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matte finish

Posted 18 January 2002, 6.47 am by Acheron

like a slumping gorilla thrown against a wall staring with deadpan eyes that convey a lifeless dissatisfied existence i find it hard to care about anything right now with


feelings emotions perceptions deficiencies unhappiness


the storm rages outside and the curious wind patterns outside my window cause the snowflakes to fall upwards as if the ground is falling in some apocalyptic uprising that i witness halfasleep sitting up slumped in my bed as the sleep in my eyes obscures my


of gold and green and grey and blue and the evasive concept just outside my perception that some people like to call


is otherwise appropriately dubbed


means no


yourself there

sweating bullets

like ice




Seattle Greyhound Station

Posted 18 January 2002, 6.18 am by marilee

The Seattle Greyhound bus station is awful. Especially at 4am. I suggest you never travel through Seattle at night. It is dirty and the arcade it lame. The little restaurant is even lamer than the arcade. If you are female scary boys who don't speak English hit on you. There is also the psychopath that obsessively drys her dress in the woman's washroom. The security guards don't let you sleep on the floor past 6am. It's also appears to be on the edges of Seattle's crack town so you don't feel any safer leaving the bus station. Even if it was in a nice part of town nothing is open that early in the morning so it doesn't really matter. I rate the Seattle Greyhound station a very generous 1 out of 10.

Cool Dorks

Posted 17 January 2002, 5.08 pm by Craig

Today, I some how manged to stumble across this 'Thing'. Cool Dorks of America is a site dedicated to cool people, who arn't afraid to admit they are dorks. How interesting.

Now here is a site you don't come across everyday! Smelly is dedicated to everything... well... poopy!! You can get a smelly poop email address and even view and submit pictures of you own poop.

Jillian's Fart Diary

Posted 17 January 2002, 2.50 am by Andy

It's a bit outdated, but still a good read, even four years later...

Jillian's Fart Diary

Something to think about

Posted 17 January 2002, 2.23 am by Andy

We're going to play a game. The concept is really quite simple: it involves some basic thinking and a relatively open mind, neither of which I can justifiably expect from any of my fans, but both of which are traits that I look for in a


What first came into your mind after reading the above word? What kind of a man (assuming you thought of a man) do you picture? Was he White? Black? Oriental? Hispanic? Was he tall? Short? Skinny? Fat? What color was his hair? How long? Did he have any facial hair? Sideburns? What color were his eyes? Was he smiling? What was he wearing? Was he a product of the MTV generation, young and nicely dressed, or did he dress more alternatively? Would you consider the man inside your head to be attractive? Built? Does he resemble John Cusack? Or doe he more resemble a


Many of the same questions from above apply here as well. What is the ethnicity/race of the woman that you pictured? Was her skin the same color as your own? Was she physically fit? Did she resemble/is she your favorite celebrity? Was she Britney Spears? Did she have nice breasts? A nice ass? Overall body? Or was she the more familiar looking woman, such as your mother? How was she dressed? WAS she dressed? Was she rich? Poor? Sophisticated? Completely normal? Was she a blonde? A brunette? A red-head? Did she disgust you, or turn you on?

Questions like these probably don't enter your head on a day-to-day basis, though one can almost guarantee that you're faced with the prompts. It's amazing what your mind can tell you when you take a few seconds to explore it and listen to what it is telling you.

Now, I'm going back to the girl in my head...

Serial Experiments: Lain

Posted 16 January 2002, 11.44 pm by The_Roach

A young and innocent Japanese girl realizes the potential of computers (and herself) after recieving an e-mail from a recently deceased friend. Drawn into "The Wired" (a somewhat more advanced version of our modern internet), she discovers the existence of God, who is trying to merge The Wired and physical reality together.

This is the story of Serial Experiments: Lain, one of the most adventurous and intelligent animated series to come out of Japan in the post-Evangelion era. Combining the innocence of youth with the desire for self-awareness, SE:L is a beautifully written look into the loss of childhood fantasies.

The animation is gorgeous, combining traditional cell animation with effective and well used computer generated graphics. Technological differences between our current level and the "Present Day, Present Time" setting of Lain, for the most part, are minor and quite believable with effort made to familiarize the viewer with the scientific basis behind the new concepts presented. The series makes very effective use of sound, as well, by utilizing techno music and well timed silences.

Part social commentary, part coming of age story, part techno-messiahnical tale, and all head-trip, Serial Experiments: Lain will leave you questioning what reality is while you read the credits and prepare to watch the next episode.

A Midnight Clear

Posted 16 January 2002, 10.53 pm by Villager

I saw this the other night, and can honestly say it's one of the most emotive motion picture I've ever seen. Our hero is Ethan Hawke - there are a few minor appearances from other stars - and is still getting to grips with being a soldier at the time of the story.

The basic premise is that a group of Allied soldiers are sent to occupy a farmhouse in France, or thereabouts. The farmhouse turns out to be in very close proximity to a German position. What with the war having 'ended' recently, neither side particularly wants to fight, but they are both stranded in effect and the fight goes on in many places.

Through a strange and yet unerringly believable series of events, the two sides become friends. They decide to stage the Germans' surrender - but it all goes horribly wrong. I'll leave the finer details to your enjoyment should you see the film. An excellent use of fine acting, character refinement and storyline.

Britney Spears' Breasts

Posted 16 January 2002, 9.33 pm by Alexander

I post this link not purely for titillation (pardon the pun). When you actually study it, there is some really funny shit going on there.

I mean, I know you can get push up bras and so on, but you can't make something out of nothing, or can you?

Maybe Britney has skills beyond our human comprehension? Check it out, it will make you go "hmmm... wierd...".

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This art reminds me of the center of the universe with everything having a link to it, representing all the incoming colours to the center.


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80s candy bars were pretty good

only because i traded it for a candy bar in the 80's.

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But of course!

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