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Posted 6 February 2002, 9.11 pm by Craig

When I used to visit Yahoo chat (yes, i was a sad child) I used to hate when people asked ASL. It cracked me up. I wanted to kill them!!

If you are like me, instead of hiting about three keys on your key board you can now type in a URL which is triple the size, just to tell people your age sex and location!!

Go make you own ASL profile Here. Have fun!!

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Posted 6 February 2002, 5.24 am by Sunny2Tall

Even though I'm only about half way through this book I must say that it is already one of my favorites. The book is written as if the main character Charlie is writing letters to a friend, which very well may real letters. It is during a time in the early '90s when he starts highschool. He talks of the people he meets, his family, and what he thinks. Kind of like having a personal insight to someone's thoughts. The book is only a little over 200 pages long so it is a pretty quick read (I just got mine yesterday.) I give this book a 9 out of 10 only because its a little expensive for such a small book. But I still think everyone should own it or at least read it once.

Influential Handwriting?

Posted 6 February 2002, 3.09 am by Berly

Upon returning home one day, I discovered a white envelope with some handwriting under my doormat. It simply said “Since I have not been able to catch you at home, I thought I would leave this for you.”

My mind began to calculate. Out of those who know where I live, who would stop by my house and leave something at my door? There are a few. Instead of pondering it further, I simply opened it up.

It was of course, a religious pamphlet. I threw it in the trash and giggled to myself. I had been fooled by the handwriting on the envelope. What is it about a handwritten message that catches my attention? All the other junk mail deposited at my door or in my mailbox is easily identified and disposed of.

I often wonder if handwriting will become extinct. I miss it as a common form of communication. Handwriting experts believe personality traits and other things can be presumed by analyzing one’s handwriting. I don’t much care for those theories, I just find each individual’s interpretation of the standard alphabet we are taught to be interesting.

I was going to illustrate my point by handwriting, scanning and linking this entire post. I soon remembered how annoying handwritten documents are. I appreciate the readability of typewritten text. I appreciate the thesaurus, spell check and grammar features of most word processing programs. I appreciate the fact that the 25 failed attempts to create an adept sentence are simply deleted from this document without much effort. I believe all of these things contribute to more effective written communication among people.

However, I still miss those handwritten letters from friends and family. I feel deprived of a kind of individual art created by the writer. Perhaps I’m just easily amused.

Now if you will excuse me, I have to respond to a text message on my cell phone.


Posted 4 February 2002, 9.29 pm by The_Roach

I hadn't intended to watch this movie. It was about 4 AM, I had finals in the morning, and I was exhausted. The moment I saw James Le Gros' name in the credits, I knew there was no hope. He is, without a doubt, one of the most underrated actors in the 90's, appearing in several B movies and little else.

The film revolves around a slacker named Jon Boyz and the aftermath of the L.A. race riots. Within 24 hours, Jon's life gets turned entirely upside-down and he snaps, culminating in the kidnapping of a woman and planning the murder of a police commisioner.

While occasionally heavy handed in it's philosophy, the acting is excellent and the film leaves you thinking about who you are and what your place is. Highly reccomended

The Simpsons

Posted 4 February 2002, 6.27 pm by Craig

Last year when I went to stay with Homer, I got lost while trying to find their house. This year I've thought ahead and found a map...

The Map of Springfield

I know you always wanted to know this!!

Posted 4 February 2002, 4.47 pm by Craig

Have you ever wanted to know everything you could about your favourite cartoon character. I have and now my search is over!!

The Scooby Doo Character profiles!!


You are being watched

Posted 3 February 2002, 12.46 pm by Alexander

Okay, the fact that your internet activity is constantly monitored is not news in itself, but click here for a disturbing, specific example. Also, if you don't have AdAware I very strongly recommend you download it and run it regularly.

Keep it real.

night in

Posted 3 February 2002, 7.52 am by Acheron


Fade in. Three students in a small room. A young woman, "A", lies on a bed, reading a magazine. A young man, "J", sits at a desk, facing away from the woman, operating a computer. A second young man sits in a very low inflatable chair, holding an unopened bottle. He faces the young man at the computer, with a line of sight parallel to that of the woman. All three face away from the audience. All are dressed very casually (ie: pyjamas, etc.)

Long pause; "A" occasionally turns a page; "J" continues to use the computer, tamely; the second young man seems content to stare at his unopened bottle.


[J, turning head very slightly towards A, behind and to his left] Hey, what are you reading?

[A] Cosmo.

Pause. J turns his attention back to the computer; A turns a page.

[J] How can you read that garbage?

[A, without looking up] ... Never read it before today. It's not too bad.

Long pause, as before; the second young man raps the bottom of the bottle, methodically, and stares at the bubbles in the liquid.


[A, apparently noticing the other young man for the first time; confusedly] Hey, what are you doing?

Second young man looks up very briefly, mutters "Trying to piece it all together" (incomprehensibly), then looks back down at the bubbles.

A tuts

[J, monotonous] ..... oh.... that's what I was supposed to do.... I got the key and....

[A, without looking up from her magazine] How long have you been playing for?

J looks around as if for his clock, then focuses back on the computer.

[J] Oh, I don't know... a few hours maybe.

[A] You're losing track of time on that thing.

[J] I just want to beat this level.

Second young man raps bottle again.

[A] You said that an hour ago.

[J] Did I?

[A, nonchalantly] Ya.

Long pause, as before. Second young man begins gently swirling bottle, occasionally inverting it.


J hums odd fragments from different songs intermittently; A continues reading until she finishes her magazine, then she reaches over to the bedside table and exchanges it for a new one.

[J] What one's that?

[A] Maxim.

[J] That's mine.

[A] Yeah.

A skims through the magazine. Second young man sets the drink down on the floor in front of him and sits forward with his hands clasped and his elbows on his knees. A finishes the magazine and pushes it aside.


[A] What time is it?

[J] I dunno.

[A] It's late.

[J] Is it?

[A] I'm going to bed.

[J] 'Night.

A sits up on her knees very slowly, stretches her back, rubs her eyes, slides legs out from under her and over the edge of the bed, stands up, and slowly walks out into the darkness beyond the room.


J continues gaming; Second young man sits back in his chair, holding the bottle vertically but inverted.

[J] ....... I'm close .......

[Second young man, slurred and muttered but not drunkenly] To what?

No answer. Another pause.

[J] There.

Second young man makes a "hmm" sound of upward, questioning, inflection.

[J] Done.


[J] 'Night.

J turns the computer's monitor off, stands and stretches, and exits as A did.


Long pause. Second young man sits motionlessly.

Eventually, second young man removes lid from the bottle... stares at it for a while... drinks a sip... replaces lid... stares at bottle for a while... puts bottle on nightstand to his left, on top of the magazine from earlier... sits forward with his hands clasped and his elbows resting on his knees... stares at his hands...

Fade out.


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