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Hot or Not

Posted 25 July 2002, 5.49 pm by Craig

The creators of are proud to present:

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The Wrong way...

Posted 23 July 2002, 4.12 pm by Craig

Holy shit, something strange has happened to google!!

Visit Site.

Physical ownership of self

Posted 20 July 2002, 12.00 am by Alexander

The increasing popularity of body modification - piercings, tattoos, scarification etc - is arguably testament for the most part to a shift in societal values. But let's factor in what I believe to be a more important and potentially more revealing aspect of this 'climate change' in body image. As our world changes, so do we (inevitably) so it is near impossible to separate the two aspects, but taking a wider view, the changes in how we perceive society reflect how we perceive ourselves.

Our physical shell has become more than just a vessel. More than a housing for a hungry stomach, an active brain and (for the sake of argument) a directionless soul. I would postulate a link between increasing commercialisation and our view of our corporeal form as a 'hanger' for designer label clothing or other fashionable items. As the world becomes an advertising hoarding, so too do our bodies. Hence we are not only unperturbed by paying to advertise The Gap, we in some cases actively seek to do so.

Although tattooing in particular has crossed from the tribal/alternative scene into mainstream with apparent ease, more extreme cases are still the bastion of the 'underground'. This could be symptomatic of the 'taking back' of the body from the generic, packaged corporate object it can increasingly easily become. In each case, such body modification can be interpreted as a reclaiming of the vessel by the soul.

There is no real need any more to separate oneself from another social group using body modification. The perceived segregation of different cultural subgroups has blurred so much in recent years as to make it more redundant than ever. I foresee this rapid reduction in hard distinctions increasing as society becomes more and more homogenous. When society itself becomes StarBucks and Subway, the consumers become more individualistic by default. They have to, even by small degrees. Having a tattoo or a pierced lip is no longer taboo, or seen as a particularly radical feature. While you would think the increased number of modified bodies would lead to a broader homogeneity, rather it leads to more and more potential differences between us. It's no longer have you a tattoo or not, it's where is yours and what is it of?

As such, body modification is like a barcode. Before long, as the percentage of the population who have chosen to mark themselves as 'unpure' or 'customised', we will recognise one another not by skin colour or accent but by number and extremity of piercing, size and complexity of tattoo, inventiveness of implant or choice of plastic surgery. These factors will go into the melting pot to make us who we are. Because we have taken control and designed ourselves.

As religion and the concept of a divine creator dwindles in the public consciousness our debt to him/her dwindles with it. We are quickly learning that our corporeal aspect is ours and ours only and should be taken ownership of. Abuse it, perfect it, customise it. It's a shift I relish as before we can truly relate to one another, it is arguable that we should know ourselves. The best way to know anything is to explore and experiment and to take control.

Hopefully soon our bodies will cease to be something we use to exist while we wait for it to fail on us and become a canvas, a soapbox and a means of expression and self-discovery. The societal shift that allows us to make the choice in the first place is the first step to a more enlightened and empowered world, and a more self-assured, open-minded and accepting climate in which to enjoy who we are.

Death and Sickness...

Posted 18 July 2002, 3.25 pm by Sickan

My new job as a Home Help I see a lot of really sick and dying people… and it take some time to get used to all the illness and just know what to say to people.

The old hags at work tell me that I’ll get used to the changing diapers and the washing them and all those psychical gross stuff I see every day. And I guess I some day can shut it out. I really hope so!

When I began to work there I didn't think that I would be sent out to people who were really bad and just minutes away from leaving this world. The first week I was a ‘kid’ which means I just looked at the others doing stuff, watch and learn kinda thing.

After a while I began to help and to do things by myself. Even get my own clients – nice in a way because I have learned a lot and I visit a few interesting people [by all means the fewest are interesting – but still…]

I visited a very sick lady with lung-cancer and she was in a really poor condition, she did not have long time to live in – I could tell as soon as I laid eyes on her. She was a little woman, about 160 cm. tall and really really skinny.

She lived with her husband, who were just fine and really nice to his beloved wife. It was not too hard to tell that he was scared that she would pass away soon.

They were both really nice to me and that does my job so much easier. It was immensely hard to be with her, she had the worst pains and she got black marks by just lifting her arms.

Monday morning I had her as my second person on my paper and I went to her house. When the husband opened the door I could see something was wrong, he looked at me with tears in his eyes, and said: ‘she is on her way now’ – I rushed to her room and didn't know what in the world to do. I was about to just run away.

When I opened the door she looked at me and smiled. Her little hand reached out for mine and I took it. Behind me stood her husband. I could hear him cry. ‘Soon I’ll be another place, a good place’ she said and closed her eyes.

I hold her hand and ran my fingers through her hair as she died. Quietly and with a little satisfied smile.

Her husband sat down by her and I called a nurse. I should have called her when I realized she was dying, but I didn't. In a way it felt wrong to call her, and she would just have arrived after she had passed away.
I took the rest of the day off.
I really hope that I never expirence such a thing ever again. It was a mixed feeling expirence, on the one hand I was calm and glad that she finally got peace and on the other hand I wached helpless as a person passed away.


Posted 17 July 2002, 12.48 am by marilee

The one complaint that we at AKpCEP get is: "Not enough pr0n!!" So boys and girls, here is your chance to get your daily fill of pr0n on AKpCEP. Of course, this isn't just your regular, average, everyday pr0n... this is ascii pr0n!!

Oasis of good in an evil desert

Posted 16 July 2002, 11.10 pm by Alexander

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Kittens are the only pure source of good left in the world. it was with joy in my heart that I stumbled upon Rate My Kitten, a cornucopia of cute.

Think about all the bad shit that happens in the world, all the money you owe and all the times your heart has been broken, then Click this link. If you don't go "awww!" then you might just be dead. Or Roach.


Posted 16 July 2002, 11.07 pm by Alexander

Here is a reader submission from no other than Anton. Enjoyez-vous.

Maybe its just me but I have noticed that most people will comprise their own morals, ethics and thusly their integrity when it suits them best. People can live their entire lives saying one thing and then if they think it is best for them they will forget what they have been saying and the reasons why and do it. If people are prepared to break their word for themselves so easily, how can we trust anyone? If they're willing to go against what they have said, what is to stop them from telling others what you have told them in confidence? It is a very pessimistic outlook on life but I've observed it. I'm not any better though, I have fallen victim to it myself. For years I have claimed I would never be in the car with a drunk driver, that it was stupid and dangerous yet I have still done it on many occasions just because I wanted a free lift home.

I suppose it is to be expected, we are only human. Its naive to think that someone would place you above their needs all the time without consideration. People look out for themselves. Everyone else is an afterthought. I admit this doesn't apply 100% of the time because that would be too bleak an outlook on life even for me.

For all the negative sides of compromising one's integrity there is a positive. It shows an ability to grow if you change for the right reasons. There will be times when you examine your life and realise everything you have said is no longer applicable, in fact it is far from what you believe now, you may even be saying things now that you don't believe. You may just not have realised it yet.

South Park Studio

Posted 16 July 2002, 8.34 pm by Craig

Visit Site.

Click here to see the South Park me!!

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