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A Midnight Clear

Posted 16 January 2002, 10.53 pm by Villager

I saw this the other night, and can honestly say it's one of the most emotive motion picture I've ever seen. Our hero is Ethan Hawke - there are a few minor appearances from other stars - and is still getting to grips with being a soldier at the time of the story.

The basic premise is that a group of Allied soldiers are sent to occupy a farmhouse in France, or thereabouts. The farmhouse turns out to be in very close proximity to a German position. What with the war having 'ended' recently, neither side particularly wants to fight, but they are both stranded in effect and the fight goes on in many places.

Through a strange and yet unerringly believable series of events, the two sides become friends. They decide to stage the Germans' surrender - but it all goes horribly wrong. I'll leave the finer details to your enjoyment should you see the film. An excellent use of fine acting, character refinement and storyline.

Britney Spears' Breasts

Posted 16 January 2002, 9.33 pm by Alexander

I post this link not purely for titillation (pardon the pun). When you actually study it, there is some really funny shit going on there.

I mean, I know you can get push up bras and so on, but you can't make something out of nothing, or can you?

Maybe Britney has skills beyond our human comprehension? Check it out, it will make you go "hmmm... wierd...".

Everything I Want, Nothing I Need

Posted 16 January 2002, 9.23 pm by Berly

I have...

24 hour access to everything. Grocery stores, quick-e-marts, gas stations, copy centers, liquor stores, atm machines, television programming, radio programming, movie theaters and internet access. I live in a time where telephone service is available to passengers flying in a plane...even if they don't have their very own cell phone.

Chia pets, t.v. dinners, Dirty Girl massage oil, those magnets for the dishwasher that say "clean" on one side and "dirty" on the other, remote controls that do everything, although I've yet to meet the person that actually uses every single function. I live in a time when most automobiles on the road with me have a better entertainment center than my home.

I can't even begin to describe the things available to me via the internet. I mean, I can order a custom made carpet and wood "Kitty Kabin" for my pet, if I want.

All of this, technological advancements, improvements, are all intended to make life easier. Make life all the better. In some cases, they do. I can't deny that I prefer my microwave oven over my conventional oven.


Love gone wrong still hurts. "1 hour photo" really takes 3 hours. I still don't have anything to prevent me from being misunderstood. I don't have anything to comfort a friend who's child is being taken by cancer. I still can't tell some lies from truth. I don't have a way to cram 3 more hours into my day. I still make mistakes. I don't know what the future holds.


Life is good. Not necessarily better, but good.

Friends Reunited

Posted 16 January 2002, 8.40 pm by Alexander

If you really want to feel inadequate, why not find out where all your school friends are now? Chances are they're all married with children and are working for IBM in Abu Dabi making a killing.

That's what Friends Reunited intends to do. You don't get all the features without paying money, but you can still add your details and search for your buddies.

Like I say though, unless you're a genetic engineer married to a model in Beverly Hills, it's a depressing experience.

Pitch Black

Posted 16 January 2002, 8.16 pm by Alexander

I must admit, Pitch Black wasn't my first choice of film, but I'd heard a few good things about it, so I rented that bad sucker last friday night.

The plot is fairly standard - a ship crashlands on a planet with three suns, the survivors include a dangerous psychopath (Vin Diesel - scary man). He's had his eyes surgically modified so that he can't stand bright light, by way of a punishment in prison. It also means he can see in the dark. The basic premise is that predator/alien style creatures hide in the dark catacombs under the planets surface, and they only come out at night.

The really bad news? There's a total eclipse coming up. The really bad news? There are millions of these pterodactyl-type bastards.

So, the pilot woman (irritating, used to be in Neighbours) has to rely on our Vin to navigate them from the crash site to an abandoned outpost where an emergency ship is waiting.

Best bit? Diesel ripping one of the creatures to bits with his bare hands. Worst bit? Australian actors. I know Aus only has a small population, but why do they have so few actors that they have to keep recycling them? Harold Bishop was in Braindead for chrissakes.

So yeah. Worth a view, but pretty run of the mill stuff. Makes you even more scared of the dark than you were before.

Welcome to the reviews section

Posted 16 January 2002, 5.39 pm by Alexander

Here is where you'll find reviews of books, movies, art, games, gadgets, sites etc. old and new.

If you want to write for this section, email

Welcome to the Links section

Posted 16 January 2002, 5.37 pm by Alexander

Here is where you're gonna hopefully find posts about cool, funny and informative links from all over the net.

Want to post here? Email


Posted 15 January 2002, 11.53 pm by Villager

Ever get the feeling you're just a passenger, in life? I get that a lot. Not just when I'm drunk, either, although being drunk is a good example. The feeling of having very little control - or will - over what's going on, and the feeling that you're just not feeling things that you should be. Be it sitting in the pub midway through your fifth pint of Stella, or sitting on the bus on the way to work, that feeling that a whole other world is 'going on' is always there.

Once upon a time I might have put it down to thinking that I was missing out on something - God knows what - perhaps it was youthful ignorance and enthusiasm for the new world I had yet to explore. But I know what life is now, I know what will and wont disappoint me, the extent to which i can be surprised in the Big Wide World - and yet I still seem like a passenger. Perhaps it's because I'm not as socially-minded as a lot of people, and I am sometimes jealous of the interaction some people seem to enjoy all the time. But then I remember why I'm not so socially-minded.

Because I don't enjoy the average person's company as much as I would like. Why then, this almost nostalgic observation of people, of simple interactions that I take no notice of when I am a part of them? Of watching a busy high street, or a crowded cafeteria, or a park, or a shop.. and feeling utterly detached from everything that goes on? You know what the weirdest thing is? I don't even know if I'm happy about it - or not.

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80s candy bars were pretty good

only because i traded it for a candy bar in the 80's.

lol we all know you don't have a soul ghoti

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