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How I'd stop George W. Bush coming in...

Posted 16 November 2003, 10.49 am by eggmachine

How Id go about stopping George Bush
From coming to Britain.

Disclaimer: (if I have a lot of bodies all at once)

London is not the key city. London is the latch city.

It is more necessary to b e seen at the swimming pool than to go there.

A revolution is a full turn. A cracked Les Paul record from Age Conc/urn can do 78 revolutions in a minute.

A wheel can do as many as a piece of string.

We are on one now.

That now is forever and this moment is seeing as many of them as there are weather forecasts in the sky.

George Bush W I’ll not be in London in a week and the demonstrations will look pointless and pathetic.

The tip of an iceberg is insignificant compared to your mother’s teat.

Neither can you judge a breast by its teat.

A world full of wind is a good way to produce stealth aircraft.

A power cut will sepARATe the computer hackers from the truly resourceful.

Pierce the exclusion zone with masks, go in stark naked except for your bikini.

If they are focusing on nanotechnology, we must go nano in a big way.

Masks are always reversible. Somehow.

If you fear regretting a tattoo, get a tattoo done to resemble a birthmark.

Birthmarks don’t offer you any option, they have been on you since before you were born.

Designed by AbbA – Arabic 4Father


Switch off your screen and allow ourselves to spread the purity.

(sent to me by Suzi Y Riot)

Destroy All: Perspective Through Fire

Posted 13 November 2003, 6.36 pm by Shaggy

I was always of the notion that if you truly love something, the easiest image to you is to have it destroyed. Picture in your head the greatest love: is it not defined by what it stands up against? As a society, as a psychological mass, we tend to throw destruction against ourselves to define our survival. The strongest man is the man who can fight without being torn down, but in order to prove this he must, inevitably, fight the most difficult of opponents.

However, this state of psyche is not always the most comforting. For, it inevitably brings to mind all the things that can crush us, that can attack us from all angles. For, if we define our strength by how long our inner walls hold, we can never know our capabilities unless we try to destroy them.

They call it "challenge". Unhappy is the mind that challenges everything, that has nothing as a stable centre, and yet, how strong such a mind!

Love is the most fragile of emotions. Love is that absolute that has notoriously weak walls. This simple fact tempts mankind over and over again to throw away love, to be heartless and callous, to say "fuck you" to all others in order to protect the self.

Take, for instance, when I was cheated on: When my exgirlfriend cheated, I turned completely and utterly cold. Why? Well, if anyone cannot see why, then a shudder must inevitably drench me. I was protecting myself.

I have been quoted as saying "What would a man want a heart for? I am the great Heartless." Okay, maybe not that explicitly, but something along the same vein. And, at times, it is true. To let oneself open to being cheated on is to welcome the enemy into the bloodstream.

However, the logic of this article dictates that I would prove stronger for surviving. And I would have to agree. I learned how to stand up to my weaknesses. I learned how to kill those that would enter my bloodstream for harm. However, sometimes that comes at the cost of not allowing connection with those who would actually wish nothing but love.

So you find the one who is not the enemy. Either that, or you shake them all from your skin, never to let anything or anyone enter. There is only room in my pathway for one such being. My present significant other has infected me at times, but still has remained friend as opposed to enemy. However, I do not think I would have been strong enough to endure the illnesses she has given me, had I not battled a much stronger enemy with my exgirlfriend (cheating).

I say, do not welcome the enemy, curse the enemy, but do not regret the fight. For in destroying one thing, you find something else coming from the fire.

Look at things from a different perspective... imagine loosing the war... what war would it be? That would be different for each person. However, you cannot win a war without anticipating loss, and guarding against your weark walls.

Fight on, and slaughter the opposition.

This is only what I think.

Posted 30 October 2003, 7.00 pm by Crucias

I believe that real beauty and power can only be found in humans. In anything else, there is none. For example, trees. Trees make oxygen. They make grass green. They give animals a place to live. They're pretty enough, but that's what they're supposed to be. Pretty, green, good for our continued breathing.

Humans, on the other hand, are born or created as nothing and are given the chance to become something. Trees are there to fulfill an intended function. We can choose to be whatever we want. Sure, we might be born with good looks or a capacity for learning that few others have, but we choose to follow that path and that is where real beauty is. That we choose what is right over what is wrong as often as we do.

Valley of the Dead

Posted 28 October 2003, 1.58 am by Shaggy

There was a time, ages ago, in which the role model was the king of men, a completely moral though flawed human being, striving to overcome his flaws. Today is a different day. As Chaucer lamented, gone is the honourable man. Instead, everyone assumed the king perfect, and when his flaws were exposed, instead of attempting to overcome this flaw and use the faults as examples, the masses, stupid lump of coal that they are, think that perfection must be impossible, and promptly embrace themselves as filth. "The king had a mistress," they think to themselves, "thus the concept of monogamy, faithfulness and loyalty must be impossible. How can we resist?" This is the greatest line of stupidity ever announced. "How can we resist stealing, murder, et alia?" To all those who have thought "how can I resist" toward something obviously wrong (not by my standards, or by yours, the reader, but based on a function of how many people involved, how many hurt [in which 1 person is an excess far too large] and many other considerations) I say, promptly and without any remorse, remove yourselve from my vicinity promptly. If you are so weak willed that you base your morality on what others resist or do not resist, your limitations on those of others, you are morally worthless. If you think sexuality only involves yourself, then you are daft. We teach children "your body is yours" to keep from harm. What we do not explain is the concept of multiple involvements. Take, for instance, a fist. If I close my fingers, this is my fist, and no one can tell me what to do with it. However, should I decide to touch someone with it (punch), it is generally agreed to be immoral and even illegal.

Why is it that we ignore the destruction sexuality can cause? Ask any faithful husband how he feels when he learns that his wife has been cheating on him, and he will say "I... feel as if someone has crushed my chest... I... I can't breathe..." Why is this violence ignored and why does our society encourage people to disrespect themselves and to hurt others in a way far more damaging than even the strongest fist? Because "it is only sexuality. After all,k who can resist sex?" This is sometimes followed by the most flawed of logical prepositions: "After all, you are only young once." Youth is not equal to sexuality. Newsflash to the masses: You WILL have sexuality until you die. Respect yourself, and you automatically respect others. Embrace loyalty and truth-- for this you only have one opportunity. Youth is a time of confusion and temptation-- and should you refuse temptation to be immoral, then you have actually lived your youth. You will be happy and proud. Shame on those who think themselves aniamls and thus f--k and fight. You are not living except by the medical definition. You embrace brain-death and a death of the emotions. For shame, for I live in a valley of the walking dead! Non-feeling, non-emotional animals try to take my breath and crush my heart, without even recognizing me as a person.

Someone, please, take these beasts out of their misery! Shame on me if I ever become as they, an unfeeling zombie walking around in the valley of the dead.

lego treasure island

Posted 19 October 2003, 1.37 pm by TonyChef

This is a fantastic little game, a simple idea and a lot of imagination.

Lego Treasure Island.

Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo - ONLINE?

Posted 14 October 2003, 2.18 am by firebrand

i'm never getting any work done ever again.

Capcom Online Presents . . . "Addictive game where cute characters yell at each other in Japanese!"

Nice guys and the back of the line.

Posted 12 October 2003, 10.15 pm by Assassin13

Okay, so this may seem a little insensitive, this may seem a little rude. You know what? I don’t care anymore!!!! Listed below are the confessions of the nice guy. Yeah girls, you know who I am talking about, the one who you have shit on for no apparent reason. The one you have used to make yourself feel better and then tossed aside. Guys you know who I am talking about too. He’s the friend who always jumps on the bomb, the wingman who will bail out at the drop of a hat for you; the one who takes blame for anything you can’t take responsibility for yourself.

You know what ladies and gentlemen, we are sick of this shit! We are sick of being your scapegoats and gophers. We are tired of being walked over and asking for more. I call to you my Brothers!! Rise up and stop taking the flak you are taking. We are human beings as well. I may be speaking out of anger and vengeance but this has been a long time coming. Tonight I had my eyes opened for me. A girl I have been ‘courting’ (For lack of a better word) just went home with a sleaze ball. The same sleaze ball, mind you, who has torn her heart out on more that one occasion and put it in a blender. The same guy who is a womanizer, a sexist, a pervert and a cheat. She looked me in the face and lied to me about ‘going home’ when I caught them in my hallway making out. She then proceeds to say ‘yeah I know, just slap me in the face now’. What the hell do I do??? I am not going to slap her, that’s just the way I am. If I hit a woman without just cause I would beat the fuck out of myself. Anyways, enough about me being shit on syndrome.

For all you women out there, remember this: We are the nice guys, we are the one’s who will treat you the way you deserve to be treated. We are the ones who will let you cry on our shoulders and sit idly by as you get hurt time and time again. We are the one who truly care for you. We are not looking to get married (Well not yet anyways). We are the ones who would love to have a great time and be honest and sincere. We are not looking for permanence; we are not looking for a life partner. We are looking to enjoy ourselves as much as you do. Open your eyes and decide, would you rather be treated as a piece of meat for the brief time that a relationship occurs or would you rather be put on a pedestal, treated like gold, be longed after like a goddess, and respected more than an angel. And guys, Remember that if you shit on someone long enough they are eventually going to tell you to fuck off and die and then you will be left with no one to cover your ass.

I haven’t posted on the FP for a very, very long time but I feel that this will be the first of many posts in a chain of events that have pushed my life into a new era. It may be dull to some but just remember that there is some truth to my insanity and I hope you will see something and take heed.

Delusions of a proud mind

Posted 10 October 2003, 11.39 am by Assassin13

So I may not be the best story teller in the world and I may not be able to make up ‘fiction’ when I have 36 oz. of alcohol in my system. But what I can tell you is the way I feel, the experiences of my life.

Hi, for those of you who only know me as Assassin13, my name is Jordan. I am 20 years old and retaking my first year of post-secondary school. Yes retaking. Why? You ask. Well its simple, think of an 18 year old who has lived his entire life through rose-colored glasses. Think of this same child being set free in a world of his own that is over 3000 km away from any authority that would expect responsibility. In a nut shell, all I did was drink, play computer games, and ignore school for my entire first year. This is my first public confession of it but I will tell you now that at the end of that first year I had failed 5 of 9 classes. I really didn’t care. I was failing for myself and loving every minute of it. Ask Roach if you want confirmation.

Come 4 months later the shit hit the fan. I was trapped in Ontario and was not going to school. Soon I resorted to the white pages, looking for any job that I could get. I fell upon a ‘promotional advertising’ agency. Yes, being as weak minded as I was, I became sucked in. Door to Door Sales is what it reverted to. I tried and tried and tried but to no avail. I just could not handle ‘high-pressure’ sales. So after three months of failure I ventured home. I took the long, arduous and painful road of accepting my failures and accepting the fact that I would be ridiculed by my family for over 8 months.

Enter March 12, 2003. My 20th Birthday. I didn’t know what to expect and all I wanted to do was have some fun. What I got was a quarter-life crises that extended well beyond a month. Keeping the sappy details apart, I finally decided that if I did not go back to school in the fall of 2003 then I would never go back.

Aug. 20th, 2003. I leave my home and go to write a college placement exam as my last chance to go back to post secondary. How do I do? Well I pass with flying colors. 3 marks above the 93rd Percentile and one mark at the 85th Percentile. Yeah so my grammar and sentence structure sucks, as you can tell. Sue me!

I am now back. Back where I belong. I am taking business and kicking ass in everyway possible. My GPA is now at a 3.82 out of 4.0 and you ain't seen nothing yet. I am here for good. I am here to learn how to dominate. I don’t know where my final field of specialization will be but it will send me into a position of dominance. It may be egotistical to say but it will happen. I have finally discovered who I want to become and now it is only a matter of time before I become that person.

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