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Posted 11 July 2003, 8.01 am by The Green Mamba

Before you read any further, please keep in mind that these articles are an amalgamation of a series of emails between myself and Dragonfly. I’ve re-arranged things so that they make a little more sense, but many of the points we raised validates further explanation, so feel free to ask if something isn’t clear. Time is not a very good friend of mine right now and it may take a while before I am able to produce a single coherent article that explains in more detail some of the things we discussed.
[This note was prompted by EEP’s comments – thanks for reading this far]

If The World is a hologram ... and The Hologram is sustained by our and possibly a higher Consciousness ... then am I safe to hypothesize that Jesus and all the other religious prophets could be manifestations of The Truth that lies buried deep within our minds ... or possibly a manifestation of the higher Consciousness to guide us towards The Truth ... or a combination of both (The son of man ... The son of God). I think there is more to it though ... looking at Jesus specifically. I think that he might even be part of the illusion to keep us trapped inside the cage ... a solution to a problem that isn't really a solution ... but part of the problem. Then again maybe the real Jesus was something completely different from what "the church" makes him out to be ... obscured by The Beast.

Jesus: “the Son of Man”, “The Son of God”, “I and the Father are One” ... At first he’s saying he’s what any person could be - the perceptional possibility that each individual is capable of, if they try... and the future of human evolution (thus the “son”). Then he’s saying he’s Consciousness, just like the blueprint of The Hologram, just smaller. He is the “spark of God”. And the last point he makes is that he is equal to True Reality - he has made the transition.
Of course this is only conjecture... this is what I half-believe. I think that Jesus was a real “prophet of God” - what that metaphorically means - but that two centuries of propaganda (two years for a Beasts playground) has made him into an icon that saves everyone who swears by him, whether they molest little boys or not, and persecutes everyone who doesn’t, whether they’re Satanic, like pagans, or just outmoded (and thus deluded) like Jews and Moslems.
On the other hand, we are in fact reading into the bible right now – but to that criticism let me ask you: can you read it without reading into it? Can you read any symbolical, metaphorical text without reading into it?
I don’t think that is possible for anyone who was born and raised within The Hologram … unless they somehow manage to completely erase every Meme from their minds without eradicating their cognitive abilities. The problem and the solution remains a paradox of The Mind.

The basic teaching of religions is to love others, and give, and work for others, etc. This focus on others takes away focus on the self - as the Dalai Lama wrote on his book “The Path of Happiness” (I think that was the title...good book...laid out the basic religious principles (of all core religions) as acceptable goals for atheists), this is a good practical therapy for a lot of the stress and the depression in modern life – that attitude of service takes the focus off the ego (which expands in direct relation of the attention it gets), thereby fighting the flyers/the beast, that feed on the ego. On the other hand, a lot of all religions (mostly, I might say) turn into hypocrisy and self-righteousness, which is just prime egotism.

If we follow Castaneda’s beliefs, the human mind is greedy, selfish, and insecure because of the flyers. It is these human characteristics (that we supposed to be the individual roots of the sociological Beast, and) that have eroded the religions (and all beliefs and data) since they were born. So the flyers have taken the self-responsibility out of religion – making religions like Christianity and Buddhism, that originally centered on releasing the ego and taking responsibility of all your actions, into idol worship and praying (in their negative aspects; for idol worship in shamanism would be the recognition of the hidden reality of the idol (what it is in SSC), and prayer would be opening up to awareness of energy, and focussing your will into the hologram). Although I might perhaps suggest that Buddhism (in its pragmatic aspect) has eroded less than other religions, because it is founded on the two premises that (1) there is no god, and so only one who can help and save you is yourself, and (2) there is no ego, no self, and so there is no one to feel sorry for, no one to feel self-righteous or offended, and no separation of self and world. Notice these pragmatic cornerstones fly right in the face of the flyers; I think if the other religions made these the center of their practice and not only their philosophy, they’d have lasted longer against the Beast.


Where have all the great prophets gone? Is it that we have become too out of touch with True Reality ... that we are so emerged in The Hologram ... that we can no longer "conjure" them?

I think they’re doing what all prophets would do in the media age - lay low, and do their job - jump-start those who can change and encourage those who can’t to make their lives a little better and the flyers’ a little less. They lie low, because if someone really wants to find them, then they’ll be found.
I think there are people with powers out there. Few of them, but some. Little known, or unknown, except in their village perhaps, or their county.
Here’s something on this from The Path: "He is renowned worldwide for his healing powers and many have spoken of his powers of translocation, bilocation, clairvoyance, telepathy and the ability to materialize solid objects with the power of his mind alone. Sai Baba says that the only difference between himself and the average person is that he has remembered who he is. Many books have been written about Sai Baba’s powers. Howard Murphet’s “Walking the Path with Sai Baba” is one such book written in a credible and lucid fashion."
I’ve heard a lot about this guy, and nothing bad - except one web-site by a fanatic Christian, claiming that he is the devil and uses black magic to perform miracles and some other shit. Sai Baba is very well documented by literally hundreds of writers, and witnessed by millions. A bunch of scientists wanted to test him once, but he refused - he said he wasn’t interested in science, he was interested in people.



Posted 8 July 2003, 7.55 am by The Green Mamba

This part is a little shorter than the others, so for the sake of convenience I decided to list all the source documents again, since this article will throw my Introduction to this series into the archives.

Michael Harner - The Way of the Shaman
Fusion Anomaly - The Matrix
Fusion Anomaly -The Holographic Universe
Fusion Anomaly - Edgar Mitchel
True Mind - The Path
Neoro Energetics - Dreaming Realities
Gnosticism Reborn
Warrior Traveler - Los Voladores-Flyers
Science & Spirit - Light, Matter & The Zero-point Field
Anomalog - The Planck Scale

Like I said before … you have to read at least some of the source documents … otherwise everything Dragonfly and I discussed in these articles will sound like our own personal opinions … which it isn't really.

From Origen, the "church father", and his teaching on God and his relation to free will:
God exists outside of the effect of time and space in eternity, but not separated from time - in the present, the eternal Now.
Somehow, early religions (not all the shit that came later) knew more about existence than we give them credit for - or perhaps they had a source we don't know about...

There are things we have forgotten (or that have become dormant). I think at one stage, before modern culture reared its ugly head we were much more in touch with "god" and True Reality as I've come to call it. In other words "god" is the holographic film that contains all the information required to form the holographic image (and the lazerbeam is the Zero-point field - Jesus said - I am the light - now there may be much more to that than what Christians believe.) - thus "all exists in God" as the Christians explain it. Thus "Tat tvam asi" ('I am that') as the Hindu says. Thus "There is only one God" as the Muslim say. Thus "Life is a dream: AWAKE!" as the Buddhist says. Thus "The Way exists and does not exist" as the Taoist says. Thus….ahhh, you get the point. (couldn't think of one for Jews..)

The universe arises from a blueprint, which is "god" (a Consciousness without personality - it is not "wrathful" nor "loving" except as how we interpret how it behaves), and we are a part of this blueprint. Not a separate part, but an indivisible part of a whole. I would say that the entire Holographic Universe is conscious, the difference between people, the animate and the inanimate, being their levels of awareness. A rock is conscious, but minutely so, with little awareness. Humans, on the other hand, are more aware - they are even more aware than they themselves know.

In fact, the hologram recorded on a holographic film depends on the angle of the laser beam used - you can store millions of pictures on one cubit of holographic film, by varying the angle of the laser beam. Awareness could be seen as the "laser beam" that brings about the Consciousness. Death is a manoeuvre of awareness from one "angle" to another.
Also, changes in Consciousness - like near-death-experiences, lucid dreaming, and Shamanistic journeying - could be subtle movement of the "laser beam" of The Hologram, the laser of our awareness. The greater the movement, the greater the difference between the world we know and the world we experience. After all, Jesus (calling himself the "son of man" (as well as "son of God" and "God") - the evolutionary possibility of each person.

The Sorcerer sees the universe "as a matrix of energy shot through by incandescent strands of consciousness - actual awareness. Those strands formed braids containing inclusive worlds, each as real as this", which is only one among an infinity. Doesn't this remind you of the description of a holographic film? The film "looks like a meaningless swirl of light and dark lines. But as soon as the developed film is illuminated by another laser beam, a three-dimensional image of the original object appears."
"Those strands formed "braids containing all-inclusive worlds, each as real as this ours is merely one among an infinity. The sorcerers call the world we know the "human band" or "the first attention."" Castaneda writes. He says the sorcerers "also saw the essence of the human form. It was not merely an apelike amalgamation of skin and bones, but an egg-shaped ball of luminosity capable of travelling along those incandescent strands to other worlds. Then what held it back? The sorcerers' idea is we are entombed by social upbringing, tricked into perceiving the world as a place of hard objects and finalities. We go to our graves denying we are magical beings; our agenda is to service the ego instead of the spirit. Before we know it, the battle is over---we die squalidly shackled to the Self. Don Juan Matus made an intriguing proposition: What would happen if Castaneda redeployed his troops? if he freed the energy routinely engaged by the aggressions of courtship and mating? if he curtailed self-importance and withdrew from the "defence, maintenance, and presentation" of the ego---if he ceased to worry whether he was liked, acknowledged, or admired? Would he gain enough energy to see a crack in the world? And if he did, might he go through?"


painfully oldschool

Posted 5 July 2003, 9.34 am by Acheron


Oh god, Oregon Trail. And the Neverwinter Nights was just classic.


Posted 2 July 2003, 7.24 am by The Green Mamba

We’ve all heard the expression … mind over matter and even though the limitations and the technicalities of such an elaborate claim are (were) beyond my understanding … I always believed it as an undisputable fact. Lately however, new information has prompted me to change this age old saying to … consciousness over matter. Some might argue that mind and consciousness are the same and that it is an insignificant change. Maybe when you’re done reading this you’ll think differently … for it is our Minds that are the stumbling blocks between the possible and the impossible … not our consciousness.

The "warriors" of Castaneda claim that a person ages and grows weak because they believe in it - it is where their awareness is tuned in on The Hologram, so to speak. If a person gathers enough energy to completely change their belief and perceptual structure into the opposite, then their situation in The Hologram would change - not out of this world or out of this time, but on a different level of symbiosis of earth. This change includes the conscious, sub-conscious and (any possible) supra-conscious mind – what fundamentally makes us who we are. In this way, the abstract definition of “Nagual” (Castaneda and his mentor Don Juan Matus were both Naguals, “double beings”) according to Castaneda is a person with a discontinuity in their life – such as like Castaneda’s one peak experience in his training, when he jumped off a cliff in the Sonora desert and found himself at his apartment in California, two weeks later, with no idea what happened in the time between. (In traditional shamanism of the area the word Nagual (coming from the Aztec ‘nauhualli’) is used for a shaman who can transform into an animal at will (and both Castaneda and his mentor did this, by his account).)
This illustrates well the extent of transformation necessary for or due to the awareness of The Hologram.

“The mind is the fifth column, a foreign installation”. In the hypothesis of The Holographic Universe, Consciousness and The Mind are distinctly separate. Consciousness is the mechanism that projects The Hologram whereas The Mind is simply a part of The Hologram. In light of what Castaneda says, it makes perfect sense ... scientifically and spiritually.

Consciousness does not reside within The Human Mind … but rather The Human Mind exists because of it. The Mind is merely the physical extension of True Reality … wherein Consciousness is the true matrix from which reality is being projected. It exists both within and without The World … simultaneously influencing and influenced by it.
The Mind resides within The Hologram ... whereas Consciousness resides in True Reality. The Mind is but a pale reflection of Consciousness ... and yet the image (The Mind) is obscured by the limitations in our perception within The Hologram (like a photograph - it looks the same but it isn't the real thing)

Basically I'm saying that The Mind is the part of The Hologram that we are able to perceive within the limits of our pre-programmed sensory capabilities. It is the part of the picture through which The Consciousness tries to manifest itself from True Reality into The Hologram. Okay … Maybe it is not pre-programmed by default but by choice - we conform to society, to our parents, when awareness forms in our first years.
Consciousness upholds reality via Mind. Therefore, if you stop The Mind, at least part of it, the controlling part, you can maybe witness energy as it is, before the shaping of The Mind … or, by silencing or transforming part of The Mind, you can change reality - e.g. see True Reality.

In fact, perhaps everything has Mind and Awareness, everything being part of The Mind that is The Hologram.

“If it is the underlying realm of light that is the fundamental reality propping up our physical universe, let us ask ourselves how the universe of space and time would appear from the perspective of a beam of light. The laws of relativity are clear on this point. If you could ride a beam of light as an observer, all of space would shrink to a point, and all of time would collapse to an instant.”

Now that could all be a matter of perception. From similarities between The Holographic Universe and The Path, I'd like to believe that all time, energy and matter exist simultaneously. Not only that, but The Universe is simultaneously infinitely small and infinitely large. Every aspect of The Hologram contains a smaller image of the entire universe, but at the same time is part of what we perceive to be the building blocks of the bigger picture. We are not moving though time, we are simply perceiving a certain point in the whole space time continuum. By shifting our perception we can not only change from one aspect of The Hologram to the next, we can actually move through time. Not physically, but perceptually - like the experiments with LSD during the 1970’s and Castaneda’s journeys into the Dreamtime where the traveller saw and experienced things that happened millions of year in the past ... in this and other parts of The Hologram. It goes back to my favourite theory on Time Travel - thinking yourself back and forth in time. In other words, your body remains in this part of The Hologram, while your Consciousness shifts through time into another part of The Hologram.


Posted 30 June 2003, 6.44 pm by Jake

Robocop Flash Vid

So cool you'll wish you were never born. Although I already wish you were never born, but I don't matter. Just click the fucking link already. If your connection is l337.

Oh, and Alexander owns us all, and would sell each of us to African slave traders for a mere chocolate-covered vanilla ice cream bar.

Scientology deaths

Posted 30 June 2003, 5.27 pm by Alexander

This site makes for interesting reading. If you didn't think Scientology was some creepy, messed up cult before - you will shortly.

How to be a hum0n

Posted 30 June 2003, 3.37 am by hoodedfreak

I am currently unemployed, spending the majority of my summer days volunteering at the SPCA: Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Since I?ve started here, I?ve seen/heard some sad things.

Kittens dropped off at the front door in the middle of the night.
Stray dogs found by the highway, shivering and covered with burrs.
Rabbits that have been in small cages so long that they cower in their cardboard box homes whenever anyone attempts to come near them.
Rats with chunks of hair falling out.
Budges with barely any feathers left on their small pink bodies.

There are greater horror stories in the world of Animal Abuse than what I've witnessed within a month there, but I don't know why.

Is it that a hum0n, so badly needing to assert its control and power over another living thing, chooses the species that cannot speak about its mistreatment? Are these people who abuse anything, from their children and wives to a four legged animal? What drives a hum0n to hurt like this? Insecurities? Behavioural problems? Poor mental health?

Or is it that adrenaline rush a hum0n gets from exerting its rules over another? I certainly know how tantalizing that tastes.

* * *

We got a dog when I was in Grade 6, after having a plethora of hamsters, and being told time and time again that we would never get a dog, not in a million years. One day I came home from the most horrible sports camp I had ever attended, fighting my constant breathlessness from the severe asthma that had hit me that year, to find a non-shedding pup waiting in the backyard.

I cried.

One day it got into the garden, and was digging up plants, which was a definite breach of the rules. The brave, noble 12 year old I was marched right up to the dog and struck it, and in a loud voice said, "No!"

The dog whimpered, dropping its tail down low between its legs, and quickly scampered away. I had struck an animal. Not only had I struck it maybe a bit harder than I should've, but it didn't need to be struck at all. It was the rush. This amazing feeling that took control of me and said, "Here's your chance. Take it." In the heat of the moment I saw a chance for control over another living thing, and I took it. A little too hastily.

I've never felt like such a hum0n before.

10 000 YEARS AGO

Posted 29 June 2003, 8.33 pm by The Green Mamba

I used to hate history … endless reams of facts screaming at you about people who died long ago … I couldn’t see the point. But there’s a distinct difference between the history they teach you about in school and History. The first is about a series of events leading up to the present … the other teaches you what it means to be human.

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth…”

That’s what the Bible teaches us … and that, to many people is the beginning … the Genesis of the Universe and all the life that it contains ... no further questions. For those of us who seek answers beyond that … history always fails … but not necessarily History. We delve deeper … not only into the history of human nature … but into the very nature of all existence … to the very beginning.

Every religion, every culture has a myth detailing the origin of life and in recent years the similarities between the various myths have fascinated me greatly. Dragonfly is an expert at it and unlike me, can give exact details of not only events that are similar, but even similarities in the symbolism contained in the various origin myths. Once you start looking at these, one thing becomes more relevant than any other … they all have a common origin. Somewhere beyond the endless reams of information and religious symbols lies the truth … and for some strange reason (or maybe Reason is the cause) … the truth has become obscured by time.

Daniel Quinn (Ishmael) successfully pinpointed the birth of Modern Culture to the “invention” of agriculture, in the Fertile Crescent, 10 000 years ago. His conclusions came about because of his research into pre-history. With archaeological evidence as his only source for making this conclusion, some might still find grounds for an argument.

Recently however, I received this email from Dragonfly, with the following quote from The Path:

Castaneda writes that the shamans of his lineage see the human being as a luminous egg when in a type of Shamanistic State of Consciousness, a luminous egg made of infinite fibres of energy, which in-turn connect to everything else in the universe. Now, also in his lineage is the belief in “flyers” (although for them it is an empirical, witnessed fact, they would say), predators that feed on the energy of human awareness, or more specifically, self-interest or self-centeredness.

“The flyers are not metaphors. They are not the IB’s. The flyers are predators who feast on the glow of awareness on our luminous eggs. More recently, the nagual Castaneda has said that the flyers are responsible for the "installation" of our egocentric thinking processes, about 10,000 years ago. The mind is the fifth column, a foreign installation. The seventh Toltec art, discipline and impeccable action, makes our awareness unpalatable to the flyers.”

10,000 years ago, when, according to Daniel Quinn, man decided he was the centre of the universe, the product of evolution. What interests me is that this comes from a completely different arena than Daniel Quinn.

That was the start of our search … and the more we searched the more we found…

Modern day sorcerers say that taking energy from this realm is tricky because the inorganic beings do not dole out their energy for free and want something in return. Warriors say that this realm covets the energy of organic beings because it is so different from their own. They say that humans of ancient times knew about the realm of the inorganic beings but the only concept that has survived from this knowledge is the idea of "selling your soul to the devil".

"Castaneda's teachers differentiated themselves from the sorcerers of ancient times, saying that their aims were drastically different. While the sorcerers of ancient times used their abilities to dominate others and concentrated their efforts on the manipulation of awareness within the world as we know it"

If they were more aware than normal people, perhaps they were keyed in on more energy, and thus their effect would be much more than just a normal persons.

Could this be yet another vital clue in determining the origin of religion?

If the sorcerers of old, with their great capacity for energy, created or shaped the Beast, it all makes sense. The Beast is in every person more or less, because of the inter-connectivity of all things via The Holographic Universe theory. The sorcerers of old are in us now. Those people and those societies that were closer to the Beast than others manifested It, and thus started the momentous movement of what we call civilisation, in various points of the world (Aztecs, Chinese, Egyptians, etc). Also, distant healing is a kind of proof to this point. We can affect others through our persevered intention. Also, if the sorcerers of the old world and of present day use energy to stop ageing, then it’s a good idea to look into “anti-aging” techniques of the world (usually falling into two classifications: external, like elixirs of the middle ages, and internal, like in Taoism).

It is both frightening and reassuring ... seeing The Beast unfold ... knowing your enemy is the first step to defeating it.

Under normal circumstances I wouldn’t have given Castaneda a second thought and neither would I have expected anybody else to. Frankly … on its own it sounds like one man’s mumbling about whole lot of mumbo-jumbo … that is, until you look into Quantum Physics and find startling similarities between what he describes as “the realm of inorganic beings” and “The Holographic Universe”. Only then did I realise that under the watchful eye of human logic, these similarities just shouldn’t be there … and yet they are.


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