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Donnie Darko

Posted 21 April 2002, 6.38 pm by Berly

I’m not going to review this movie properly. I don’t want to. If I did, I’d spend a lot of time explaining the actors, plot and breathtaking direction of this film.

I can’t do that. I don’t want to spoil any part of this film for anyone lucky enough to be able to see it before any hype ruins it.

Besides, how can you write a proper review about a movie that has an evil looking bunny named Frank in it?

I will say this though. When I first saw it, I thought it was a high budget picture and I couldn’t figure out why I had not even seen an advertisement for it or heard about it before my friend Ian showed it to me. I’ve learned that it was an independent, low-budget film - so low budget that they couldn’t even afford to do a sound track. That’s too bad, because I personally LOVED the soundtrack as well.

Do yourself a favor. Don’t research it. Don’t even read the back of the package. Just rent it and watch it. Obviously, if you have younger children, you might want to be careful. However, there is no blood (like what we are accustomed to, anyway) and you can actually say there is no sex. It is rated R, for language, drug use and violence.

Tourette Syndrome Simulator

Posted 21 April 2002, 6.12 pm by Craig

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Posted 21 April 2002, 3.59 pm by Villager

Not knowing whence nor where is duty,
I gaze into those lifeless eyes
Where was once was beauty,
Health and those assuring lies.

Words well rehearsed flow forth,
Dodging fact and all things true
I excuse my sins as but earthly,
And thus I lie to you.

Love in shape was never sure,
But now my affair
Permits love no more,
Impulse, hath left but despair.

_ _ _

I have never understood the mental anguish people experience over their cheating on their partners. If you are committed to someone, the desire to sleep with someone else shouldn't even be a factor. If it is, then you should be seriously addressing the problems within the relationship. That a breach of trust, love and emotional commitment can be forgiven is beyond me. That society no longer finds it morally reprehensible for someone to cheat on a partner is beyond me. Hypocrisy; hollow personalities bemoan their actions. Does it not occur that wrong might catch up with you, if not physically then within your own mental framework, however misorganised and fragile that may be? I have no sympathy for those who see no wrong in pursuing their immediate desires at the expense of those who trust them closest. It saddens me that we have so little respect for each other, even at such a fundamental level.

Perhaps one day I too shall be thrust into such a place that I feel the desire to make with another, while committed. But I would like to think that it wouldn't be too much to ask to be honest, with yourself, and with your partner, about how you feel. If not, then who's cheating who?

Ask Moses

Posted 21 April 2002, 11.54 am by Craig

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Carney's Dental Updates!!

Posted 21 April 2002, 11.49 am by Craig

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"They don't walk the way I do."

Posted 20 April 2002, 5.42 am by James

The problem with Grant Lee Phillips is, in a matter of speaking, "the nature of the beast" altogether. If you go into any album he's had a hand in expecting to be instantly hooked like you are by the latest Godsmack single (hah!), you'll go away from the experience sorely disappointed. Any of his albums, and Ladies Love Oracle in particular, requires a certain amount of time to be digested before you can appreciate it at the level it deserves - as a sonic masterpiece of the highest caliber.

How about a little background?

I first heard about Grant Lee Phillips (then, in the context of his band Grant Lee Buffalo) around 1994. I was a very young man...only nine years old...but I was already a huge fan of all things musical, especially Nirvana. After school in those days, I'd stay at a family friend's house until my mother would get back from work to pick me up, and in that time I hung around with a son of our friend, the twenty-something Brian. Also a Nirvana fan, Brian introduced me to a lot of the other bands I still love to this day, like the Pixies, Sonic Youth, Jane's Addiction, Mudhoney, etc. The last bit of musical advice he ever gave me was: "Watch out for a band called Grant Lee Buffalo, dude. They're gonna be huge rock stars, you'll see." I ignored his advice because I thought their band name was stupid and I hadn't heard any of their songs on the radio. It was only a chance encounter with Grant Lee Buffalo's debut album, Fuzzy, at the local library that brought the tunes to my ears...and I only enjoyed it after about thirty listens. Luckily for me, I was in the middle of a culture-phase in which I wanted to make myself more interesting by becoming a vegetarian and listening to music no one had heard of. I forced Fuzzy on myself until I loved it, and it was the best thing I've ever done for myself!

Pretty soon, I was a regular GLB fanatic...I had all their albums and followed their activities relentlessly. But then they broke up and all my dreams were shattered to pieces. For about four seconds. Because now we are reaching the POINT of this entire piece, mis amigos.. Grant Lee Phillips wasn't content with fading away after the untimely demise of GLB. Instead, he entered the studio for three legendary days, and returned with his first solo-effort: Ladies Love Oracle. He presented it to the fans humbly, with the words, "Sometimes a sketch says more than a mural." How right he was.

The album is a nothing short of a wonder. When most of us think about an album that makes the hair on the back of our neck stand up, we imagine one of those epics, with a borrowed orchestra in the background, or a million dollars in studio effects propping the musical craftsmanship up. Ladies Love Oracle manages to pull off the same effect without any of that...wink wink..."mindless self-indulgence". It plays like a half-hour love note to the most charming and beautiful woman ever born. The lyrics are poignant and touching at times, but it doesn't even matter - with a voice like Phillips has, he could serenade you with "O Canada" and you'd swoon. I simply can't stress the beauty of this album enough, and though I'm sure I could give you a few torpid interpretations of specific lyrics, or something like that, I'll end off here.

Because I think I have a better chance of intriguing some of you if the only thing you know about Ladies Love Oracle, really, is that it's in-fucking-credible. And it is. So buy it, or "share" it and burn it, and take a week out of your life to give it a listen once an evening. By the end of those seven days, you'll have a new favorite album...and a whole decade's worth of material by the same artist to enjoy in the future.

Good night.

Narrow Minded

Posted 19 April 2002, 10.18 am by Sickan

Walking the hallways of my high school, looking at all the people.
They all seem so empty and shallow, like there is nothing inside them. I have for months had this feeling – this nagging feeling that they actually were shallow and empty – that all they had inside was water - purified water. Some of them have been sitting in their usual “clans” – the same people same clothes probably same subject of conversation. But today I realised or maybe I have know this all the time but still – I let something come close to me. I was sitting on a bench in a break, smoking a cigarette; I looked at this boy I’ve never really noticed before. He looked like most boys my age, dark hair, brown eyes, wearing normal, yet modern clothes, actually he was a good-looking fellow. He was talking to his friend, looking with interesting eyes listing to whatever his friend told him – but he had this look in his eyes and attitude. I recognised this from my own inner self – he looked like a caged animal, looked like a person bored to death, yet just to some degree satisfied with his life.
This boy looked very briefly up and spotted me, he smiled vaguely and lifted his hand just a little, as if he signalled me. I looked back at him with knitted brows – wondered what he meant with this vague gesture.
Well, this odd scene made me reconsider my rather prejudiced attitude towards people. It made me think; there is quite a lot of people on this school – and they all have lives and loved ones. But its like I’ve never noticed them. It’s like they just belonged to the school inventory – like the tables and blackboards. Surely there are a few people I know here but I never looked at the other people here and thought they had lives outside school.
I realised that I had been narrow-minded. Just like I wanted them to be. I have been wrong – they have lives, and they aren’t just stuffing here. But as I write this I crawl back to the position towards these people, that boy touched my heart in some way – well he made me thing never the less, reconsider my attitude but I’m pretty sure that he have no idea of this. I think he never intended to “gesture” me and he looked at me – scanned the area, nothing more. I over-interpreted that moment, but that does not really matter. The point is that he only for a brief moment make me rethink my place and thought about my fellow students/people.

Microwave Fun!!

Posted 17 April 2002, 7.08 pm by Craig

Take a look at all the fun things you can do with your microwave oven!!

Click here bitch.

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They were done for an exhibition a couple of years ago . They asked for something to so with the summer. They are mixed media and oil paint on metal advertising boards - for ice cream.

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80s candy bars were pretty good

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