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The greatest game in the world??

Posted 29 March 2002, 12.04 pm by Jake

Alright. You all remember the old classic Pong...sitting at the Atari with those annoying paddle controllers, listening to that monotonous "bonk....bonk.....bonk.....bonk". Well, this is pretty much the same, but in 3-D!!!! It gets pretty intense, but it's a good way to waste time whilst downloading porn.....
(Sorry for all of the ellipses, I haven't had any coffee yet.)


Posted 28 March 2002, 11.58 pm by Jake

He saw it. It soared around like an eagle, peaked, and began its menacing descent. His pulse began to race. His nerves pounded and screamed with adrenaline. "Goddamn it,"he said. Ignoring the angry shouts of his coworkers, he started to run. Down the stairs, out of the building, into the avenue. He was the only one there. The streets were deserted. Thoughts darted throughout his mind. "Why? Where? How?" Confusion and panic set in. "How I have?" He started to run again. Only this time, he ran toward it. He sprinted for miles. His muscles burned and his heart pumped gasoline. After a while, he collapsed to the asphalt in a gasping, heaving mess. His lungs seared and his senses kicked into overdrive. All the sights became clearer, the air thicker with the smell of coal. The concrete was more tangible, the atmosphere crackled with a maniacal static. He tasted the humidity as he lay there panting. It had stopped. It hovered over the city like a raincloud.

His pupils enlarged to seize the object of vision.

God Bless America

Posted 27 March 2002, 7.09 am by The_Roach

This is one of the most interesting pro-liberal websites I have ever encountered. Being a conservative republican who actually voted for Bush, I found this site to be extremely funny. While I'm not entirely alone in that, the majority of the people who have replied in their "Feedback" section are either confusing the above linked website with this one, or are equally as clever as the writers.

My money's on the former, by the way.

Forgetting Prehistory

Posted 26 March 2002, 8.00 pm by Jake

I was poring over Roach's newest and thought about the teaching of history in general. Prehistory is a topic that is largely ignored by many teachers. Even if they do teach anything about it, they only spend enough time on the subject to leave you with a vague grasp of what happened. I have no idea why they would treat this event as unimportant. Seeing how early mankind developed would be quite interesting, if you ask me. Maybe they just want to save all of that shit for when you go to college and take anthropology. Maybe it's just a gray area that nobody wants to cover because of evolution. Either way, most history classes seem to begin with the practice of agriculture in Mesopotamia, with little or no emphasis on prehistory. Go figure..
Just happens to be another one of those things that make you want to stomp, shout and scream in front of your local school board about their ignorance and neglect.


Posted 26 March 2002, 6.45 am by Berly

Three sites for your amusement, or not. I'm not sure exactly. Recommended by some of my artistically talentend friends, I give you:

Brittle Bones



"I believe in America. America's made my fortune."

Posted 25 March 2002, 7.48 pm by The_Roach

Some days I look upon the government that runs my country with blistering pride. Other days not so much. I wonder how many of my fellow countrymen feel the same way, curious to know about those people who would place the same blind faith in mortals as they do in God Almighty. Most of us, I can safely assume, know that they lie to us, tell us things that we want to hear to keep things simple and smooth. I am thankful for the lies they get away with, resentful towards the ones I know about.

We encourage our children to learn, to question things in society. Those who created our system of government wanted us to do this, I think. As far as I can tell, the framers of our Constitution had noble ideas regarding the way people should govern themselves, keeping away from tyranny and injustice. The road they paved with their good intentions may not have led us to Hell, but do we really know where we've wound up?

Looking back on the equipment given to me by my public schooling, I know that I was most poorly prepared in regards to the history of my own country. The critical eye, of course, was pointed elsewhere. Europe is where all of the great misdeeds and errors occurred. Meanwhile, in two hundred years, my nation was pristine and pure (apart from a few southerners who had some evil ideas about human trade).

Sure it was.

What they teach us here is indoctrination, once again telling us just what we need to know in order to love and believe them. Then, they want us to pursue higher education. Those who can afford it, or are deemed worthy, get let in on some of the dirty little secrets. Not everything, mind you. We're given just enough to allow us some sense of superiority over our fellow citizens.

We continue to be encouraged to be educated. Those who are willing to sacrifice any semblance of a real career (or who enter specific fields such as law) can continue to learn. One would think, after a while, that too much of this "free thought" would be a risk to those people in power. By that point, though, the newly educated know enough dirt to take over, and another graduating class leaves secondary education to enter the world.

I believe that children are our future

Posted 25 March 2002, 7.16 pm by Alexander


Actually, I'm not usually bothered, but the simplicity of this idea struck me. Click and every time you do so, 0.04p gets donated to helping kiddiwinks. Might not seem like a lot, but considering how many clicks dross porn sites and fucking stupid weblogs get, don't you think your mouse finger could be put to better use?

It only works once per day, so stick it in your favourites folder and visit it daily. If anyone else knows of other sites where a simple click earns actual money for a good cause, can they add them to the comments page, thankee.


Posted 24 March 2002, 5.56 am by Acheron

The room is dark from behind my eyelids. I perceive shapes, lights, patterns... all manners of ephemeral etchings across the all-black ever-reaching darkness. How much of what I see now is real? A light rectangle outlined in darker darkness ebbs away from the forefront of my perception as the entire world lightens, lightens, darkens. Did I imagine it? Does it matter? What is reality and how does it affect us? If it affects no one else, does its legitimacy matter?

The room is quiet except for the soft, plastic clacking of my fingers on the keyboard, punctuated by the wetter, more open thuds of the space bar. Clack... clack clack... clack... gtch... clackclackclackgtch... clack.... clack clack... gtch. That. And the room's two fans: one within the tower of this computer, the other at the base of my roommate's cooler. Sometimes, at night, I listen to the two fans. They sound so similar that they create acoustic beats; their combined sounds grow louder and softer at regular and irregular intervals. Sometimes the beats speed up, so much so that they fall like a drumroll across the room; near silence compared to the river I cannot hear through my shut windows... yet... I still feel momentary panic whenever those beats speed up... almost a sense of dread. There is another ambient noise, somewhere behind me. I do not know what is causing it.

I think silence frightens us. No - that's inaccurate. Our thoughts frighten us, and the only sounds in silence are the little voices inside your head - self-perception: that idealized voice echoing between your ears, what you think, hope, or dread that you sound like. And then you hear yourself on a tape recorder, as the accented consonants catch the cheap mic and crackle just a little. That certainly isn't the voice inside your head. That can't be you.

Typing has warmed my fingers a little. They were momentarily cold from the chill outside. The window was open when I entered the room so the keyboard was freezing as well. But it has all warmed up just a little. It feels as though my fingers still remember being cold - they are warm now, but still move jerkily over the keys. There is the occasional awkward pause in the clackclackgtch of the plastic as the fingers just stop working.

There is something strangely pleasant about typing with your eyes closed. It is lying behind your lover in bed, as your hands just wander all over their skin. There are no awkward pauses, really, because there are no cohesive thoughts. Must everywhere lead somewhere, or could it just be rhythm and spacial manipulation? Sometimes I feel like I could pause in the middle of a word and it would seem somehow... norm


The clacking slows and I refocus on the beats of the fans. My aural focus dances.

Clack clack clack gtch

Clack...... clack...... clack...... gtch......



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