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Female or Shemale

Posted 1 April 2002, 4.32 pm by Craig

Can you tell the difference.

Take the test!!

April Fools

Posted 1 April 2002, 4.26 pm by Craig

The History of April Fools Day

Click Here.

Le Pacte des loups

Posted 31 March 2002, 11.15 pm by Sickan

The year is 1766 in Southern France. A monster is killing people and the locals are scared shitless, they fear it is a werewolf. The King sends out a team to kill the bastard…
Hm… actually I wouldn’t under any other circumstances tell people to see this movie because there are some annoying flaws in it and I hate that… but he way its cut and filmed is too brilliant! And the colours are just right!
If you are ready to look beyond the rather big flaws in a movie and (if you aren’t French) can tolerate that it is a French-spoken movie, then I would really encourage you to see this one. It is rather beautiful!

Mmmmm... Organized Crime!!

Posted 31 March 2002, 6.59 pm by Craig

Take a look at this...

The Homer Simpson Soundboard.

I'm still playing with this now...

the boy with no name

Posted 30 March 2002, 2.58 am by Villager

A torrent of abuse. The skin began to burn under the sun's fire as stones and various hard objects landed with a blunt, dull whack. It wasn't so much the impact as the surge of pain that followed each blow. Blind with panic, stumbling. Stumbling anywhere that seemed to offer respite from the biting blows. Starving, hungry and lost from logical thought. Indeed, thoughts seemed to dart randomly from one thing to the next. Faces, voices, places. Pain.

It was a normal day, the sun shone, the birds sang and the minutes strolled their way past, with a remote ambience that gave a sense of belonging. She had just collected the washing in and was preparing lunch, something she would always look forward to. Everyone was generally in good spirits at midday, and her service was all the more cheerfully received. Soon the men would come in, shed their overcoats and slump into the warmth offered by the family living room.

Fallen. Crumpled in a broken mass the blows rained in all the more heavily, with lightening piercing the skull and rocks crunching bone underfoot. After a time things subsided, there was no pain and there was no shouting. All he could see was white, and there was a warm, dense taste in the air. For a moment his mind wandered a few years lighter, of little sisters and ball games. Of Church.

"Is it ready?", Elizabeth scorned. A nod of the head sufficed, no longer injured by the House Mistress' coarse tongue. Idly pushing the trolley towards the dining room, she let slip a small smile at the prospect of seeing him tonight. Their meetings were her life's golden lining, she lived for what they had. The room was empty. After a time, the children filtered in and took up their seats, followed by the elder members and the mother, they all wore long faces. Hearing distant voices, attention turned outside. The children rushed to the window.

At the far side of the town a group of men were huddled by the Court. Theresa followed everyone else, eager to see what had stoked such fervour among the people. Once the dust had settled a macabre silence descended over the crowd. It had happened again. The pitiful sight they looked down on was the beaten body of a local boy, possibly one of the slaves. She cried out. Almost before she realised the fate of it all she felt her heart disintegrate. Dropped to her knees, crying. Nobody dared comfort her. She had betrayed those who gave her most, and sinned against The Lord.


Posted 30 March 2002, 1.19 am by Villager

This here is all you ever wanted to know about the Beautiful Game (sex).

Certainly not suitable for children.

Posted in nothing but the interests of AKpCEP's education.

Feeling Helpless

Posted 29 March 2002, 5.41 pm by Alexander

This is a reader submission from Alamias

When you spend a good portion of your life with someone, and then they leave you what should your reaction be? Should you be mad? Should you be sad? Should you feel like a failure or all of these things?

Well, from experience I can say you feel all of the above.

After those feelings all subside, you try to move on...but what happens when the person that left you calls for help all the time?

"I need $500 dollars or I am going to be evicted" was what was said to me a few minutes ago.

What do you do when the woman that rips out your heart calls you and asks for help. You think you would probably laugh at her, and tell her where to stick it right?

Where it not for the fact that this woman has your two children with her, I would agree with you. When the fact your two offspring are sharing in this mess that she has created for herself, you can't help but want to help...for their sake. You want the best for your kids, and you want to help them any way you can.

Except you don't have the money. There is nothing you can do. So now what?

Do you feel helpless? Do you say, "She made her bed, let her lie in it?"

It's a hard position to be in.

Some of you would say take the kids from her. To this I say I know that the kids are honestly better off with their mother.

Do you try to somehow raise the money, knowing there is no way you can?

Do you accept the fact that your ex and the kids might end up moving 3000 miles away to live with her parents, where they wouldn't have to worry about such matters, but then you wouldn't see your kids as often as you like? A tough reality to accept.

What do you do? There is no easy answer. All of them lead to feeling helpless in the situation. You want to help...but you can't. You want to be there for them...but you aren't able to be.

It's almost like watching a train approaching a stranded car on the tracks, knowing there are people inside, but you know you can't reach them in time...all in slow motion.

You see the outcome before it even happens...and there is nothing you can do to change it.

The greatest game in the world??

Posted 29 March 2002, 12.04 pm by Jake

Alright. You all remember the old classic Pong...sitting at the Atari with those annoying paddle controllers, listening to that monotonous "bonk....bonk.....bonk.....bonk". Well, this is pretty much the same, but in 3-D!!!! It gets pretty intense, but it's a good way to waste time whilst downloading porn.....
(Sorry for all of the ellipses, I haven't had any coffee yet.)

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80s candy bars were pretty good

only because i traded it for a candy bar in the 80's.

lol we all know you don't have a soul ghoti

my soul for some carbs...

But of course!


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