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Indefinable Experience

Posted 29 January 2002, 3.59 am by Berly

Ever think about how important experience is?
Experience. Better than intellect?

Anyone who has ever sought a job has likely been evaluated based on experience. Accepted and at times rejected based solely on their level of experience. This is considered a fair method of evaluation.

Look at the words empathy and sympathy. As I was taught, empathy can only be felt if I have actually experienced the same circumstances that the target of my empathy is experiencing. Sympathy is something I feel when I can imagine how someone feels. Apparently it’s all about the experience.

How do you know which experiences are right or beneficial for you? Too little. The wrong kind. Too much. Just right. I think most of us believe that a life of crime leading to extended stays in the pokey is something we would not enjoy, and would not want to experience. But for this and other examples not as clearly defined as harmful – how do we know?

Parent to child – peer to peer – friend to friend – mentor to student: “Listen to me, trust me. I know for a fact that you do/don’t want to experience _____________.” And conversely: “Listen to me, trust me. Don’t believe everything you hear/read/see. Find out for yourself…except where my advice is concerned.”

Wisdom. How does one become wise? Experience. To me, this feels like that theory on galaxies and black holes. It says that you can’t have one without the other. What do you think?

Can any experience, good or bad, be known by anyone but the actual participant(s)? I think we can come close, but not close enough. We can offer virtual experience via advice, example and visual aid. Ultimately the wisdom must be gained by the inquisitor, through his or her own inimitable experience.

Killer Japanese Seizure Robots!

Posted 28 January 2002, 5.14 pm by Craig

This is one of the weirdest websites I have come across in a long time.

Killer Japanese Seizure Robots!

Warning, if you have seizures due to flashing lights, Do NOT visit this site... That is unless you like having a seizure ofcourse!!

The AKpCEP Store

Posted 28 January 2002, 12.59 am by marilee

Finally, AKpCEP has a store! If you look over to your left you will see the link, click on it and buy yourself a new wardrobe. Why buy from us? It supports the site and also helps advertise, which means more hits. We all like it when we are part of something big, these shirts will remind you of how (unlike most people) you can truthfully claim you are.

Ignoring all the political reasons, these shirts are just damn cool. Keep checking back to find limited edition T-Shirts and new designs. This store is ever changing, so keep yourself updated.

I encourage all Staff and AkpCEP fans to send us in their ideas for shirts and new products. If you don't see something you like now, it doesn't mean we couldn't have it up soon as long as you provide input.

I also would love it if people sent us photos featuring themselves in our products. We can start a thread in the Shed and post them up there.

Seriously folks, wouldn't it just rock if you were walking down the street and you noticed someone in one of our shirts? It can and will happen, but only with your involvement!


Voov Experience

Posted 27 January 2002, 7.26 pm by Berly

I found this site while doing some legal research, believe it or not.

This is a site dedicated to "Germany's annual psychedelic trance festival". I had never even heard of a trance festival. It sounds like it might be similar to the Burning Man thing here in the States that I've heard so much about. *shrug*

Have some time on your hands? Check out VooV for a little fun. Go to the Impressions section and check out some of the festival attendees. Download some of the quicktime video shorts that were put together.

Flash Movies

Posted 27 January 2002, 5.55 pm by Craig

Here are my top three flash movies of the week. Enjoy them...

Harry Pothead

Rooftop Skating

Stick Man

That's all for today, Check back next sunday for my top three flash movies of the week!!

Fights create losers

Posted 27 January 2002, 1.11 pm by Sickan

When I was about 14 or so, I got home late one night from a party and I walked in from the basement so I wouldn’t wake up the whole house, I turned on the light and noticed some blood scattered on the wall by the stairway. I looked at it and noticed that there was noise from the living room, so I hurried up there. There were about 4 men in the room, all friends of mine, they all looked down on my brother who sat in a sofa with a cloth to his head. They all turned around when they heard me, and I asked them what had happened. They told me that they had found my brother in our garden where he had been beaten! In our own fucking garden!! My brother told me, with some difficulties that he wasn't sure who had done this to him, but he had an idea that it was this guy whom he had incidentally spilled some beer on to a party. Never the less, who ever it was, the person had gathered some of his friends and followed my brother to our house and kicked him in his face with military boots…. And at some point he passed out!

Hmm… I sit there thinking about all the times I've seen people get into fights when they are out for a drink – I wonder WHY?? Why the hell get into fights? I mean, being a girl and all (but never the less have been in my fair share of fights) you disagree with some people and then you jump them and you try your best to kick the living hell out of them, but they usually always win, oh never mind!
Well getting into fights are a “normal” action these days, there are losers who go out for the sole purpose of finding a soul who they know they can beat and do so. Why? What is it that turns them on by doing this? Is it that they feel as the better man, at a completely primitive level? Or is it just that they have some issues that they cant deal with on a normal basis, and then feel the need to see blood?
I don’t know what to think about these people, well I know that they are losers, that’s not it, but in my blackened heart I sometimes find myself feeling sorry for this kind of “humans” and there’s a feeling I don’t know what to do with!

Thinking of one of my friends (Jack "Prejudice, or suffering for the way you look") who just suffered under such person’s ignorance and stupidity, I don’t feel one bit sorry for them, I just want to find this man and kick him in his face. But that doesn’t make me a better human; I would just get down on his level!! Or would I, isn’t it normal wanting to get revenge??
I dont know... all I know is that I hate people who feel the need to hit someone when they cant defend themselves in another way!

Count on dissapointment

Posted 27 January 2002, 9.16 am by Sunny2Tall

Movie: Count of Monte Cristo

As most of us should know, movies are usually taken from books and made into poor renditions of what the book did. This movie does not disappoint in that sense. It was predictable from the beginning, and not in the good way that it is like when you’ve read the book a hundred times and all you can point out are the little details, no, this movie was just awful. Form the very beginning you know who’s going to get stabbed first, last, and who’s going to get stabbed and live. This movie plays on every cliché that they could have. If you must see this movie, rent it, or better yet read the book and write your own screenplay. Undoubtedly it will be better than this movie. The acting was good, but who ever butchered this story should be hung by their toes.

Final thought: Don’t waste your money on this flick; go see The Lord of The Rings again if you must see a movie. Or better yet go see a movie with subtitles.

On the Cycle

Posted 26 January 2002, 9.20 pm by Shaggy

Repetition is the root of all existence. There was, there once was, there shall be: such is the doctrination that is taught to us, both by history and by social interaction. We learn by experience, and then we predict the new outcome of life.

A child is hurt playing with a specific toy. Upon seeing the same toy, the child begins to cry and immediately drops the new toy.

Such is the way the world works. Anything we do is not "new" in the technical sense. Existence is a learned response to a group of stimuli that is periodically slightly altered, for reasons of unpredictability. Thus, there is nothing that is downright "unpredictable", but merely instances of an abundance of this periodic alteration.

I believe physics has a word for it; for those of you who know, feel free to inform me in comments, as I forget the exact name.

We speak because we repeated what we have heard our parents speak. Since all we have of reality is what we relate to each other, through speech, this is an important observation. Basically stated, all we know of the world is what we are told. If a person is never informed of Zambodia, then basically, for the definition of his/her reality, Zambodia does not exist to this person. If you are never told that the limit of a constant is zero, it might be possible that you would prove it to yourself. However, if you were never informed of the formulae, theories, and other such things pertaining to and important for this discovery, then they would not exist to you and finding the limit of a constant to be zero might prove strenuous. What is not told can be found, if one works hard enough, and thus you get the educated offspring of uneducated persons, or educated offspring of persons who do not encourage higher education, or educated orphans. In this case, perserverance leads a person through the path, yet at one point in time, this person must be told some theory on which he/she followed to fruition. To answer a question, the question must first be asked: television gameshows notwithstanding.

There is an obvious question that has been asked. Plato, I would guess, would suppose this question to have been made in the point between life and death. Nietzsche would probably have made the question-making out to be an act that is given to those who attain a lofty perch in the social/intellectual hierarchy, yet all would agree, I would think, that a question is made which human kind has spent every resource of its intelligence attempting to answer.

So what is the question? What is the purpose of the human race?

One could argue that our purpose is to transcend ourselves. The german Ubermensch, or "overman", could be a goal which we are desperately striving toward. Yet how does one attain a transcendental opportunity? Is it through Darwinian evolution? If so, then mankind would have to wait for hundreds, if not thousands of years for the opportunity to become a stronger, more spiritual race.

Perhaps we are not working toward the goal stated, but have become lost and are desperately travelling in the wrong direction, working toward our own destruction. Spirituality is becoming something of a rarity, spiritual cleansing an almost impossibility. We have become a race of deniers and atheists, and needlessly so. Science is not the death of religion, nor is religion a tarnish to science. They are merely seperate entities, like the sense of smell and that of taste. They have aspects that relate to each other, yet one cannot dictate the other's existence.

So where do we find happiness? Where do we finally become the Ubermensch? More important of a question: are we able to attain this lofty perch, or have we denied and outlived our opportunity?

I think that the grace of God is our opportunity. He is a strength to us, and a guiding light. Those who walk toward the light will be following the proper direction, for He is a strong and wise master to us. He guides us away from our sins, and leads us toward our salvation. The spirit must be pure to be strong. We must forget our sins once repented, once cleansed, and move on to something greater.

We must argue in circles before we can find the one detail that was overlooked which will lead us out of the cycle. Every argument, no matter how much of a cycle it becomes, has a conclusion. Empirical study has made this event more difficult, which would make it all the more worthwhile and rewarding to struggle with.

So the human repetition continues. One could theorize that we have already transcended, been rewarded, and then became bored of our lofty perch and climbed back down. So perhaps we are returning to Plato's world of ideas for what might not be the first time. Have a comfortable journey.

And yes, I realize that it is odd that I both am a firm believer and God and also a believer in the philosophies of Nietzsche.

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