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Why you're not as cool as you think you are

Posted 12 January 2002, 2.38 pm by Alexander

I was discussing with my good iFriend Anton today in the akpcep IRC chan about music or somesuch and he asserted his mates uncle was a better guitarist than me. I said "Most likely". This got me thinking - unless I was Hendrix, or Stevie Ray Vaughan, or whoever the best guitarist ever is/was, there will always be a better guitarist.

This applies to everything. Think you're good at hacking linux boxes? There's a guy called Keith in Melbourne Australia who fucking 0wns j00. Too bad. Think you're a great dancer? This girl called Mary in New York just won her 10th dance award. Makes you look like an epileptic rhino. Shit eh?

We should always strive to be the best we can, but accept our limitations. Sometimes good enough is good enough.

Johnny 5

Posted 10 January 2002, 6.11 pm by Villager

We live in an artificial environment. Everything around us, the houses we live in, the paths we walk on, the entertainment we use - even the goddamn food we eat is full of crap that could probably power a rocket - and nobody bats an eyelid about it anymore. It is the norm for people to take in considerable, constant doses of harmful substances, caffeine, alcohol, nicotine - all as part of a typical 'diet'. We are also subjected to equally harmful elements in the outside world, car fumes, radiation, etc.

This combination of toxins and chemicals, artificial ingredients and drugs - this combination cannot be good for you. The human body was not meant to process such a vast quantity of dangerous elements - and there's no way that in the past 200 years of industrialisation and modernisation that it has evolved to do so.

The effect of this concoction? Do we simply change as humans, and behave, live slightly differently and somehow survive despite the massive influences? Or have we changed as a people, our lifestyles irrevocably artificial in so many ways, and become somehow separate from our ancestors in a way which none alive can change, and none unborn can escape?

System Overload

Posted 9 January 2002, 2.52 am by Villager

We are born. We grow up amid a stream of information, education; learning. Like little sponges we soak up the environment around us - both natural and that which the state inflicts upon us - and we grow, physically and intellectually. Our intelligence is accelerated, our minds stimulated and we become adults.

New thoughts replace old ones, new ideas, concepts, principles and beliefs creep into our lives and what we define as our personality is constantly in flux. Who we are one year is often unrecognisable a year later, often physically as well as mentally. Our struggles in life leave many scars, physical and emotional, scars which do not always heal all the way over.

Passage of life and of time. We grow, we develop, we evolve as people. Does anything remain of the infants who looked up at their parents and smiled in wide-eyed wonder, so many years ago? Or do our respective environments constantly shape and reshape us, so that who we were 1, 5, 10 or 50 years ago becomes nothing more than memory and old photographs?

For We All Have Wings

Posted 7 January 2002, 3.00 pm by Berly

How many times have you said to yourself "He/She had every chance in the world to do something with him/her self, but didn't. What a shame." I've said it. Only now, I have stopped to think about what I'm really thinking when I say that.

What do I mean by "do something with him/her self"? Do I arrogantly imply that what they have chosen to do is somehow lesser deserving than what I think I would have chosen for that person? What I think I would have chosen?

What do I mean when I say "every chance?" Do I mean the fact that this person had wealth sufficient enough to be some wonderful being, and they are not? Do I mean that my analysis of their mental capacity and talent shows that they have somehow fallen short of that which I think they should have strived for? My analysis?

Am I a socially conditioned snob? Have I allowed society's version of what is an admirable goal to cloud my opinion of those who perhaps chose to do something else?

I'd like to think that no, I don't possess any of these qualities that I've described above. I believe that having goals is what is important. Attainment of those goals - regardless of the path - is success for each individual. I want to believe that this is regardless of what society says one should do, or how one should get there.

Perhaps I need to modify what I've been saying. "He/She had goals, but later abandoned them. That spark in his/her eyes is now gone. That is too bad." Then again, who asked me anyway?

The Perfect Christians

Posted 7 January 2002, 9.36 am by marilee

At one point in my life my family consisted of: a Theatre Director, a Designer, two Opera Signers, a Philosopher, a Technical Director, a Fashion Designer, an Art and Antique Collector, a Pianist, an Engineer, a preppy little boy in theatre company, a melodramatic activist poet and a group of perfect Christians. Now, does anything seem out of place here? Well, if you knew them, the perfect Christians would. Not because of their religion but because of how absolutely perfectly plain and oblivious they all are. The kids are good at everything from music to academics. The parents belong to clubs and attend Church every week. Their house is huge and the toys they buy themselves seem outrageous to me. I might be justified in my feelings towards them or maybe I am just jealous of their lifestyle, I am never quite sure.

To the rest of our family they look like millionaires, but only because of the extravagant luxuries they buy for themselves. As Christians I would want to believe they would take notice of people in need, especially family members, but sadly, the worst off of us are constantly overlooked. When the Pianist started to fade, slowly slipping away from us with every painful breath, they only came to visit at the very end. We had been there every day for more than a year, praying and doing our best to help. But they said it was too painful. Painful for whom? Them or her?

It's my immediate family who will always give money without a second thought to our brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles when they are in need. The Christians give money to their Church without a second thought but hesitate or ignore when asked from us. It confuses my family no end because they are not cruel people. They aren't bad people. I truly believe they try. Yet somehow they very rarely seem to get to right.

Despite the fact they call themselves Christians I believe that their Church is solely a community and nothing more and the rest of us, no matter how flaky and godless, seem to be better Christians in the true sense of the word.

A wonderful Christmas

Posted 6 January 2002, 9.01 pm by Shaggy

Things will admittedly be a little slow for me, but I will guarantee that I will post as much as usual. My time on the computer will be limited, since I am forced to use the school computers, but don't worry! I will disobey the school rules on using the net for purposes other than of the university!

(A stupid rule, really... ahem. But it keeps the students away from porn.)

At any rate, during my christmas, I got a wonderful bit of reading. My girl got me The Complete Works of William Shakespeare, The Complete Dialogues of Plato, and four plays by Aristophanes. Her dad got me The PocketBook Nietszche (if I've spelled that last one wrong, dreadfully sorry)

At any rate, with Christmas over, with school looming overhead like a swift bird of prey, I will try and keep up with you all.

To Dot: a belated welcome.

To Everyone: A belated HAPPY XMAS AND NEW YEAR

And for the record, for those who think I was not posting because I was perhaps gone to jail and killed by a large con... the reports were highly exaggerated.

Now that the introductory dribble is gone, I will write a quick note. I am now an optimist. It took about four months of conditioning from my girlfriend, but I am now an optimist. The glass is half full.

How did I come to this conclusion? Well, oddly enough, in searching for my "aim", I have found that there is no reason not to be an optimist. As Nietzsche said (once again apologizing for any bad spelling): "If you think your life has purpose enough to get out of bed, why do you stop thinking that in the afternoon?" Well, okay, so that is a summary, but it makes sense, n'est pas?

And as for the ubermensch (translated: Overman)... well, I am fighting to understand a way to transcend this mortal coil, to transcend "man" and become something more, something that surpasses, and makes us to mankind as life is to goop.

But at any rate, food beckons. I've had a long trip. Something about a 6 hour trip perturbs me so.

I will write again!


Posted 6 January 2002, 5.18 pm by Alexander

This site is based primarily on user interaction. That's why the staff write articles, and that's why there's a chatboard, comments pages, IRC channel and a forum. Without your input this site will die.

I, as the owner and builder of akpcep, have done my best. I will continue to do my best. I'm always thinking of new improvements and features to keep you all entertained, but at the end of the day all I can do is provide the framework, for you to fill.

Sometimes I hear from people that they enjoy the site, but feel it's too "over their head" or they feel intimidated by the fact that we're lucky enough to have some fairly intelligent people here. I hate that. I'm not a clever guy. Not compared to some people I know. I just like to think, and discuss things with people. It's a great way to learn, and I know for a fact that the people who are regulars here will never look down on anyone, or judge people for their percieved intelligence or lack of it.

I know for a fact a lot more people visit here regularly than make their presence known. So, I'm asking you; make an account in the grinding shed, come and see us in the chan, put what you think about the writer's work in the comment pages. Interact with some of the other cool people who make this site what it is. The more people we have discussing, adding, and commenting on the content here, the more enjoyable it is and the larger and more solid the community becomes.

And it will make all the countless hours I spend working on this site all the more worthwhile. If you enjoy akpcep the best way to show it is to participate. Thanks very much.

In a Sense, Lost.

Posted 5 January 2002, 9.40 am by The_Roach

I've always been somewhat fascinated by children. Especially very young ones, tiny and disporportionate little people. Pyschologists say that children aren't really small people, and I'm inclined to agree. There's something about them that isn't right, and until recently I never could figure out what that was.

I was on a bus once, heading from one job to another. The route that I followed every day passed by a local high school, and students were just ending their day at the same time the bus would pass, so there were frequently many teenagers along for the ride. On the day I remember most out of all of those travels, a young woman, probably about sixteen years of age, climbed on board. From the minute I first heard her voice, I could taste nothing but bile. Venemous words flowed forth from her like a mighty river, never exhausting the supply at the source. She made death threats against her instructors, complained about her friends and used every malediction I had ever heard (and taught me a few that I hadn't).

Two stops later, a young mother stepped inside the bus and made her way to the seat directly in front of this repugnant teen, her infant son cradled in her arms. It was as if a switch had been flicked within the girl who was nothing but hatred mere moments before. Now, she was the picture of sweetness, the sinister edge in her voice melted away leaving behind only kindness and virtue. This left me wondering what it is about a young child that could change people like that.

An old friend later told me that it was probably the innocence of the child that invokes such a radical shift in someone's behavior, as though we miss our own and would not wish to spoil it for another. Then, at what age is it alright? What makes it reasonable to ever take something like that away? Do we all really have to learn how the world works sometime? Is it possible for someone to go through life never losing that ability to honestly question the world around them with fresh eyes? Could that person survive?

Could they change the way the world works?

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