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Akpcep Archives

Posted 26 January 2002, 3.06 pm by Craig

If you have read every possible post in the Akpcep Archives and are craving for more, Why not Click Here to read the forgotten posts of Akpcep.

Scotland's Conquest Of The World!!

Posted 26 January 2002, 2.13 pm by Craig

Did you know that Scotland is going to rid the world of all you vermin!! Click Here to find out more...

This proves that the rAt Manifesto is all wrong... Sorry Kev, guess your not going to rule the world after all:)

Thrice - Identity Crisis

Posted 24 January 2002, 10.04 pm by Berly

Writing a music review is difficult for me. When I turn to you and say “This Rocks!”, I mean all kinds of things. The problem is, all of those great adjectives others use to describe music are lost on this reviewer, and this band. The fact that I’m even trying should indicate to you people how much adoration I have for Thrice.

I’m going to start by citing some text from’s description of the band:

“Thrice is an anomaly; a sublime conglomeration of kick-ass, blood-pumping music, combined with the lyrical phrasing of a literary wordsmith. Their powerful, driving beats and buzz-saw riffs will literally leave you covered with goose bumps, and their melodic hooks and pensive lyrics will dare you to look inward.”

Subcity distributes the cd, but I couldn’t agree more with this description. This is a group of 4, that formed in August of 1988. As I understand it, they are from Irvine, California. Three short months later, they pressed and distributed their own EP entitled “First Impressions”. A friend of mine sat me down one night, placed this EP in the player and watched as I stared at it in awe for the duration. You can’t escape the vocals, the bass, the superb drumming, and tight guitars. After hearing “Identity Crisis”, I had to own my own copy. Once the initial uniqueness of the music settles within you, the lyrics can be focused on - and what a treat those are! I think my favorite song from Identity Crisis (at least this week) is “To What End”.

I resist labeling Thrice. I don’t want to call them punk, emo, thrash or metal. They don’t fit into any of those categories comfortably. From reading around, others have compared them to Boy Sets Fire, Death By Stero, Good Riddance, AFI, Iron Maiden and Metallica. I guess that is fair, but still not adequate.

“But still there's the soul . . . the indescribable feeling you get when you hear this record, and the almost physical presence of the intense effort that was poured into it.” -

This band tours tirelessly. I have yet to see them live, and that is simply no ones fault but my own. They would rather skip a good nights sleep than miss a venue and an opportunity to reach their fans. I’m looking forward to a record-release show (new album “Illusion of Safety to be released February 5, 2002) they have scheduled on February 7, 2002. To quote from their website: “...and we'll have some fun, play new songs, and scare the patrons of Triangle Square on the 7th.” How can I resist that? The playful yet fiercely dedicated soul that is this band shines through in their recordings and live performances. quotes Riley and Eddie when referring to their shows as follows: “Riley claims, "Lots of energy, sweating, and singing along," while Eddie adds, "Basically it's like crazy people playing tennis."

So, my apologies to those of you subjected to my poor reviewing skills. As a consolation, I am offering to purchase from 2 copies of “Identity Crisis”. The first two people to leave a comment here indicating they would like to give this band a listen, will be contacted by me for an address to have this cd delivered to them.

"This Rocks!"

Dustin Kensure - Vocals/Guitar
Riley Beckenridge - Drums/Vocals
Eddie Beckenridge - Bass/Vocals
Teppei Teranishi - Guitar/Vocals

Really Strange

Posted 24 January 2002, 7.04 pm by Alexander

In my continual quest to break out of the continual cycle of E/N sites, I often find myself in uncharted territory. This is great. I love seeing people fuck up html, javascript and css to produce really cool and surprising effects.

First of all check out Then take a deep breath and click

Utterly excellent.

Good Times

Posted 24 January 2002, 12.47 am by The_Roach

I lead a fairly dull, normal life. Up until just recently I have been very satisfied with it. I wake up in the morning to some rather loud music, take a shower, check up on various goings-on around the net, and leave for work. Once there, I pull my hair out for several hours doing a job that I love so much it hurts. After my day is complete, I take a couple of busses home, make my way over to the computer and work on various projects that I have involved myself in. Maybe I'll even have a drink or two.

Day in and day out, I follow the routine. Things weren't always this way, though. I used to spend a lot of time with friends, frequently recieving calls at four in the morning asking for assistance to keep so-and-so out of jail or to come hang out at some party. When I realized how I was floating through life, I decided to become more disciplined. I focused on my career, placed more emphasis on organizations with which I had involvement. Eventually, my buddies just stopped calling.

Now, on those rare occasions in which I venture out of my domicile for a purpose other than work, I don't know what to do. I'll go to a bar with three of my closest friends every Tuesday night and just stare at the walls. Everyone thinks I'm some kind of broken man, that I don't have anything to live for but work and profit and capitalism.

That, however, is not my desire. It isn't my goal. I want to be able to enjoy myself, but I can't. I'm not sure I know how anymore. Everytime I engage in some activity that I would have once found pleasure in, I taint it in my head. I find some flaw that prevents me from being affected by it in a postive way, find some pewter lining in cloud nine.

Am I afraid to let myself go, afraid that I might no longer accept the drudgery of everyday life? Afraid? No.

That word can't even begin to adequately describe the terror I feel.

Put some effort into it

Posted 23 January 2002, 10.42 pm by Villager

Every now and again I get the feeling that I have become a little.. stale. The feeling that I am slipping, slipping and sliding, having lost my grip on what's going on. When this happens, I take a look at my life, what I do each day, where my committments lie, where my energies are focused. If all is well, I refocus on what I'm doing and I push myself. The feeling of achievement, physical or psychological, when you set a target higher than usual and accomplish it, is quite something. Example? Revising my methods of study, trying new things, looking at different approaches. Or sport, training for that extra half hour to perfect the backhand volley.

If all is not well, though, I weed out the shit. If something no longer holds the appeal that made me take it up in the first place, then I adjust or change it. I make time to relax, to read, to walk in the rain and to do nothing. I periodically make the effort to decide whether I'm wasting my time at one thing or another; and it's surprising to find the frequency with which change is inspired by simple evaluation. Life is too short to spend time, especially if you have little free time, doing things which are either not to your benefit, or indeed to your displeasure. Don't do things for the sake of it. Your time is a resource, allocate it wisely.


Posted 23 January 2002, 7.12 pm by Alexander

Henry - Portrait of a Serial Killer is probably one of the best, and most unsettling, horror films I've yet seen. Not a horror in the traditional sense, it takes a very matter-of-fact, unflinching look into the disturbed world of serial killer Henry Lee Lucas and his sidekick Otis Toole.

Filmed excellently by John McNaughton in a film-verite style, we are offered little in the way of history or explaination. It sometimes feels like the Belgian classic Man Bites Dog, in the respect that we follow the protagonists from one bloody, motiveless killing to the next. Often the viewer is made to feel like a voyeur or at worst participant in the crimes being committed, through clever techniques such as when the pair video the rape and murder of a young woman in her home, we are shown Henry and Otis viewing the resulting video. We are watching them watching themselves.

Very bloody, but never particularly gratuitous (the uncut version has a rather nasty opening pan through a motel washroom, in which a hooker is slumped, a broken bottle stuck in her face) this is a tremendously powerful film. Very strongly recommended for those of you with a strong stomach.

I heard it on the radio

Posted 23 January 2002, 3.37 pm by Sickan

I listened to a live-radio program a couple of days ago about this businessman who sells furs and stuff like that, and he had as the first in Denmark begun to sell furs and coats made of dog skin. He imported the furs from a Chinese company. There was a person in the studio, which was a member of some kind of "Save the animals from the evil evil humans"-group and of course he resented this highly. He told us how immoral this kind of business were, nobody would buy a fur from a dog, who could have belonged to a little girl in China... and there was this funny silence in the studio ... the speaker then very carefully asked the opponent if he knew anything about how dogs were looked upon in China?? They were treated like we treat our pigs; In Chinese culture they were nothing more... first the opponent tried to tell us that this wasn't true, that also the Chinese people cared about Dogs and looked upon them with "European" eyes, when the Businessman and the speaker had kicked him to his place with arguments and evidence of the very opposite, he just freaked; He started to blabber about the "bad seed" that the Chinese culture had planted in Europe, the overpopulation and difficulties that this country created for other countries all over the world... he just really fucked everything up for himself!! After about 2-3 minutes it actually sounded like he were on the edge of a nervous breakdown and he were about to cry, then the speaker said it was time for commercials. After the commercials they jumped to something totally different... and I never got to hear what had happened to this unfortunate man!! Maybe he jumped out the window... hehe

I don't know why I'm telling you this ... maybe because I was surprised that they would put a person on the air who had no actual knowledge of the subject discussed or just because I find the whole situation bizarre...

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