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Oasis of good in an evil desert

Posted 16 July 2002, 10.10 pm by Alexander

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Kittens are the only pure source of good left in the world. it was with joy in my heart that I stumbled upon Rate My Kitten, a cornucopia of cute.

Think about all the bad shit that happens in the world, all the money you owe and all the times your heart has been broken, then Click this link. If you don't go "awww!" then you might just be dead. Or Roach.


Posted 16 July 2002, 10.07 pm by Alexander

Here is a reader submission from no other than Anton. Enjoyez-vous.

Maybe its just me but I have noticed that most people will comprise their own morals, ethics and thusly their integrity when it suits them best. People can live their entire lives saying one thing and then if they think it is best for them they will forget what they have been saying and the reasons why and do it. If people are prepared to break their word for themselves so easily, how can we trust anyone? If they're willing to go against what they have said, what is to stop them from telling others what you have told them in confidence? It is a very pessimistic outlook on life but I've observed it. I'm not any better though, I have fallen victim to it myself. For years I have claimed I would never be in the car with a drunk driver, that it was stupid and dangerous yet I have still done it on many occasions just because I wanted a free lift home.

I suppose it is to be expected, we are only human. Its naive to think that someone would place you above their needs all the time without consideration. People look out for themselves. Everyone else is an afterthought. I admit this doesn't apply 100% of the time because that would be too bleak an outlook on life even for me.

For all the negative sides of compromising one's integrity there is a positive. It shows an ability to grow if you change for the right reasons. There will be times when you examine your life and realise everything you have said is no longer applicable, in fact it is far from what you believe now, you may even be saying things now that you don't believe. You may just not have realised it yet.

South Park Studio

Posted 16 July 2002, 7.34 pm by Craig

Visit Site.

Click here to see the South Park me!!

Create your own super hero!

Posted 13 July 2002, 6.02 pm by Craig

Visit Site.


Posted 12 July 2002, 1.40 am by Villager

When I consider the existence of a God one of the most predominant things that I think about is the creation of both nature and human beings. The idea, in Christianity, that God made the world in seven days is a wee bit fanciful and my sceptical side is somewhat aggravated by stories of the bible. I can accept that such stories might be meant more as representation that solid fact, but I'm still put off. I always end up thinking of an old man with a beard sat next to a little globe making little clay men and women with his fingers. If it were, then I doubt that was how it was. Could an entity have created the work of art that is nature and all its inhabitants? It takes some faith to believe that the vast earth and all it's numerous little facets were made, in seven days no less.

In this respect the theory of science holds more water for me. While the 'big bang' concept still doesn't explain the existence of the elements that created/provoked/started the 'big bang', but I find it much more appropriate to comprehend that life as we know it developed from basic amoeba over millions and millions of years. Evolution to me seems a very realistic concept, especially when contrasted with the whimsical teachings that the major religions feature. On the other hand, I find it more difficult to see how what started as little tadpoles has become Humanity and all it features. The concepts of beauty, love, the soul etc seem so awfully contrary to the logic and laws of nature.

How can molecules and atoms come together and be sentient?? I find that very difficult to understand, but should my lack of capacity to understand be used as an excuse to consider the possibility of divine intervention? I doubt it; I don't believe anything happens after death, even though I cannot comprehend my own existence ceasing. It would be so very comforting to believe that we are part of something greater than that which we can immediately perceive. But my experience and reasoning as a human prevent that.

I will never know how we as inhabitants of this planet came about. I have to accept that. But, either through divine intervention or the slow evolution of the global ecosystem, I exist and have been given a tremendous capacity for appreciation of the world and pleasure and enjoyment as a human. I feel I can enjoy and appreciate life as much as I can without needing to question existence or creation, and my own faith will guide me through without religion or any God. I can respect those who differ, but I shall die bound to this earth as when I was born.

Guest Submission - AnemusRogo

Posted 9 July 2002, 2.56 pm by Berly

My first double posting! Actually, I'm sorry about that, but I couldn't wait any longer to put this up. AnemusRogo, if the spacing is off, let me know. The email tends to make it's own spacing rules.



Once I met a wildflower, growing by the side of the road I traveled

A beautiful thing, growing up out of the dirt and rust and broken concrete.

I watched her there for a moment, unchanging as she was as cars rushed by,busy on their way.

I saw her again the other day, spreading her roots through the cracks in the sidewalk, and I thought: "How beautiful, that something so rare and precious can spring up from mistreatment and neglect, quenching her thirst with the rains when they come, raising her face to the clouds, never pleading for a sunny day, but always watching.

I wanted to ask her, "What do you see?" I wanted to smell her, and to taste her, to see if I could understand what it would be like, growing with resoluteness, finding every little path and fissure to press her tendrils into; slowly understanding and comprehending her little world by touching everything around her. And watching.

I wanted to ask her, "Why don't you cry? Do you ever have a day when the streets are too hard, and you can't spread your roots any further, and you find yourself growing in an ever more confining space?

How can you not cry, and water your roots with your tears; for being a
lovely thing never was a crime.

But what do flowers know of crimes? Pedestrian's try to mow her down,
and still she grows.

And if she ever stopped growing and decided to put down roots;
real roots, the kind that keep you attached with no hope of movement.

Deeper in the concrete, deeper in the dust, and deeper in the pavement. Deeper in the city life, maybe she finds some solitude.

Down from all the blinking lights and the screaming ambulance sirens
and the constant danger of being crushed underfoot.

And yet, she grows, beautiful and free, when the wind ruffles her as the cars speed past, I can almost hear her laugh. I press my ear to the cement and listen. And maybe she'll be fine. I think maybe just maybe,
she'll be fine.

Thanks Duckman!

Posted 8 July 2002, 12.08 pm by Berly

Those of you who visit the chat room may be familiar with Duckman. I was visiting his site
Go there and visit the bb. It's fun.

However, he had pointed out the following site, which he explains better than I could:

"This is just a great site for finding punk, indie, rap, and rock lyrics. Searchable by lyric, artist, album, song name, and the like. It also has an amazing database of songs. The really cool thing is that you can submit lyrics to this site for your favorite artist. Quite cool if you ask me and a great tool for finding that song you only know that one line to."


House of Leaves

Posted 6 July 2002, 8.55 pm by Jake

"How in the hell do you write a review for House* of Leaves?"-The Roach

A good question. All I can really do is to outline the basic premise and let you form your own praises/convictions by buying, stealing or borrowing a copy. And by the way, you should listen to Roach and berly when they wholeheartedly recommend this book.

House of Leaves began as a collection of pages on the Internet, and blossomed into this excellent book written by Mark Z. Danielewski.

And so it begins.
A man named Johnny Truant hears from a friend about this old man named Zampano. One day the old man keels over dead, and Truant and his buddy go to the old man's apartment. Inside they find a menagerie of knick-knacks...going along they find deep scratches in the wooden floor..and then they stumble upon it.

A collection of various notes and writings called "The Navidson Record". Based on a few films (appropriately named "Five-Minute Hallway" and "The Navidson Record"), Zampano's Navidson Record tells of the enigma surrounding the house on Ash Tree Lane. It outlines the truths and opinions behind The Navidson Record...It begins as a seemingly regular tale of brooding evil and true fear, but once the text begins to shift and you begin to follow the various footnotes made by Truant and the editors, the book takes on many different meanings. The eccentricity of Danielewski's writing style leaves the book aptly open for imterpretation.

I came to read this book expecting something normal, maybe a bit interesting but nonetheless normal. I began reading it and for some reason could NOT fucking put it down. It intrigued me greatly, and daily I still find myself flipping through the pages, among various Post-It notes, trying to search for the meaning of such-and-such allusion...

Even this review barely scratches the surface of what all House of Leaves's one of those things you just have to experience for yourself.

So stop reading this, and go fucking buy it.

You owe it to yourself.

*Apologize for not putting the word "house" in blue text as should be done accordingly."

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I took this photograph in North Vancouver, by the water. These birds are everywhere, all the time. If you are standing in the middle of a crowd of these birds, you realize just how horrid they are. The photo I took actually makes the birds look respectable and that's why I like it.


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Props to Green Mamba for bringing the weirdness


80s candy bars were pretty good

only because i traded it for a candy bar in the 80's.

lol we all know you don't have a soul ghoti

my soul for some carbs...

But of course!


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