thought, because in that mindset lies the closest connection with the artist.

Physical Ownership of Self

Posted 21 February 2004, 3.50 pm by Alexander

The increasing popularity of body modification - piercings, tattoos, scarification etc - is arguably testament for the most part to a shift in societal values. But let's factor in what I believe to be a more important and potentially more revealing aspect of this 'climate change' in body image. As our world changes, so do we (inevitably) so it is near impossible to separate the two aspects, but taking a wider view, the changes in how we perceive society reflect how we perceive ourselves.

Our physical shell has become more than just a vessel. More than a housing for a hungry stomach, an active brain and (for the sake of argument) a directionless soul. I would postulate a link between increasing commercialisation and our view of our corporeal form as a 'hanger' for designer label clothing or other fashionable items. As the world becomes an advertising hoarding, so too do our bodies. Hence we are not only unperturbed by paying to advertise The Gap, we in some cases actively seek to do so.

Although tattooing in particular has crossed from the tribal/alternative scene into mainstream with apparent ease, more extreme cases are still the bastion of the 'underground'. This could be symptomatic of the 'taking back' of the body from the generic, packaged corporate object it can increasingly easily become. In each case, such body modification can be interpreted as a reclaiming of the vessel by the soul.

There is no real need any more to separate oneself from another social group using body modification. The perceived segregation of different cultural subgroups has blurred so much in recent years as to make it more redundant than ever. I foresee this rapid reduction in hard distinctions increasing as society becomes more and more homogenous. When society itself becomes StarBucks and Subway, the consumers become more individualistic by default. They have to, even by small degrees. Having a tattoo or a pierced lip is no longer taboo, or seen as a particularly radical feature. While you would think the increased number of modified bodies would lead to a broader homogeneity, rather it leads to more and more potential differences between us. It's no longer have you a tattoo or not, it's where is yours and what is it of?

As such, body modification is like a barcode. Before long, as the percentage of the population who have chosen to mark themselves as 'unpure' or 'customised', we will recognise one another not by skin colour or accent but by number and extremity of piercing, size and complexity of tattoo, inventiveness of implant or choice of plastic surgery. These factors will go into the melting pot to make us who we are. Because we have taken control and designed ourselves.

As religion and the concept of a divine creator dwindles in the public consciousness our debt to him/her dwindles with it. We are quickly learning that our corporeal aspect is ours and ours only and should be taken ownership of. Abuse it, perfect it, customise it. It's a shift I relish as before we can truly relate to one another, it is arguable that we should know ourselves. The best way to know anything is to explore and experiment and to take control.

Hopefully soon our bodies will cease to be something we use to exist while we wait for it to fail on us and become a canvas, a soapbox and a means of expression and self-discovery. The societal shift that allows us to make the choice in the first place is the first step to a more enlightened and empowered world, and a more self-assured, open-minded and accepting climate in which to enjoy who we are.

This is my Land – Education: Part I of ??

Posted 16 February 2004, 2.08 pm by Green Mamba

Normally I steer clear of political discussions. It is not something that I like talking about and neither am I qualified in the science of politics. It is not that I am ignorant, but rather because similar to marketing, it angers me when people have to bullshit others just to make a sale. This is my layman’s attempt at trying to understand the current political environment of South Africa and possible solutions for its problems. I decided to throw it to the international masses both to enlighten them about South Africa and to see if my ideas have some degree of merit.

I would have thrown this in the Grinding Shed, but wasn’t sure how a multi-part post would function unless I started a new topic for every part.

South Africa has the potential to become one of the greatest countries in the world. I’m not basing this on actual statistical information or an in depth analysis of the current economical environment vs. possible future trends. No, this is a belief. I have to believe this because I have a son whose future depends very much on the future of his (and my) country of birth.

Currently South Africa is regarded as one of the most democratic countries in the world. In ten years we have gone from one extreme to the other. The problem however, is that everybody is so wrapped up in being “politically correct” that all our countries resources are being spent on identifying and defining democratic ideals instead of acting towards achieving those ideals. There are a number of other factors suffocating possibility out of reality, leaving us always one step behind achieving our countries true potential.

Lack of Education:
If knowledge is power, then the absence of knowledge is a weakness that threatens to bring the whole structure of democracy tumbling down. Democratic Elections are based upon the individuals ability to make an intelligent choice, but if the larger part of the voting public can barely read or write, then how can they be expected to make an intelligent choice. Obviously (and I am not passing judgement) their choices will be based on needs and whoever can persuade them that their needs will be fulfilled.
Our first democratic election was preceded by campaigns riddled with promises of free housing to the homeless (among others), which easily won the larger portion of the population over when the day came to make their mark next to the face he who made all the right promises.
Four years later (the last promises still unfulfilled) the focus was shifted to education and once again the marks were made next to the faces of those who told the most convincing lies. Instead of education, the standards in our schools were lowered to create the illusion that promises are being kept.
Now, as we stand at the doorstep of the third democratic election, lowering the crime rate is the latest buzzword to sway the masses into making the same mistakes that they have already made … twice.
I’m not blaming the voting public. What do they know, since they are deliberately being kept in the dark. Nothing is mentioned and therefore nothing is done to educate them to empower them to make an intelligent choice come Election Day. They do not possess the ability or have the means to gaining the ability to see through the obvious empty promises that are being dangled before them purely for the sake of convincing them to make their mark next to the right face.
In a situation like that, the ideals of democracy become a joke in the hands of uneducated people who live according to their most basic needs. If these needs remain forever on the verge of being fulfilled, but never actually are, they will never gain the opportunity to empower themselves and will continue to be led like sheep … not to greener pastures, but to the slaughterhouse.

NOTE: Our Election Forms only have pictures of the Political Parties Logo’s and photos of the candidates, because the majority of the voting public can not read or write (Once again, I am not judging anybody for being illiterate, but rather those who are exploiting their lack of education)


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