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Downtime Explanation

Posted 27 August 2002, 9.36 am by Alexander

Some of you may have noticed AKpCEP has been down since Sunday afternoon GMT. I thought it only right and proper that I post something giving you some more information. I received a letter a week or so ago advising me of a server move from Manchester to London, with expected downtime of up to 8 hours.

I spoke to my hosts this morning, who offered the following by way of an explanation as to why an 8 hour server move turned into almost 2 days downtime: a config file that points the domain name at our server "had not updated", meaning that was in effect pointing at Manchester, when it should have been pointing at London. How this file failed to update and whether this was human or technical error I do not know, nor does technical support.

So, we're back in business with no other planned server work on the horizon. I'd like to take this opportunity to apologise on behalf of my hosts to both the dedicated users of this site and the clients/subdomains under the domain who also have had no web presence over the Bank Holiday weekend.


Posted 24 August 2002, 5.10 pm by Alexander

I'm pleased that finally there is an online resource for this particular sub-group of today's society. For too long, this important and valid portion of society has been neglected.

Visit Site

Thanks to Grapey for the link!

A storm is brewing....

Posted 23 August 2002, 3.12 am by Jake

While perusing the shelves at the bookstore the other day, a small yet hefty book caught my eye. Written at the top in bold, yellow letters was the name "Neil Gaiman". Below it, a picture of a thunderstorm over a road, with lightning striking in the distance. At the bottom, "American Gods" was spelled out in white capital letters. I picked it up, turned it over, read the summary, and carried it with me to the cashier.

I took it home and set it on my shelf, opting instead to read another of the four texts that I had purchased. After finishing the first one (grudgingly, mind sucked) I cracked open American Gods and began to read. I didn't want to stop.

Gaiman(remember Sandman, and several other comic book series) has outdone himself on this's a road-trip tale entwined with a lot of mythology and some great cultural commentary. The characterization in this story is excellent, with most of it being direct and concise. The pacing is great, the story never really lags at any point, and the mood is accented quite nicely with excellent and descriptive imagery composed by the author.

Shadow, the main character, is (as the summary succinctly says it) "a man with a past". The beginning of the story joins up with Shadow as he sits in jail with a fellow named Low-Key Lyesmith (think Norse mythology) learning coin tricks. Shadow gets out of jail, eventually, but to his dismay his life is not exactly how he left it.
Shadow gets on a plane back to his hometown, and there he meets the charismatic and mysterious Mr.

From there, it transforms into what I mentioned before, “a road trip tale entwined with a lot of mythology and some great cultural commentary.” The amount of religious connotations in this book are pretty diverse, ranging from African tribes (Mr. Nancy) to Middle-Eastern beliefs (the djinn cabdriver). It’s a great story, and it’s even better told by Mr. Gaiman, who has a precise wit and a knack for descriptions. I’ve always been a fan of Gaiman’s writing style depicted in comic books, and he proves to be as skillful on the pages of a novel as he is on those of a comic.

All I can tell you to do now (if you care), is…….“Go buy it”.

Simple as that.

The Internet's First

Posted 21 August 2002, 11.47 am by Craig

Visit Site.


Posted 20 August 2002, 4.37 pm by Craig

Look at the fourth box down on the left hand side of this site. That is the greatest game I have ever played!! Word!

Click Here.

My high score so far is 1299... Beat that!!! Leave your high score in the comments

Found out your IP

Posted 20 August 2002, 1.48 pm by Craig

A Link for Roach

Posted 18 August 2002, 2.46 am by Berly

A site that makes fun of all things Rave.


Finding Myself

Posted 16 August 2002, 12.31 am by Sunny2Tall

400 and some odd miles and about 6 hours worth of driving and I had arrived. I left the comfortable grounds that were my birthplace of Scottsdale, Arizona and had arrived to the destiny set upon me, Hollywood. As some of oyu may know around this time I had just graduated from school and was out to find a job and a new home in a place that I had only seen in postcards sold at Disneyland and the harsh reality quickly set in upon arrival. I suppose that the pock marked to plastic surrounding were a bit unsettling but what really put a still of fear into me was the complete unknowing of what could possibly happen in the next few weeks.
For those of you who have yet to learn, the lesson they do not, or merely neglect to teach in school is that education will really only get you as far as a foot in the door and does little to help you catch a job especially one in the vastly large and slippery red haring known as the entertainment industry. The one line I had to hold onto was an internship interview a week from the day. Until then I was on my own.
When you're by oyurself and living on the bread crumbs that you hope will lead you to a more normal life you quiuckly lear the things that you've known forever and they begin to haunt you. You start to annalyze the things around you as miniscule as they may seem. The sounds quickly become louder and you become softer. You start to read the books that you've read a hundred times before and they seem as though they are all anew. You begin to write uncontrollably, sometimes the same things over and over and over. Movements become waves and shadows become a reflection that you love. Little deffinition in them but enough to recognize and be familiar with. You look at it and it just looks right back at you. Okay maybe I'm exagerating a bit. But I did tend to drive myself crazy and I knew I needed to change. To reinvent myself so to speak.
I suppose I could have just been moer outgoing and not such the shell ridden hermit crab that I was and felt I had to be in this place. As it seemed my mother would say, "If you say the wrong thing you're likely to get shot," or something to that effect. At least thats what I had convinced myself she did say. That was really just the begining. I figured I could do so much more. In a place where no one knows you and the ones you know don't even know themselves you have a complete blank slate from which you can etch new features for yourself. A slight manipulation to make yourself appear differently.
Nine days later and nearly 25 pounds lighter than what I had arrived with, a new attitude and demeanor on life and I was a different person. The decision I made after truly realizing how much I had changed was a bit irrational to say the least but I felt it was neccessary. Especially because the afore mentioned interview went excedingly well and I would have a job soon enough. Not much longer would I need this fabricated finish, so it became an experiment I guess, and with this decision I named the experiment and kept tabs on it. A bit of a cultural experiment. It became the Obnoxious Cultural Project or OCP for short.
Fitting I thought. I knew I for one would not want to be around the person I was pretending to be. But as it turned out that was nearly an exclusive thought of my own. Crass, crude, and heavy on the annoying was the direction I was aiming for. I think I came close the majority of the time. The experiment lingered around the record stores and rehearsal spaces of North Hollywood, the smaller and less glamourous (if you can imagine) version of Hollywood, and after recieving restricted internet access from Kinko's clerks that had taken a liking to the OCP occasionally he would appear on the AkpCep IRC channel.
I guess to really explain how the OCP acted I will have to give you a sample conversation. This took place at night at a record store (but they also sell other forms of entertainment.) The target was a 26 - 34 year old man that happened to glance just a little longer than he should have at the porn section. We'll call him Shemp.
"Hmmm." I stand closely behind Shemp and am noticeably looking over his shoulder. He looks at me out of the corner of his eye with a slight startle. I step forward, grab a tittle and start reading the back as if I were comparing it to a more reputable one. Shemp begins to walk away. "Have you seen this one?" I try to keep a strait face. Shemp looks at me with such innocence. As though he wanted to say, "Me? Why I never watch porn, its demeaning to women." I could tell he was already uncomfortable. He just kind of stared at the dvd in my hand then quickly replied, "Um, No." As much of a non-conversation as that was the clerk, who was not far away, couldn't help but snicker. She looked at me like I had accomplished more that embarassing some guy. The only real thing I can figure is that I had done something she had always wanted to do but never did. We talked a little and I remained as crass and crude as possible. I mad quick assumptions as to the type of person she was, oyu know, working in a record store and all. I remember one of the things I said was, "I've bet you've seen all of these." Amazingly she didn't smack me and we still remain friends today. I guess that doesn't show much more than a bit of courage, and I'm sure some of you are saying, "What's the big deal, I do that all the time." The deal, to me at least, was that this wasn't me. I never acted or reacted like this. To quickly sum up how I am, I was once called a walking talking sesame street character and that is not far from exageration.
The point of the project now that I think about it wasn't only to see how people responded to the bad-mannered abusiveness of the OCP first hand, but also to see how they responded to me after I ended the experiment. Bewilderment is really the only way I can describe how surprised I was at how people did react to the OCP. I wouldn't say I was lost without it but certain things seemed to come easier in this guise. "Everyone loves an asshole" I guess is the best way I could put it. The results of the OCP are all based on location I'd say, but all in all just a mediocre success. Basically it just pointed out I'm a better actor than I thouhgt and, as Alexander put it so subsinctly, "when you act like a shit people treat you like one." But I would have to add, "and they enjoy it."

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This is again from the 'Faces of Death' cycle. In this piece, the mottled effect was produced by flicking turpentine at the image once it was smeared into the ink.

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80s candy bars were pretty good

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